Butters – and how I’m not going to be eaten by cats

I always assumed I’d meet my end dying unnoticed in my house, then being partially eaten by my copious amount of future cats. My  body perhaps found by the Laundromat Lady when I didn’t show up on a Sunday to muse?

Turns out Butters is what I have to worry about.

I know this because last night as I was on my belly, inching across the floor – she tried to eat me.


Okay – rewind.

You might like a little back story.

(And funnily enough, that’s what it is.)

I was in my sons room saying ‘goodnight’ and asked ‘Can you crack my back without lifting me?’

Nothing worked, so I lay down on the floor and Nic stepped on me.  I was stretched out and pulled myself forward on my elbows to lengthen my spine.  It felt good.

So while I was down there – of course, I went into tangent mode.

‘What if I had a broken leg and had to get to the door??’


Only way to find out if I could reach the front door was to try it.

You know, like anyone laying on their childs bedroom floor would think to do.  Nothing weird here.

So I’m pulling myself using only upper body strength across his carpet. 

A military belly crawl, only, I wasn’t allowing myself to use my legs – they remained dead weight.  (Remember, my imaginary broken leg … of course, I wasn’t factoring in the pain I’d have to contend with should I actually have a broken leg, but we work with what we have.)

I encountered tile and was unable to get a grip due to my flannel pajama bottoms and fleece sweatshirt.  (*Note to self, break leg in clothing with more traction.)

I should have stopped there – experiment over.  I was screwed once I hit a slippery surface.

But Nic’s in the spirit of things now and pulls me across that obstacle.

Next the kitchen.

By now – Butters has noticed me in a vulnerable position on the ground.  Does she worry?  Look upon me in curiosity?  Go for help?

No! She attacks.

I’m scooting across the kitchen rug and intermittently having my head chewed on. 

I tried playing dead – but she just kept running off and returning to gnaw on me.


“I’ve got her! Go! Go!”

Nic held her back as I inched into the living room.


Why am I still doing this?!?  Because I’d come that far – that’s why.

I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going now, but it was very apparent that if  I were home alone and did have to wriggle to a phone or an exit without using my legs, Butters would be the reason I wouldn’t succeed.

Experiment over.

I hadn’t quite forgiven her after I climbed into bed.

I lay there on my stomach, getting comfortable, my head turned to the right when I heard snorting and felt warmth on the back of my head.



I sleep on a California King sized mattress – there’s enough room for me, Butters and both sets of Charlie Buckets’ grandparents!

Yet, Butters, obviously exhausted from attacking me, was snoring less than 5 inches from the back of my head.


She has a side!  This is ‘homeless dog’ that I took in that now has a side of my bed.  

She doesn’t like to cuddle, so I decided it was likely she was guarding me like one of her bones.

(Oh gawd, what if my imaginary broken leg is a compound fracture?!?!  She’ll try to drag my sticky-out bone off!)

Anyway, she was still tired this morning (good!) so I managed to capture evidence of her close proximity.  Then I just pestered her for photos to be annoying. 

She’s getting really sick of the camera. 

Perhaps I need to remember to break my leg in clothes with traction and a camera around my neck … then I stand a chance.


Butters on the left, my pillow on the right.

Butters on the left, my pillow on the right.

Me being happy I was annoying the dog

Me being happy I was annoying the dog

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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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  1. I was seriously thinking about this very subject today. I hate the way those necklaces look that the ‘Old-Folks’ can wear, you know..the button to push and call for help..so sporty, I’m wondering why they can’t make them into earrings instead, one to press, one to speak into! 🙂

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