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Musings from the Laundromat: Twirling Umbrellas and Alien Babies Edition

Someone is twirling the rainbow umbrella furthest from me.

Sitting there and just spinning it.

When I walked in there was no one at the twirling table.

No one at all.


I had the place to myself again for a while.

I saw this sign and after filling my machines, had to take a photo of it for you.


I saw the figure and thought, “It doesn’t look like it fell.  Looks like it’s relaxing on the floor.”  Then I thought maybe it DID fall, but then was trying to play it off like “I meant to do that.”

If I fell here, I’d hope to look as nonchalant about it as that little figure.

Twirling lady has left.  There’s now just a man at the counter chatting with the laundry lady.

I remember loading the machines and leaving.  Taking the opportunity to run errands.  That was before I mused for you.

Oh, I got my car back Wednesday. And Friday it was back in the shop after overheating.

Got it back the same day, but I’d be lying if I said I’m driving it with any confidence.

I feel like I’m hemorrhaging money when it comes to my car. The fridge is pretty empty.

We DID have leftovers in there for a small time – from my son and his girlfriend.  They had been to Vegas and stopped at red lobster.

The leftovers had since run out of ‘time’ so I put some of the crab in the cats kibble bowl.  Then I thought I’d do an alien hand thing – and my honey created this.  Cracked me up.


The look on Butter’s face is classic.


Just went and refilled my coffee and was stopped by the laundry lady.  We had a little chat.

She made coffee last week for me and I didn’t come.  How sweet is she?
“I reset the WIFI and made a pot.”

“Yeah, I was out-of-town.” (Which, is technically true as I was across the river in another state.)

She then told me about another regular that she’s worried about.

She didn’t show up either – she’s undergoing chemo.

“You should get her number next time she comes.” I said. “I bet she’d like having someone check on her.”

“Yeah, I should.  I’m the only one she let’s do her laundry.”

I can see why.

I love my laundry lady.  ‘My’ laundry lady lol.

But she is mine.  Another person I adore in my collection of people I adore.  I treasure her. I love that I’m ‘her’ regular too.


Haboob and gratitude

Him: “Let’s go in, it’s really starting to come down.”

Me: “Oh my God, I just had a flash forward … is this us at 80?  ‘It’s really comin’ down honey’.”

But when did we become this?

Not ‘we’ as in my honey and I, but ‘we’ meaning … I guess me and my age?  Or, the anonymous ‘they’ at my age?

I was always taught by my mother “You’re not made of sugar, you won’t melt.”

I loved that.

I love the rain.

I love the sulphur scent – the asphalt and dirt kicking their unique fragrance into the air.

I love the misting on my body.  Especially in the desert.

Love watching the lightning.

Bracing myself for the BOOM! of thunder.

As a result, and probably because I don’t wear a ton of makeup, I’m not afraid to get caught in the rain.  (And yes, Pina Coladas and making love at midnight are nice too.)


I’ll cut to the quick – it’s almost 3 weeks since I’ve had my car.

Today, a dear friend and her husband loaned me their ‘beater’ which is anything but. It’s a trustworthy Toyota.

I was told to go home when a haboob presented itself – crossing the river.

(I did end up getting caught in it, which was bonkers.)

Was nice to be able to just go home – in juxtaposition to yesterday when I waited two hours after work for my son to get off of work and collect me.

Without a car, I feel so impotent.

But then I focused on the good.

That someone WAS coming – that I had a home to go home to bone tired.

That I was safe waiting where I was.

And knowing that NOW, finally, the mechanics are on my side (I really don’t want to go into that whole story, just know, it’s at least a ginormous post worth of negativity – and I don’t need negativity right now.)

Another part has been ordered, I was even offered a cell number to one of the owners and was offered use of his extra car.

Things are looking up.

And tomorrow is my honey’s birthday. SO glad he was born.  And I’m gonna go sit back out in the rain – because life is beautiful.

Friends are too.

And here’s an old favorite of mine to put you in my rainy, yet grateful mood.  Song is apropos for the time I spent looking for Jim to be back in my life too.  God, how I missed him.

Musings from the Laundromat: Cars & Comic-Con

Comic-Con should have a villain called ‘Check Engine Light’ man.  It would strike fear into the hearts of all who laid eyes on him.

Thought that was an apropos way to start since another Comic-Con is happening without me.

So that stays uncrossed on my bucket list.

Anyway! I digress.

Driving home from the grocery store last night and “DING!” said my car.


Now, this happened last year too.  Car wouldn’t shift, RPMs climbed sky-high … I ended up driving 10 miles per hour home, shaking, heart pounding – then having my Cruiser towed to have an ignition switch and Solenoid replaced.

Shortly thereafter, “DING!” Turns out they put a bad solenoid in.

And my car was fixed.

And my bank account was broken.

Little over a month ago – same issue.  “Ding!”  Light back on, won’t shift, high RPMs – had car towed again.

(I like to think of a tow as a nice little ride for my car.  Wind in its wipers, watering headlights as it enjoys the whoosh of air.  A fun piggy back ride. Takes my mind off the ‘how the hell much is this going to cost me’ thoughts.)

Mechanic could find nothing wrong with it.

Of course.

They reset my engine light and for the past month or so, I’ve been driving it like it has a bomb taped under the hood.

Now, we know I ‘worry too much’.  I’ve heard it enough. But I seriously have a 6th sense about things.  And so when the “DING!” happened last night – and it repeated its symptoms, I stressed the heck out.

Decided there was no point to that.  It is what it is right?

So I had a plan.

Get up early, go to Auto Zone for a diagnostic check – pray it coded with the same thing as last time so even if my car decided not to perform badly for the mechanic, I would have proof.

And it did.

It coded!!! With the exact same issue as the first go around.


I’m holding that diagnostic ticket like it came out of a Wonka bar and after laundry, I’ll set my car off on another adventure and pray the mechanic honors some sort of warranty.

Cars.  They’re the bane of my existence.  My kryptonite.

Seriously though, Marvel?  Consider ‘Check Engine Light’ man.

for musings


Musings from the Laundromat: Candy wrapper bug, crickets & car edition

I almost didn’t come today.

My son has been out-of-town the past week and so other than one stray sock I found of his, and Butter’s bath towel, laundry consisted of only  my items – which wasn’t much.

I came when I realized I would need underwear.

Speaking of underwear, I got my morning off to a roaring start when I realized I put the pair I’m sporting today on inside-out.  *sigh*  I wondered if it was still ok to turn them – is it like food? Is there a 5 second rule with wayward underwear?

Since I’d just got out of the shower and am hygienic anyway, I did the switch.

The upside to only having my items in the washing machine, is that I didn’t have to check pockets for paper, thumb drives or money.



I also almost didn’t ‘muse’ today – because as they say ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

But, here we go.

My car has had some issues and trust me  when I say, nothing strikes fear into my anxiety ridden heart more than ‘car issues’.

The long and short of it is it broke, was fixed – broke again.  I borrowed my son’s car which also managed to break on me.  I am car cursed.  No doubt. I shall go back to my broomstick soon if I have one more issue.

I won’t get into details – but suffice it to say, I’ve been subsiding on oatmeal, spinach and peanut and jelly sandwiches.  Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it could sure as hell make having unexpected issues a little less painful on the pocket-book.

The second fix I could not afford and had to do what I’m REALLY not good at – accept help.  Thanks mom.

Hate knowing I owe somebody something – but transportation is necessary.

Wishing this tow guy could just follow me around everywhere at this point.


Next topic – ‘Cute bug and Candy Wrapper’

Early in the week I went to fetch the office mail – it’s a small little walk to some cluster boxes.  I take the opportunity to check on my pigeons (who I’m glad to announce, are rebuilding their nest. HA!)

Meandering back – I noticed a bug on a curb, nestled up against a Starburst candy wrapper.  (my favorite flavor too – the pale pink – whatever the heck flavor that is)


I rushed in to grab my ipad and scurried back out to take a picture.


It wasn’t until closer inspection that I noticed things weren’t as they seemed.  Instead of a bug being fond of a candy wrapper and snuggling up with it – it was a piece of litter and a dead bug.

Hey – to anyone that says I am a pessimist – remember this bug story! (Mom) I had such a great back story for the bug too!  It was so freaking adorable in all its pink wrapper snuggling.

We did have a lovely bug story happen later that week at work though.

We’ve been hearing chirping.  Cricket chirps and tried several times to find the source.

Last week we found it.

As an ‘Office Warming’ gift, we were given a plant.  I’ve been caring for it and it’s thriving.  (shocking considering my black thumb).

Anyway, one of the owners pulled the plant out of its basket and told me to come look.

The basket was sealed in plastic – and UNDER that, were at least a dozen little crickets!

They must have been born between the wicker and the layer of plastic.

“Let’s cut them free!”

We did – and as the owner let them outside I was overjoyed.

It was their first time out!   The owner joked as we watched them head in different directions “I found a leaf!”  voicing the one he was watching.

I named my cricket Mr. Nobbleheimer.  I haven’t seen him since.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for him though.  I wonder what amazing outdoor things he’s discovered.

Probably by now he’s stumbled upon the candy wrapper bug – I hope he was momentarily charmed by it.


Car cursed

I’ll let it tell its own story.  Prologue goes like this: my son took his girlfriend to the movies.  Son and car returned at 10:30 pm.







I probably shouldn’t have joked with another lady in the waiting room (after we both noticed the ‘shock’ poster) that ‘knock on wood – I’ve NEVER had to buy those!’ 

Man announced (as I was now 2 hours late to work) “Your back shocks are dead – they are not doing a thing”. 



Not today buddy.  Today I have spent 3/4 of my paycheck on these flipping tires.

Had to giggle when the salesman told me they would last 50,000 miles. I wanted to say that was probably longer than my car would last.  But didn’t.  It wasn’t that festive of an occasion and I was afraid my jesting would come out bitter.

I am totally, utterly, completely car cursed.

But!  I am VERY blessed when it comes to my son coming out of them unscathed (twice now)

And when it comes to food product vandalism (mustard vs egg yolk)

So!  I’ll count my blessings and avoid looking at, let alone counting, my bank account.