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The day I gave a non-existent kitten the cold leg

Ever have one of those moments when you’re busy pouting, and ‘cut off your nose to spite your face’ as ‘they’ say?

You know, that mood usually reserved for teenagers or PMSing females.

That mood when you’re likely to say ‘no’ to something amazing (like cake) just because you’re not done being grumpy.  Even though you really want the something amazing (like cake.)  Yeah.

My boss offered to get me a sandwich (not cake), and I was hungry.  But stubbornly pissed.  “No thank you.”

My inner hungry person was wide-eyed and asking me “What are you DOING?!  We WANT the sandwich.”  

I looked at her, (yes, I have perfected the eye roll to the point of being able to literally see the inside of my head) and she backed off.

Must have been quite a look.

That’s when I realized … I had reached that  mood today.

As I told my friend Ruth who I sought out to vent to at, “If a kitten was rubbing up against my leg right now, I’d move my leg away … even if I wanted to pet it.”


Petty pouting perfected.


I was slammed at work today.  And every time I quickly returned from the scanner or printer, I noticed my boss on the internet.  

That bothers the crap out of me.  I work my arse off, and believe me, I’m not the one getting the commission.  I could have used some help.

I digress.

Remember the fan that a customer brought me?  Out of the goodness of his heart?  In a random act of kindness?  The one I had a really hard time accepting, because I have the hardest time accepting anything from anyone?  No?  Read more of my posts, you’ll see that moment. Or, just click HERE.

Now, yesterday (or was it Wednesday?) ‘Fan Guy’ comes in and plops himself down at my desk and has me make copies for him and fax something for him.  Not work related.  A personal favor (he’s a friend of my boss.)

Okay, I can accommodate that – (after my inner busy person made the snide ‘let me just drop everything’ comment in my head.) 

As I was preparing to stand up and ‘accommodate’, he turned to my boss and said, “She’s my indentured servant, working off that fan.”



I felt about one inch tall!! 

My jaw might have hit the floor had it not been clenched in a major effort not to say out loud what my inner busy person was saying at that moment.  I shan’t repeat it.  It wasn’t pretty.

Don’t do that.  Don’t give someone a gift and lord it over them.  Don’t make comments like that people.  Just don’t.

I felt awful.  As if I didn’t already have a hard enough time receiving gifts, that further cinched it for me.

Back to today.  

So I’m slammed and already getting a little grumpy – when ‘fan guy’ comes back.  I was entirely too busy to even make eye contact.  Or was I still just entirely too humiliated and pissed to make eye contact?

  Hmmm … no matter.  He must have sensed the temperature of my shoulder and sat at my boss’s desk this time.

It was shortly after that visit that I stomped scurried off to vent to my friend. 

I decided as my lip quivered and my blood pressure rose, that I needed a break.  And a major attitude adjustment.

So I took a rare lunch and drove.  Just drove.  Then turned around, took a deep breath and returned to work. 

I keep counting my blessings – but some days my inner whiner makes a pretty good case about being allowed to occassionally take a moment to acknowledge that some things just suck. 

Then my inner grateful person (she’s taller than the whiner, and smarter too) takes over quickly and get’s us all back on track. 

It’s Friday.  I’m home.  Groceries are purchased (thanks to my job) AC is blowing cool air (thanks to my job) and I’m chatting with my son on my ipad (who went clubbing for the first time ever, in the UK) thanks to my wifi (again, thank you job.)

So – if any kittens found my leg now, I would pet them.  That’s if Butters didn’t eat them.

(But if she did – she’d be grateful.)


**Disclaimer: No kittens, imaginary or real were or ever would actually be harmed by Butters**

Christmas Eve Eve


Christmas Eve is my favorite day.  The day before.  The day when my son can barely stand the anticipation anymore.  I can barely stand it either to be fair – I choose his gifts with a lot of thought and can’t wait to see him open them.

But I can wait.  That day before – is when all the magic is still hanging in the air.  The ‘unknown’ is still unknown.  The wrapping is still holding in its secrets.

I absolutely adore having something to be excited about.

The meaning of Christmas aside – after the gifts have been opened and the boxes revealed – feels (to me anyway) like it’s all over.

I love the build up.  The spirit of the approaching holiday.

Today was special too.  No matter what the gifts under the tree that my son went out to buy are (one is labeled ‘to the lady who lives with me’, the other, ‘A.K.A. my mom’)  I feel like I already had my big gift today.

It was a busy day – after my Sunday morning job, we came home and collected laundry to do at my moms, then took Nic’s friend home.  Lots of driving – lots of ‘busy’.

Came home and lay on the couch enjoying a burger we salvated over every time we saw it on a mouth-watering commercial.

Ice Age 2 was on … it was just Nic and I.

After he ate, he indicated he wanted a spot next to me on the couch.

We curled up together and watched the animated flick.  Wasn’t long before he was asleep – my arms around him.

You know that sound pets make when they’re falling asleep and totally comfortable?  That content exhale?

He made that little noise.  A sigh.  And my heart filled.

I daren’t move – even when my arm fell asleep.


For that moment – I had my ‘little boy’ back.  If only for a snippet of time.

That is all I needed for Christmas.

Because really it’s about telling people we love them, spending time with family and a rare Season when strangers are nicer to each other.

I had my moment.  And tomorrow – I’ll be baking and looking forward to Santa filling Nic’s stocking and arranging the base of the tree. 😉

So very blessed.  So very grateful.  And as my son continues to sleep on the couch, I glance over at my boy who is becoming a man and so thankful for that contented sigh while he was in my arms.

And now I have to wrap it all??

xmas shopping(Who wears stuff like that to shop?!  ^ High heels and a fancy outfit?)

I got up at the crack of dawn, full of Christmas spirit – okay, I lie.  I was tired, had no coffee in the house and there was ice on my car.

Woke up to the best of my uncaffeinated ability and hit the town.

I’m not joking when I say the oil change I decided to get after the first shop, was the fastest errand of the bunch!

My first stop was at a home improvement store.  I stood – like a total idiot – staring at aisle after aisle hoping what I had come for would leap out at me.  Now, MOST home improvement stores offer over eager staff asking you ‘can I help you find something?’ – I must have been there too early for that shift.

Finally someone did notice my obvious ‘I need help’ body language and promptly directed me to a very close, very large end cap that held the thing I needed.

Crossed that off the list.  “Do you have a Lowes card with us?” No I don’t. “Would you like one?”  No I wouldn’t – this is the only time of the year I come here.  “Oh, shopping for the husband?”  Yeah, my invisible one.  No – my dad. (Awkward look from the clerk) “Okay, Merry Christmas!”

Next store.  I walked around for probably and hour.  Finding a million things I would love to have that probably no one would imagine I would love to have.  Walking Dead action figures … Big Bang Theory ‘magnetic dress up Sheldon’.  Love the store.  Anyway, I was making the staff nervous I think.  I don’t think I look like a shop lifter?  (If there is such a ‘shop lifting look’) but I did look confused and out-of-place.  Maybe even bordering on ‘shifty’.

Someone finally got brave enough to approach me “Can I help you find something?” No, I’m waiting for something to find me.  “Oh, I completely understand”she said.  I think she really did you know.  I think she got me.

So I found her again later only to find out the ‘thing’ I wanted was on sale LAST week.

NEXT store – actually, that’s when I got the oil change.  They were FAST!  I didn’t know you could change oil that fast?!

Now, by the time I reached my next destination I was fading.  Looking more like a Walking Dead action figure than a woman.

Found myself trying to think of ways to walk that conveyed to the multitude of Salvation Army bell ringers that I was a good person, I did give to one of them, but that I couldn’t give to all of them.  Pfft.  Impossible.  I guiltily shuffled past them, eyes downcast, feeling like I had stolen the “Merry Christmas” they offered me since I didn’t put anything in their red cauldron.


I’m now exhausted – only 3 more stores to go!  I can only imagine what the store personnel were thinking when they made eye contact with me.  Eyes glazed, eyebrows knit into the little sad helpless pathetic diagonal position, lids heavy, legs unable to go faster than a slow shuffle.  I just stood looking at things with no clue what I was looking at.

I called it done when the headache, from having no morning coffee, threw a penalty flag on my shopping play.

Crawled into a gas station to get a cup of coffee, stood in yet another line waiting to pay for it, while I suckled from it through the little ‘stirry’ straw like a comfort sippy cup.

One minute more out there and someone would have eventually found me wedged between display shelves rocking back and forth, possibly sucking my thumb.

The good news is – after ‘chilling out’ for about 1/2 an hour, finishing that nectar of the Gods through my stirry straw – I found enough energy to do it all over again, at the grocery store.

I’m calling it done now.  Done!  I’m done.  My dried out eyeballs say I’m done, my tingling feet say I’m done.  And my bank balance says I’m done.

My son went out with his friend while I was prepping a crock pot with tonight’s dinner – there’s now two new presents under the tree.  One says ‘For that lady that lives with me’ the other says ‘A.K.A. mom’.

He even wrapped them.

Oh crap.  I have to wrap too huh?

You know, I joke – I half heartedly whine, but I KNOW how blessed I am this year to even BE Christmas shopping.  I’m so very, very grateful for the food in my cupboard, the gifts that need wrapping and having people in my life to shop for.

Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas shopping to all.