About debaucherysoup.com


Why the name?

Yeah … there are some days I cringe when I see what people have typed into search engines to end up (probably disappointed) on my website.

I cannot ‘unsee’ some of those search terms.


But, I’m keeping it.

The name was actually born in college when I flippantly said to a friend, “if I ever write a book, it’s going to be called Debauchery Soup”.

This is one big dish of all that is me.

Mother, friend, writer, photographer, human, student of life, a work in progress.


From serious interviews and social commentary to humorous everyday ‘happenings’.

I’m sharing my life – as much as I can.

This blog is my outlet, my online journal, my writing improvement class, my opportunity to share my photos, thoughts, growth and to interact with others. Most importantly, this is my ‘thing’ that is mine.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. you’re awesome 🙂

  2. Hello! May your daily adventures be as charming as you seem…being mind altering-ly drugless and as sober as a judge and all! I joke around a lot (sometimes too much)… but I would just like to tell you it is a pleasure visiting your site. Peace be with you.

    • not sure how sober judges are … 😉 Thanks for visiting. 🙂

      • Your post “We’re too tired to survive” was disturbing to say the least. You must have really been high. I see you removed it. Once posted on the internet it is always out there. Could have been printed or copied and pasted.

      • Yes, it was disturbing, and very hard to write. I was typing while speaking to someone who was telling their story and interjecting mine. I try to be as honest on here as I can be, and no, I was not high. I was in a lot of pain and you are right, I need help. I can’t fix those things I’ve done and it always weighs heavily on me. I have a ‘contact me’ section you could have used if you were concerned. But I’ll own my piece and reply here. For all to read. Yes I know, once out there, it’s out there forever. After thinking more about it, I thought I could probably do the story justice another way, thus the removal. Was not a good piece, hard to type when crying and so emotional. I have good days and bad, and I always hope that in sharing the bad ones, perhaps I can help someone else.

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