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Haboob and gratitude

Him: “Let’s go in, it’s really starting to come down.”

Me: “Oh my God, I just had a flash forward … is this us at 80?  ‘It’s really comin’ down honey’.”

But when did we become this?

Not ‘we’ as in my honey and I, but ‘we’ meaning … I guess me and my age?  Or, the anonymous ‘they’ at my age?

I was always taught by my mother “You’re not made of sugar, you won’t melt.”

I loved that.

I love the rain.

I love the sulphur scent – the asphalt and dirt kicking their unique fragrance into the air.

I love the misting on my body.  Especially in the desert.

Love watching the lightning.

Bracing myself for the BOOM! of thunder.

As a result, and probably because I don’t wear a ton of makeup, I’m not afraid to get caught in the rain.  (And yes, Pina Coladas and making love at midnight are nice too.)


I’ll cut to the quick – it’s almost 3 weeks since I’ve had my car.

Today, a dear friend and her husband loaned me their ‘beater’ which is anything but. It’s a trustworthy Toyota.

I was told to go home when a haboob presented itself – crossing the river.

(I did end up getting caught in it, which was bonkers.)

Was nice to be able to just go home – in juxtaposition to yesterday when I waited two hours after work for my son to get off of work and collect me.

Without a car, I feel so impotent.

But then I focused on the good.

That someone WAS coming – that I had a home to go home to bone tired.

That I was safe waiting where I was.

And knowing that NOW, finally, the mechanics are on my side (I really don’t want to go into that whole story, just know, it’s at least a ginormous post worth of negativity – and I don’t need negativity right now.)

Another part has been ordered, I was even offered a cell number to one of the owners and was offered use of his extra car.

Things are looking up.

And tomorrow is my honey’s birthday. SO glad he was born.  And I’m gonna go sit back out in the rain – because life is beautiful.

Friends are too.

And here’s an old favorite of mine to put you in my rainy, yet grateful mood.  Song is apropos for the time I spent looking for Jim to be back in my life too.  God, how I missed him.

Monsoon broken down

I get up.  Make the chicken – and the scent of it draws Nic out of his lair, I’m not going to lie – this was after he said,” Taco Bell is closed.”

Me: I love the smell of rain.

Him: I think the smell of rain is caused by the drowning of bacteria.

Me: *sigh* pause.

Me: Also love the smell of fresh cut grass.

Him: The plants are sending out distress signals.



My son is a killjoy.

I mean, considering he came out of his cave at the scent of flesh … he burst my bubble on the whole rain thing.

It’s pouring now.

Much bacteria being drowned.

Oh but it smells SO good.  Secrete!  Secrete!

We are in for one hell of a monsoon this weekend.



“It’s raining friends!” Three stormy day connections.

It poured.  Absolutely bucketed down today!  Roads flooded, traffic lights were dark – thunder BOOMED.

I arrived at the office to no power, but when I came in the door and said ‘Good Morning’ to the staff at the front desk, the power suddenly came on.  “You’re welcome” I laughed – and headed to my door.  Keys in hand, soaked from head to toe I stepped in to my little work world.

Internet was down – for hours and hours.  You know, we truly are screwed in a ‘paperless’ environment when that happens.  There were no faxes, no emails, no access to my online wholesale lending sites or my origination system.  So I lit a Fall scented candle, turned on the purple Halloween lights, opened the blinds all the way and made the most of it.

SO beautiful to watch the rain from a cozy indoor spot.  O.K. yes, it would have been lovelier to be watching it from my own window, in dry ‘at home’ clothes, but I’ll take the view where ever I can get it.

Ended up having three wonderful interactions today.  (the upside to not being able to work at work).

Spoke to my best friend for a little while on the phone, my stomach hurt from laughing by the end of that call.

She was sharing about a dining experience at a 3 Michelin star restaurant.  A 16 course tasting menu! (I think we’ve established I love to eat, but I asked her – HOW do you get through that?  By plate eight, aren’t you bursting?  Unless each course is in the form of an amuse bouche – which it turns out they were not).

Anyway, the couple seated next to my friend and her husband were sucking the joy right out of that expensive date.

One of them even blew their nose into the linen napkin?!? WTH?  We then wondered how those napkins are cleaned – I’ll be reluctant to dab my mouth with a cloth napkin from this day forward. LOL!

Chatted with another of my favorite people on the planet on more serious matters.  This is a woman who the minute I saw her – I KNEW  must be my friend.  She carries herself with such grace – she’s stunningly beautiful, ALWAYS of service to others and we have a LOT in common.  There’s just an aura about her  – I knew she would be an important part of my life the moment I laid eyes on her.

The third conversation was with a friend that made me question why life doles out what it does sometimes.  She’s such a hardworking, sweet, beautiful, amazing mom/wife/soul.  I adore her.  She has some worries and I wish I could take them from her.  I think though, that there are just some people who God knows can handle more than others.  Still doesn’t seem fair.
(yes mum, I know – life’s not a fair, it’s a circus)

All in all, with only the latter part of the day affording me the opportunity to work, it was  an amazingly productive day.

(Trying to remember though, did I blow the candle out before I left?!)

Morning Rain

It’s raining in the desert.

It sprinkled last night – and my son wrote this on his Facebook status:

“If tofu absorbs the flavor of what ever its cooked with, than Im going to cook it in the rain and if it tastes as half as good as it smells, Im going to dine on the gods food ;D”


It does smell amazing out there!  And I love the thunder …

I sat outside while it was gently sprinkling and sipped my coffee and had such a HUGE wave of gratitude wash over me.

I was pondering recent events and appreciating the scenery and for a sudden second, KNEW all of my needs were, and would be met.

I was aware in one moment of time of how beautiful life is, how blessed I am for my friends and family and that everything is going to be alright.

Little God whisper?  Maybe.  Seems like a great way to start the day to me!

Good morning world!