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Musings from the Laundromat: Hoggy Birds and Chocolate Shame edition

After being snow bird blocked for the past two weekends, I finally got here early enough for the top load washing machines.


I think probably the fact that it’s Easter also had a part in my success.  I assume eggs are being hidden or services attended in lieu of early morning laundry.

As for me?  I’m doing brunch at 3:30 with my family.

OK, so that’s not exactly brunch time, but was the earliest reservation.

It’s Linner really isn’t it?  Not brunch.  I don’t care – food at any time is fine by me.

Which reminds me … I’m STILL gaining weight.

I started out super excited about this, because I needed to put some pounds on.   But I haven’t reached a plateau yet – I just keep gaining.

My doctor did mention something about my meds slowing my metabolism – but I didn’t put that fun fact together with my scale until later.

I’m going to have to slow down on the food debauchery because I for one, cannot afford a new wardrobe.  In my smugness I donated all my larger clothes – now it’s just daily ‘snugness!’

That’s my only concern really – having to spend money on clothes, because let’s face it, no ones seeing me naked in the foreseeable future.

Found a chocolate wrapper on the kitchen counter this morning and I kid you not, I don’t remember tucking into that last night.  I had a candy black out!  (Is that a thing?  It should be a thing.  It’s a thing now.)


Shame washed over me – then I spied with my little eye, 2 bricks of chocolate left in the package and shame be damned, I ate 1 of the survivors.

I’ll try to restrain myself from any other sweets that may leap in my path today – but AM going to gorge myself on ‘Linner’.  I mean, it’s a buffet – it would be rude not to partake in excess!


Happy Easter to all my Soupers who celebrate it – and happy Sunday to all who don’t.





Happy Easter-Good Friday Eve

Tomorrow is Good Friday, and as I have an Easter post planned for my son, who turns 18 that day – I’ll say Happy Easter to you all now.  There’s just something about Spring … birth, new beginnings and let’s face it … chocolate.  Pastels and scavenger hunts … that last grasp on mild weather before Summer begins to stir.  It’s a Season where anything is possible.  Rebirth.

I wish for all of you a heart full of possibilities and renewed hope.  And chocolate.