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‘Twas 2 Nights Before Christmas

There is a lot of stirring in the house …

My son is taking apart his Xbox controller – he started out with confidence then I heard from my bedroom him asking google “How to take apart an Xbox controller.” Which sent me into a fit of laughter, followed by a snarky retort from the other room.

I received some chocolate from my boss today … either I’ve just been SO sweet all year, or I’ve given the impression my desires for candy can only be quelled by 5lbs of it?


In other news – I’m going to Paris to meet my best friend.

Okay – so it’s this one:


We will be lunching this week.

I’m so very excited!

It occurred to me, after we decided to meet in the lobby, that it’s a big place!  And they might even have more than one lobby.

Now, (are you sitting down?) I don’t have a cell phone.

So, once I’m in transit, there will be no way to communicate.  No calls from the meeting place saying “I’m in the green chair next to the Parisian table.”

Time was decided upon, place – then I suggested we google the lobby and see where to meet.

My first email after we searched:


Thought I was pretty funny – but, she topped me:


This is why we’re friends.

Maybe I could just take the candy bar with me?  There’s no way she could miss me.

Faux chocolat – métiers d’art

Sounds a lot fancier in French.   ‘Fake chocolate – arts and crafts’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

I said I would be doing arts and crafts today … two people I am fond of are having birthdays next week.  I thought it would be sweet to make their gifts.

Here’s what I did.

I like working with Sculpey – it doesn’t taste awful.  No, you shouldn’t be eating it – but you’ll see why it was in my mouth in the next picture.

So, you start by kneading and molding and sculpting – then, since  I think chocolates look more realistic if you take a bite out of them, you BITE ‘EM!


I decided one of the chocolates needed to have a coffee bean on top.  Pushing the creative envelope lol.

Here’s a closer look at each:



You bake them when you’re satisfied.  I had lost my instructions – so put them in the oven @ 275 degrees for half and hour – then checked on them every 5 or 10 minutes after that.

I was also painting boxes to put these in.  The whole premise of my gift was ‘For a Sweet Friend’ but I couldn’t just hand them a fake chocolate.

So here’s the boxes rough painted and adorned with a small mirror.  I figure they can use them for trinkets or jewelry afterwards.


And here are the boxes after a subtle paint job.


The hardest part about the process is waiting for the clay to cool down after baking it.  I’m impatient.  I want to paint immediately.

But, wait I did.

Then … the paint job.



Still have some touch up to do on the above ‘chocolate’ – but as impatient as I am, I had to blog too soon as well.

Now, today was REALLY REALLY windy.  My initial thought was, I can acrylic seal these items and they’ll dry in no time!

*Do not gloss your crafts in gale force winds! *  I had sealer in my eyes, on my hands, in my lungs.  Probably not a good thing – but parts that were never shiny are now shiny.

As for ‘drying in no time’ – that also came along with a smattering of dust and local flora. (There may even have been an ant or two stuck to my ‘drying in no time’ boxes.) Nice extra ‘texture’ for my pieces.  Live and learn.  Live and learn.

I’m working on the cards – I’ll draw and paint tomorrow.  And I really hope the recipients don’t read this post.  I should have started with *SPOILER ALERT*.  Oh well.

Here are the (almost) finished products.


I made a bracelet and the other box has a sentimental item in there too.

Homemade gifts say ‘Love’.  I hope they do anyway.  Just in case they didn’t, I made clay hearts too – they serve as gift tags

I’m so glad these ladies were born.  Definitely worth inhaling acrylic sealer for. x

Now, I’m going to brush my teeth for the 10th time and finish getting the clay out of them 😉

Staple removers, chocolate and hula hoops

Why is it that when I have to stay awake,  I most want to sleep?  It’s like not being hungry – then being told you HAVE to fast – suddenly:


I’m up because my son has promised himself as a taxi to someone who needs to be picked up at 4 in the morning.

I didn’t want him driving sleepy – so he’s napping – and I’ve taken on role of alarm clock.

And I want my bed!


It was a long day.

Work has been rough lately!

If I am to find the silver lining (other than having a job, that’s a given) it would be that the days have flown by on wings of some really fast bird.

My attitude today though, sucked.  I’ll admit it.  I’ll own that one.

I actually threw a staple remover at one point in frustration … not across the room or anything, just from my hand to my desk.  Of course, it hit my metal file stand and made a bigger deal out of itself than I intended.

Wasn’t my proudest moment.

I think that might have been the point when I decided I needed to remove myself from the office for a little while.

When I returned, I gave my boss a small box of candy and told him I was sorry for my tantrum.

He gestured to my desk where he had placed a small piece of chocolate.  Aw, see!  We understand each other.

The good news is – when I need an attitude adjustment, I know it.  And not only do I know it – I’m proactive about adjusting it.

Besides the small box of candy for my boss – I also bought a hula hoop.  It was on sale for 48 cents.

In my self-imposed time out – my inner child needed that hula hoop.  It helped the attitude adjustment immensely.

I decided to take my adjustment one step further, I emailed my other boss and requested some time off.

I am spent!

Mentally and physically  s-p-e-n-t!

I don’t take ‘vacations’.  My time off is used for such exciting things as ‘I have to be home because the handy man is coming and someone needs to be there’.

I have never taken more than 1 day off in a row.  And it’s showin’!

So – I took TWO days off in a row!  Crazy!  Next month.

In my fantasies, I shall have cake, and pajamas and movies and … alright, let’s face it I’ll probably end up cleaning the house and  finding dozens of other things that need my attention in order to not feel guilty about relaxing.  But still – it’s 2 days off in a row.

Until next month – I must remember this:


Happy Easter-Good Friday Eve

Tomorrow is Good Friday, and as I have an Easter post planned for my son, who turns 18 that day – I’ll say Happy Easter to you all now.  There’s just something about Spring … birth, new beginnings and let’s face it … chocolate.  Pastels and scavenger hunts … that last grasp on mild weather before Summer begins to stir.  It’s a Season where anything is possible.  Rebirth.

I wish for all of you a heart full of possibilities and renewed hope.  And chocolate.