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A Packers fan timeout

You know, I’ve always said (today even) that I’d rather win to a worthy adversary.  Also, I’d rather lose that way.  Well, OK, not ME, but my team.  (I don’t personally compete in anything lol.)

But this game.  At time of typing we have 14 minutes in the fourth remaining – and since the biggest comeback in history is still standing, I’m making the assumption we may catch up a little, but not win.

The Falcons kicked ass today!

They did.

And my team fell short – a lot.

Here’s my opinion and I would like to think with ‘sportsmanship conduct’.

Tell you what though Falcon fans, you’d better take it ALL the way now!

You deserved to win today, but our chance at the bowl is done.  Beat whoever you’ll compete!



Musings from the laundromat: Shorts, Stores & Sunday Playoffs edition.

There’s much I should or could be talking about today – but having pulled up to the laundromat to see Glaucoma Man in shorts erased any social or political commentary from my mind.

It’s in the 40’s for crying out loud!

He’s in his 80’s.

Me: Why are you in shorts?!

Him: Keeps me movin’!

Me: Well, at least your shirt is Packer colored.

Not long after that he started bouncing on his feet as we all stood outside waiting for the laundromat to open.

Him: It’s too cold for this!

Me:  Shoulda worn pants.


Laundry Lady isn’t here today (thus the late opening), she traded her shift at the last minute with the manager.

It’s odd, not only being here without my usual banter with her, but today for the first time in over six years I only have MY laundry with me.

Only had to use one machine.

See, I am beginning to notice the benefits of the empty nest.


I’m still struggling with missing him of course.

And, it’s hard to shop without him due to my anxiety.  But, it sure helps me get in and out of the stores quickly. OK, so, usually without 1/2 the items I came in needing, but I’m working on that.


Getting braver.  I just avoid eye contact and try not to stray too far away from the customer restroom.


Other than that – it IS Packer day!

I’ll be comfy And surrounded by snacks ready for a repeat of last weeks game hopefully!  I love it when it’s close and some amazing plays are made.  By BOTH teams, not just mine.

Not much fun winning if it’s a total blow out.  Better to come out triumphant having played a worthy adversary in my opinion.

Of course, I’ll be ‘playing’ from the couch not the field.  But, even that roller coaster ride can be exhausting.  I think I do my part.  Swearing, gasping, cheering.  Hey, I’m a team player, what can I say?

You’re welcome Green Bay, you’re welcome.


Bears VS Packers – an experiment in real time blogging (only it’s not)

MY ‘real time’ watching of the Packers vs Bears. (Why ‘MY’? Because the freaking game wasn’t on my TV.  We had to wait until it was over to watch it.  Now it’s on. Only it’s not.)

I stayed off of social media – ok, I did go on to boast about this amazing sauce I got at the 99 cent store!  SO GOOD!  But I had blinders on and didn’t click on ANY notifications.



Game Pass still says ‘Black Out’ which, means I can’t begin yet.


I’ve been ready for this game since 8:30.

So, now we know a little more about me.  Not only am I a nerd, but also love football.  Baseball not so much – only because it seems like you wait FOREVER for something thrilling to happen.  I feel like if I was at a baseball game, I could wander off and grab a hot dog and I wouldn’t miss much. This is in direct juxtaposition to Basketball – when something ‘thrilling’ seems to happen every 2 seconds.  But, it also gets boring when something ‘thrilling’ (like a million baskets) is expected.

When it comes to football, anything can happen, and sometimes does.

Good enough for me.

THAT being said, WHY wouldn’t my cable provider carry the game??? It’s a huge rivalry and no ‘home teams’ in my state were being broadcast.

I call shenanigans.

So, how to do this?  I was going to post the actual time and my thoughts.  Now I can’t do that.  So, we’ll just do my thoughts, in order.

This will be long.  But, anyone who cares about football or my blog will read. (Although, this has NOT been my experience, the shorter the better.)

I should also preface this with the fact that I have the mentality of an 11-year-old boy.


When it comes to watching golf or football, many of the things the announcers say is followed by “That’s what he said” or “That’s what she said” and then I giggle in my head.

Football commentators say the funniest things – and clearly mean it to describe the game, but I can’t help it! LOL!

We’re still in ‘Black Out’ mode on the PC.  Let’s pause and go to the lobby for a refreshment shall we?

Newsflash …. The game will not be shown until 6pm our time. WTF??? What the actual *#@!?


SO! I stop now.

And I may stomp a little around the house – then I’m going to check the score.  Because you know what ELSE is on tonight?  Fear the Walking Dead.

What a let down.

Here we go though, here’s how I see the game actually happening:

Someone was @ 1st and 10

Someone threw a ball

Someone missed catching it

Someone caught it

Someone got a touch down

Someone missed

Someone kicked

Someone won.








Best Laid Plans – aka: The freaking game isn’t on my TV!

Well!  I was all geared up for the game.  Literally bought those tissues for my honey as a joke – got home, (When I pulled up Jim was outside in his Bears shirt!) put laundry away and checked the cable for the game.

‘We’re off to a rocky start’ is an understatement.  NO GAME!  Our cable provider in this area isn’t showing the flipping game!  I had my jersey out, my cheesehead …


I even flung a joke around “Hey honey, know why Yoda is green?”

Him: Why?

Me: Because he’s a Packer’s fan!

So here’s the deal.  Jim signed up for a free trial of Game Pass.  There is a catch however.  We can’t actually WATCH the game until it’s freaking OVER!

Which, means, radio silence so we don’t hear the outcome.

I’ll end the blog here and I guess, won’t be blogging in ‘real time’ but, in the future as I see it ‘unlive’.  There WILL be a game blog. Dammit.


Musings from the Laundromat: Pre-game Edition

I keep looking at the clock.

Excited about the Green Bay/Chicago game.


As I’m sure you know (or may not know) they are rivals.  And it just so happens that I’m a diehard Packer fan and my fiance is a Bears fan for life.

I plan to blog the game in realtime, then post it.

Gawd knows how that’s going to turn out, but we can be sure of one thing (other than the Packer’s winning) there WILL be nacho drippings on the keyboard.  Maybe a tear or two.  😉

Anyway – that announcement out-of-the-way, here’s a photo taken yesterday of someone walking down our street/dirt road.



I don’t know the gender of the person under the large umbrella, but loved that they were sporting it.

‘Til the game!  Have a great Sunday everyone!!!