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Musings from the Laundromat: Conquering Hermit Status & KISS edition.

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve sat at the laundromat.  Not for lack of trying.  Came 2 weeks ago – but no one showed.  But today, I’m here and in a show of solidarity, the WIFI is actually working!

So!  Let’s catch you up.

I’ve been ‘peopling’ in an effort to throw myself out of the house and beat this anxiety/agoraphobia stuff.

Last Saturday night I was to attend my bosses house for a small party with dinner and drinks.

Let’s just say, it ended with me bleeding and spending the week applying neosporin to the scrape above my cut and swollen upper lip.  May or may not have fractured my nose too – Super tender and I woke up last night to it bleeding again.

But, as they say, if you’re going to have too many beverages, it should be at your bosses house.


I called my boss in the morning and was assured I wasn’t inappropriate and that everyone had a great time.  The ‘incident’ occurred when she and I were outside waiting for my taxi.

She left me unattended for a brief moment to flag said taxi down, in which time, I managed to get out of my chair, lose my balance, break a fall with my face and stand up again.  See, this is why they hired me!  Excellent time management!


Last night was a long anticipated concert that my mum managed to get tickets for.


Now, I don’t know all of their songs, I’m not going to lie.  But the ones I know, I enjoy.  And KISS is such an iconic band that you really have to say “YES! I would love to see them” when asked.

She had 2 tickets, and with my bird out of the nest I didn’t really have anyone to take.

She decided to give the other ticket to a friend of hers who really wanted to go.  Then didn’t.

I met up with her at a casino she was staying at and received my ticket.

She mentioned that the other guy wasn’t going – but that she would walk with me to the venue.  (There’s no parking at this particular event center – it’s either take a shuttle or hoof it.)

We began walking and I started to get a tad nervous about how large the event was.

The seat assignment on my ticket soothed me however, front and center, 6 rows back!

We approached my destination and she stood with me in the line for security.

“What are you going to do with the other ticket?”

“Oh, it’s claimed.”  She replied.

“Mum, you can go, I’ll be ok.  You need to get back and get the ticket to the person so they don’t miss the start.”

“It’s ok.”

She kept walking with me and suddenly we were both at security and she was being scanned.

“You’re coming with me?!?!!!”


Did NOT see that one coming.

“You owe me big time.  I’m sacrificing myself for this.”

As it turned out – she had a blast.  As did I.  Seats were amazing, show was fantastic.

“Which ones are the originals?”

“Which ones are my age?”

Lots of questions – then much standing and dancing and singing along.






A great deal of that confetti landed in my top – in my bra – in my purse and in my eye. LOL!

I’ve heard a lot of negative comments about Paul’s voice, but I’ll tell you that live he sounded amazing.  Of course he’s not going to sound like he did decades ago – but they all performed incredibly!

We walked back to her casino (and my car) hand in hand.

“Look at us – like when you were little – only, now I’m the small one.”

A small firecracker!  Who went to see a band she had no interest in seeing to spend time with me.

This getting out and about thing may leave me with bruises sometimes – but I’m conquering my fears and making memories.

I hope for many more.

I had become …

Comfortably numb.

This will be a serious post.

Over 9000 people have read my words.  9000 people  have in essence, read my diary.

I’m undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts.  Still safe in my cocoon, but allowing myself to grow and change and take one of the dead bolts off of a door of opportunity.

I imagine I’ll emerge with fragile wings – still clinging to the husk that was my safe place for so long.

I’ll be still – and feel the winds of change around me and know that they are making me stronger – drying those wings.


I’ve been deep in thought, in my cocoon.  Contemplating, pondering, analyzing, processing.   This is how I do things.  I do not chide myself for this.

After years of foolish abandon, how can I not believe this to be growth?

I processed Nic growing from child to man – you were there with me. Thank you.

I processed my past to some relief – you were there with me.  Thank you.

Is it any wonder my profession is that of Processor?  Funny, I hadn’t thought about that until just now.

I take information given to me and make sense of it.  Turn it into something real – affording customers I come to adore a home.

I make it personal.

I make it personal … at work, with strangers that become friends.

Yet I still struggle with taking my personal life to another level.

I joke about becoming a cat lady – but really, I was going to be okay with that.

I had become, comfortably numb.

But, I’ve been listening to music lately.  Not the radio.  But, deep immersion – head phones, staring up at the night sky – feeling as though I’m on the prespicice of something.  An awakening.

My heart swells and my soul warms my shell.

A new chapter is perhaps ready to be written.

And if you’re here with me – thank you.

Spinfarm – Interview with Adam. GMO free


Move over Cameron Crowe – I’m going to interview a rocker.

Before we start, can I just say,  Almost Famous (based on his experiences touring with rock bands) has one of my favorite movie scenes of all times … ah yes, the Tiny Dancer bus scene.

Of course I can say that – because this is my blog.  And having said that – you should know that I don’t make a habit of interviewing bands, but,  like, omg guys, I totally know the drummer.  And singer.  Okay, we were married.  For 10 years, but only together for about 6 months.

The 10 year thing – probably a REALLY good thing, because before I quit drinking, the only reason I didn’t wake up not knowing where I was with a shiny new rock on my left hand was because I was legally married.  Phew!

He is happily married with children now and throughout the years, we’ve managed to drift in and out of each others lives and stay friends.

As pathetic as I am maintaining romantic relationships, I do seem to have a knack of being a great ‘friend who’s an ex.’

Adam (AKA: mOji from the SANE days) who seriously rocks vocals and drums, is joined by Mr. X on guitar and Brendon Ghiringhelli on Bass.


(“On guitar” What does that mean?  If I had a nice guitar, nobody better be ‘on’ it.  Get off my guitar.  Now I’m on a Spinal Tap tangent in my head and in Nigels guitar room)


But I digress (as usual)

Spinfarm headed into the recording studio last year and the result was the End Of The World Soundtrack.

You’ll see why on the cover.  Those wacky Mayans – they inspire you know?

I asked Adam if I could interview him, and he graciously penciled me in. (I’m typing this intro while waiting for the diva to IM me to do the actual interview … musicians.  Pfft.  You know how they are.) I jest.  He’s busy being a great dad, husband to his beautiful wife and working hard.

Let’s enjoy the music video for the first track from Spinfarm’s CD while we wait.

Boondox Video


I responded to my first viewing with ‘”I feel sorry for the dog at the end” 😦 (what every musician wants to hear from someone who just viewed their artistic effort huh?) but was assured that Henry was not left behind and even has his own Facebook page.


What follows is a back and forth interview between myself and my ‘ex who’s a friend’ about rocking out and about making a CD and other ‘stuff’.

There shall be shenanigans and I’m gonna make him name drop, because he’s not only a very talented musician, but a huge fan himself and has had the rare opportunity to jam with some note worthy people.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Me: My first rock interview, I’m a little nervous.  May I call you mOji or Adam or do you go by Rock God these days?

Adam: Adam. LOL

Me: I recall, a little band called Rooster Stew.  Now you’re in Spinfarm.  I see a rural pattern …

Adam: Interesting … My current guitarist named the band Spinfarm, but I can see your point

Me: When I google Spinfarm, it wants to correct me to ‘spin farming’.  I’m afraid to click.  What’s the skinny on the name?

Adam: I’m actually not 100% sure myself … lol.  My guitarist likes to say Home Grown sounds with No GMO’s

Me: GMO’s?

Adam: Genetically Modified Organisms

Me: :-O I’m glad you have none of those.  They’d make the music odd

Adam: Indeed … Our music is pure and from the soul.  So I’ve been told

Me: Your songs always have been.  We’ll just cut to the chase.  I’ve given my readers some background – we have a brief history lol.  I had the honor of hearing Pantomime Circus live … a lot.  Are you proud of the CD version?

Adam: Yes I am.  I always thought the lyrics were some of my best.  But I thought the music was lacking.  What my guitarist came up with and the way we build the song finally does it justice IMO

Me: I really like it – but I’m partial to the solo version.  You recorded with Charlie McGovern … how amazing was it to be in the studio??

Adam: It was.  Charlie is a long time childhood friend, prior band member and an amazing producer and engineer with an amazing resume.  We were tight and well prepared and turned out all the music for all 10 songs in 5 hours.  I did all the vocals the following day in one take. 

Me: I was so excited for you.  You’ve NEVER given up on your music.  Hey – let’s play a game.  No cheating.  I’m going to throw something random (lol) at you and you give me the first words that come to mind K?

Adam: OK … shoot

Me: Boondox

Adam: China Town

Me: Peacemaker

Adam: 45

Me: lol, I knew I’d left that off.  Electric Chair

Adam: Straight Jacket

Me: Pantomime Circus

Adam: Ghost Town

Me: Sunset Serenade

Adam: Spaghetti Western

Me: Take your Toll

Adam: Hmmm … Don wrote and sang that one.  But I think Vampires

Me: Like Edward Cullen or Vincent Price?

Adam: Vincent Price

Me: K.  Higher Low

Adam: Hmmm … Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Me: Nice!  Loaded

Adam: Dive Bar

Me: and um … Satan Jam

Adam: That’s a song that our guitarist relatives used to play back in the 70’s.  It’s an Ode to …

Me: Okay, phew! Then there’s a bonus track that’s a secret – I’ll be buying my copy and will then know the secret, but can we have a hint?

Adam: Baba O’Reily by The Who … lol

Me: OMG! I LOVE the version you guys do.  Seriously well done.

Adam: Thank you 🙂

Me: I just sounded 14.  Jeez.

Adam: TEEN BEAT flashbacks

Me: LOL.  You know my entire room was plastered in hair band posters

Adam: Indeed my Crue loving friend

Me: Speaking of other artists – I was saying you’re not only a rocker, but a huge fan.  You’ve had the opportunity to jam with some pretty amazing artists.  Name drop please.

Adam: Love/Hate, LA Guns, Junkyard, Rhino Bucket, Blue Oyster Cult, David Lee Roth, Tesla

Me: Did David have his farm bib pant things on?  That would have been apropos

Adam: He was actually wearing a Popeye type sailor suit … but badass as always.

Me: LMAO!  He was my first concert.  I wore a sweater and heels.  Yeah … I didn’t know how to ‘concert’ then.  So, when you’re playing arenas, what’s going to be in your rider?  No brown M & M’s?

Adam: Hmmm … Beef Jerky, Atomic Fire Balls, lotsa Double Bubble gum and Mt Dew

Me: I knew there would be gum. 😉  What happened to fruit stripe??  Have you abandoned the zebra?

Adam: Flavor doesn’t last as long as Double Bubble. lol.  But, not Zebra the band. lol

Me: True, very true.  Okay, serious question.  How DO you keep time on drums and sing??

Adam: As I tell my step daughter (who plays drums) Practice Practice Practice.  Seriously, lots of practicing thru the years

Me: Why do you close your eyes when you sing, but have them open when you’re drumming w/out having to do a vocal?

Adam: Actually, I’ve been told recently that I do the WHITE EYES thing while I’m singing and drumming too.  lol … it’s quite odd.  But I disappear into the music

Me: LOL! I know those eyes.  You do tend to do an early Eddie Vedder when you’re at the mic.

Adam: One of my influences

Me: I know – do you still cover Pearl Jam?

Adam: Not in Spinfarm, But I did do this a few months ago solo

The only cover we do is the Who song in Spinfarm

Me: I was going to ask if you were still doing any solo things as mOji

Adam: Just as Adam.  mOji is my old Santa Cruz moniker from my days with SANE

Me: I still have the lunch box somewhere

Adam: Nice

Me: You have a lot going on this Summer – lots of gigs

Adam: Yes, we’re excited

Me: did you create all the fliers?  They’re really good

Adam: Yes, I create all the fliers – book all the shows … But I really enjoy it.  Connecting the dots.  AND the fliers I do with ancient programs, no photoshop here

Me: Too much talent for one person Atom

Adam: LOL

Me: Dream tour … who’s on it with you?

Adam: Hmmm … lets see.  Pearl Jam, Love/Hate, Janes Addiction and Ace Frehley

Me: Nice!  I’d go.  Can the Gin Blossoms and Dave Matthews come too?

Adam: On my acoustic solo tour lol

Me: Yes!  Hey … Atom?

Adam: Yes

Me: Where’s your gum?

Adam: Right here —->

Me: lol.  Did you want to add anything?  Say something mind blowing?

Adam: Beware the lollipop of mediocrity – lick once and you’ll suck forever

Me: And on that … we have a wrap.


Things I learned this week

  • I need to blog more


  • You can’t see a falling star unless you’re looking at the sky. I used to see one every night – when did I stop looking?


  • I can still squeal like an 8-year-old girl.  I came across this creature at work.  My first reaction was squeal and shut door.  My second?  Get someone to come with me so I could photograph it.  Over 6 inches w/tail flat! 




  • It’s okay to accept help when it’s on behalf of someone you love.  This one was a tough one for me.  But I’ve realized due to simple math, that there’s no way in heck I can save up the money myself to send Nic to the UK.  I’d sell an organ to get him there if I could!  But I’ve taken a softer, gentler route and tried saying “Yes, thank you” when friends have offered to help.  A first for me.


  • When it rains, it pours. After having my tooth pulled, another one broke.  And when it rains, friends come out with umbrellas
  • Sometimes when a dog ‘scoots’, they do not have worms, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a chewable deworming tablet anyway
  • I have had a musical influence on my son.  As I hear Dave Matthews pouring out of his room as I type.  I have also made an impression on my son – as last night he and I spoke a while about deep things.  Apparently he gives my mothering a thumbs up.  I could have cried.  (And offered him an organ.)
  • Punctuation goes inside parenthesis, which makes my OCD want to go back over every single post and fix it! 
  • I have an amazing life.  Beautiful friends and am so so SO proud to be my sons mom. 



Workin’ to the oldies


Working away today at my desk with a top 40 station playing in the background.  The DJ announces it was time for a song for all the hot moms out there – we’re going ALL the way back, they said.

“Yeah!” I’m thinking.  “Let’s go!  Let’s go all the way back!”

I was hoping for some Madness or Bon Jovi or Depeche Mode or something.

We went alllll the way back to 2003 with a Fountains of Wayne song.


In the past that sound bite has been followed by something from the 80’s maybe early 90’s.  I got to be part of the target audience!  I got to be ‘hot mom’.  Not today.

It then dawned on me as I remembered my son turns 18 next month – ‘Holy Shit!  I’m ‘Grandma’ age!’  I mean, God forbid – but I could be!

Calm down grandma – I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I am merely pointing out that just yesterday I was ‘mom’ age and now …

When did this happen??

I took this question to a friend who works next door.  (Who, by the way, has nearly 15 years on me and is one hot babe and just this morning sent me a hilarious squirrel picture).

We pondered – have we really changed?  I mean, yeah – we’re wiser and worldlier (is that a word?  Apparently not, in edit mode it has a red line under it, but it’s staying) have a better grasp of what’s important in life and know more ‘stuff’ – but the essence of who we truly are, the things we like etc. have remained pretty constant.

For me at least.  I still laugh at the same things I laughed at in my 20’s, still cry over the same things I cried over in my 20’s.  I still love to read, love falling stars – I’m still terrified to break the rules (I even do a U-turn to collect my mail so I’m facing the flow of traffic).

So now of course, my tangent brain takes this ponderance (also not a word) to a new level with this charming thought.

Those old men I excused years ago with an  ‘Aw … he’s old, he’s harmless’  when they grabbed or spoke inappropriately, were doing those things with their 20-year-old essence in their older bodies.  Ewwwwww!

Shame on you!  Shame!

Back to the music thing.  You know, I took my son to his first concert, it was the Beach Boys.  Then to see Bret Michaels, total trip since I was his age when my friend Donna and I saw Poison (with Ratt funnily enough – the irony caught up to me later).  Then just this last summer to see the Summerland Tour.

So we’ll end this with the photo of the Gin Blossoms singer Robin Wilson and this old grandma aged woman.


Rock On! To all you moms out there – and rockin’ grandmas too.