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Things I learned this week

  • I need to blog more


  • You can’t see a falling star unless you’re looking at the sky. I used to see one every night – when did I stop looking?


  • I can still squeal like an 8-year-old girl.  I came across this creature at work.  My first reaction was squeal and shut door.  My second?  Get someone to come with me so I could photograph it.  Over 6 inches w/tail flat! 




  • It’s okay to accept help when it’s on behalf of someone you love.  This one was a tough one for me.  But I’ve realized due to simple math, that there’s no way in heck I can save up the money myself to send Nic to the UK.  I’d sell an organ to get him there if I could!  But I’ve taken a softer, gentler route and tried saying “Yes, thank you” when friends have offered to help.  A first for me.


  • When it rains, it pours. After having my tooth pulled, another one broke.  And when it rains, friends come out with umbrellas
  • Sometimes when a dog ‘scoots’, they do not have worms, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a chewable deworming tablet anyway
  • I have had a musical influence on my son.  As I hear Dave Matthews pouring out of his room as I type.  I have also made an impression on my son – as last night he and I spoke a while about deep things.  Apparently he gives my mothering a thumbs up.  I could have cried.  (And offered him an organ.)
  • Punctuation goes inside parenthesis, which makes my OCD want to go back over every single post and fix it! 
  • I have an amazing life.  Beautiful friends and am so so SO proud to be my sons mom. 



Santa Paws is coming to town

Ah Christmas Eve!  The last advent doors are opened, the baking will be done, the dog is scooting on the carpet.  Wait, what?!

Christmas came early for Butters.  Apparently Santa Paws may have brought her worms.

Now, I saw her do ‘the scoot’ last night on the deck.  “Away from my chair, I flew like a flash, Tore open the front door and …” grabbed a flashlight.

I inspected the ‘scoot’ area – and didn’t see anything to be concerned about.

I needed a closer look.  I approached her casually, but I’m certain she could smell the ‘I’m up to something and pretending I’m not’ pheromones coming off of me.  I’m certain because she would not let me anywhere near her rear end with that light.

I did manage to sneak a peek at her bum when it was bedtime.  Saw a couple of little white specks.  Aw – a white Christmas too?  How sweet.

This morning I peeked again and didn’t see anything of significance. Okay – a fluke.  After all, we’ve had the heater on lately, perhaps she’s just itchy from the dryness? 

I’d almost relaxed when she did it again.  The scoot. 

It’s funny when someone elses dog does it.  It’s funny on YouTube.  It’s not funny when you’re thinking ‘Oh crap – I can’t afford to take her to the vet!’


**Disclaimer/tangent/interruption**  I am of the opinion that if you cannot afford to take care of an animals needs, you should not own a pet.  However, Butters found us.  She was in our yard one morning, hungry and skittish.  I put up signs around the neighborhood, listed her ‘found’ on Craigslist and even had her featured on our local TV station.  No one came forward.  We then put up signs looking for a home for her.  No takers.  She’s been with us for over two years now as ‘the pound’ was not an option for us**

Now where were we? 

Ah – the worry about the vet.  So now I have to know everything about worms.  Can they be treated at home?  Do you have to know what type of worm in order to do that?  Can humans contract the worm? 

Answers: Yes, it’s best if you do, yes. 

Outside I went – to find her latest ‘waste’.  I’ll skip the dissection description – let’s just say it involved a stick and a strong stomach.  No worms.  Hmmmm.  But did see some of those little specks again.

Back inside – I notice something on my freshly brushed couch.  Arg!  A segment??  I grabbed a sandwich bag and secured the evidence.  Back online.  Sure looked like a tapeworm segment to me!

tapeworm segment

Back to Google.  Yes, Pet Smart sells worming medicine! Okay!  Off we go!

I arrive at the shop and ask the cashier for the ‘dog expert’.  I’m given to a woman sporting a pony tail and on a mission.  I explain the scoot – I explain the specks.  I then lift my little bag out of my pocket and reveal ‘Exhibit A’.

“See, it looks like a sesame seed”.

“It sure does …” she says “It REALLY looks like a sesame seed”.

And then it hits me.  As I’m holding the bag high in the air.

The night before – my son and I indulged in a burger we’d seen on TV a few times and promised ourselves we’d get one day.

memphisburgerAnd just look at all those ‘Segments’ on top.

50 shades of embarrassed.

Still bought the chewable $30 D-Worm, after being reassured that if she doesn’t actually have worms, the medicine will not hurt her. 

Came home with my little seed and a funny story – and Butters took her D-Worm like a champ. 

She is walking around guarding her butt from me now though. Can’t say I blame her.


**If you suspect your dog has worms, you should address it immediately.  The medicine I purchased treats Tapeworms, Roundworms and Hookworms.  It’s a one time treatment – re-treat if you see signs that your dog may still have the parasites.  As for passing to humans – as long as you keep your fingers out of your mouth, you should be fine.  Animals CAN pass the worms onto a human, but it’s not very likely.  Wash your hands after touching your pet.  Wash your bedding etc. because even though you’re likely safe – your pet can ingest eggs they’ve expelled onto various surfaces and start the cycle again.  Lastly, don’t take my word for it – this is information I found as I can’t afford a visit to a vet – but a vet is always the best resource for anything wrong with your furry friend!