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Best Laid Plans – aka: The freaking game isn’t on my TV!

Well!  I was all geared up for the game.  Literally bought those tissues for my honey as a joke – got home, (When I pulled up Jim was outside in his Bears shirt!) put laundry away and checked the cable for the game.

‘We’re off to a rocky start’ is an understatement.  NO GAME!  Our cable provider in this area isn’t showing the flipping game!  I had my jersey out, my cheesehead …


I even flung a joke around “Hey honey, know why Yoda is green?”

Him: Why?

Me: Because he’s a Packer’s fan!

So here’s the deal.  Jim signed up for a free trial of Game Pass.  There is a catch however.  We can’t actually WATCH the game until it’s freaking OVER!

Which, means, radio silence so we don’t hear the outcome.

I’ll end the blog here and I guess, won’t be blogging in ‘real time’ but, in the future as I see it ‘unlive’.  There WILL be a game blog. Dammit.


Bare footed


Something I had been looking forward to and planning for did not come to pass.

I don’t know how I really feel about that right now, or if I should even be thinking about how I feel.

It seems somehow selfish to be disappointed – sad – confused.

Regardless, there is a sensation in the part of my heart that still believed in fairy tales, akin to having the wind punched out of me.


My work week had not ended on a high note either – I overheard an inaccurate account of something that I was a part of.

What bothered me most about that was being reminded, once again, that I am naive and gullible when it comes to placing my exuberance and trust into the hands of others.

I forget that.

I think the best of everyone.  I don’t expect it, but I give my trust easily.


So I’m sitting in my little sanctuary – and trying to process the latest news – and I feel numb.

What I know to be true are the following things:

I’ll never stop believing there is good.

I’ll never stop seeing good in others.

I’ll always give the benefit of the doubt to those who may not prove to have deserved it.

I’ll always give those who have given me reason to doubt, a second chance.

I will show up, no matter where it is, with all I have to give.  Whether it’s work, friendship, love …

When I ready myself to sleep – I will ask myself if I accomplished those things.

My list of things I’m grateful for, far outweighs any complaints I could write down.

Among them, of course, my son – the irony that the picture I used above is from the song ‘Beautiful Boy’ has not escaped me.

And this phone call – from a dear friend who reached out – to help me process the matter of the heart.


I’m ok.

I know this to be true too.

I am rich with the most important treasures.

And if I am never to have a glass slipper placed on my foot – I will walk bare footed.