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Best Laid Plans – aka: The freaking game isn’t on my TV!

Well!  I was all geared up for the game.  Literally bought those tissues for my honey as a joke – got home, (When I pulled up Jim was outside in his Bears shirt!) put laundry away and checked the cable for the game.

‘We’re off to a rocky start’ is an understatement.  NO GAME!  Our cable provider in this area isn’t showing the flipping game!  I had my jersey out, my cheesehead …


I even flung a joke around “Hey honey, know why Yoda is green?”

Him: Why?

Me: Because he’s a Packer’s fan!

So here’s the deal.  Jim signed up for a free trial of Game Pass.  There is a catch however.  We can’t actually WATCH the game until it’s freaking OVER!

Which, means, radio silence so we don’t hear the outcome.

I’ll end the blog here and I guess, won’t be blogging in ‘real time’ but, in the future as I see it ‘unlive’.  There WILL be a game blog. Dammit.