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Musings from the Laundromat: Limping Manatee and a Surrogate Angel edition

Laundry lady has bronchitis – but is here anyway.   It is SO humid inside this building today.  I feel like I’m breathing in water.  That can’t be good for bronchitis right?  Or is it the opposite?   I can’t remember and I’m the Queen of Bronchitis.

Outside it’s grey and cold.  I debated putting off the trip when I woke shivering this morning.

I had slept fitfully.  Tossing and turning and looking at the clock.

I had arranged for a friend to take my mum some lunch and a smile from me.   A surrogate to bring a little sunshine to what is a dreary routine day for my vigilant and loving mum.

Every time I woke, I looked at the clock trying in my sleepy state to do the math to figure out what time it was in England.  Felt like a bittersweet Christmas Eve.

THANK YOU to that friend by the way.  I think I can use her first name without her minding.  Theresa and I went to primary school together.  And, she just happens to be married to the brother of my first love.  Crazy how things turn out eh?

So now I’m here.  I decided it wasn’t going to get any warmer from the looks of it and would be nice to get everything done and relax for the remainder of my last day off.


In other news, Butters, the cowardly manatee, injured herself.


She started having difficulties getting around about a week and a half ago?  I thought perhaps it was the shift in the weather.  It’s been cold, windy and rainy in our desert.  On some days colder than the East Coast!  I did the math, realized we’ve had the pleasure of her company for almost 5 years and she was certainly no pup when she found us.

But then she started to noticeably limp.

I checked her legs – she didn’t cry out.

Checked her paws and pads for those evil rams heads that inevitably find our feet at least once a week.


Nope.  Nothing.

Then I had a small panic.

I couldn’t afford to take her to the vet – and lamented this on Facebook.

Someone mentioned ‘Care Credit’ which I applied for the very next day and qualified for.  Made an appointment and yesterday afternoon we were off to the vet.

I make that sound pretty smooth right?

Um – no.

Butters on leash, realized we were exiting ‘the gate’ AND we were headed to the car and proceeded to  freak OUT.

I got her in the back seat then she upped her freak out a notch.  Her excitement had me blocking the back seat with part of my arm whilst trying to change gears with the same arm.   (Well, the hand attached to the same arm – you know what I mean.)  So, I’m elbowing the divide between us and making cooing sounds until we arrived.

Now she realizes where she is and is immediately overcome with sensory overload.

Hyperventilating began.  As did excited shaking.  And wind passing.  And panting.  And it was 20 minutes of this fun mode until we were put into a room.


For some reason, she also managed to shed more???  I kid you not, there was hair EVERYWHERE.  I kept petting her, it kept coming.  I mean, she worked herself up so much she was losing her hair. Lol.

At this point, I’m thinking the vet is going to assume I brought her in for an exorcism.

She was a trooper for the staff.  (Okay, I did have to get on the scale with her to get her weight, but other than that and trying to sit on the thermometer while inserted, she did very well.)

The vet examined the offending leg.  OH! I should point out that the vet only knew which leg to examine after watching videos of her limping that I had taken the night before.

Because, the minute we got there, guess who was no longer limping?   Ding! Ding! Ding!  You win.

Yup, Butters, in her adrenaline pumped state – suddenly had no signs of an issue.  Other than mental.

Her range of motion was amazing (better than mine actually) – and other than a few joint pops as the vet pulled and bent and prodded, he concluded she had just over extended or sprained the leg.  (Not surprising since she thinks she’s super dog every time she fly’s off the porch in pursuit of a rabbit or car.)

She has  anti-inflmmatories to take and is meant to chill out for 6 days.

Didn’t end up having to use the Care Credit as no X-Ray was taken.  If she isn’t improving in the coming week though, that’s the next step.

So it’s been quite a week.

Nic and I spent the rest of the evening gorging ourselves on Chinese food (courtesy of a gift certificate I received for Christmas) and watching a movie together.

Butters limped around the house as if nothing note worthy had happened that day.

Which is good, because I think she’s right pawed, and it would be difficult to write in her little diary if she had thought it worth noting.



You say ‘Goats Head’ I say ‘Fuuuu! I have another freaking Rams Head in my foot’

Only, I don’t say it anymore.  It’s become a norm.  Like stepping on a nail in a doorway you never got around to fixing.

They pierce flip-flops, my dogs paw pads and bare feet in the house.

I pulled a few up tonight before they came to fruition, then got curious, as I usually do – and researched.

Here is the beautiful ground cover before:


So pretty …


see those yellow things?  Not flowers – but the spawn of evil flesh delving burrs.

BUT! They do have pretty yellow flowers to throw you off …


(The picture above is not mine, I ‘borrowed’ it from the interwebs – my ‘good’ camera is out of batteries.  All other photos are mine – except of course, ‘The More You Know’ logo)

I yanked all I could find, before they could dry out, disconnect and sink their horns into us.

Here’s one after …


Innocent enough eh?  Laying there – on my step, without a care in the world (except for the fact that I pulled it ruthlessly by its root from my dog trodden dirt.)

THEN I got curious.  What IS this plant.

And ARE you kidding me????

Check this out:

The name of the plant is Tribulus Terrestris.  And when those burrs harden, they become this:


You can see why they’re called ‘Rams heads’ or ‘Goats heads’ – although, nerd that I am, I see Yoda in the middle.

Bottom line is, I guess I’m stepping, quite painfully, on a gold mine?

I should harvest these horrors before they are no longer green and cash in on the attributes.

Although, considering I step on one at least once a day, I don’t think they’re in short supply.

Hey, the more you know.


Musings from the Laundromat: Twirling Umbrellas and Alien Babies Edition

Someone is twirling the rainbow umbrella furthest from me.

Sitting there and just spinning it.

When I walked in there was no one at the twirling table.

No one at all.


I had the place to myself again for a while.

I saw this sign and after filling my machines, had to take a photo of it for you.


I saw the figure and thought, “It doesn’t look like it fell.  Looks like it’s relaxing on the floor.”  Then I thought maybe it DID fall, but then was trying to play it off like “I meant to do that.”

If I fell here, I’d hope to look as nonchalant about it as that little figure.

Twirling lady has left.  There’s now just a man at the counter chatting with the laundry lady.

I remember loading the machines and leaving.  Taking the opportunity to run errands.  That was before I mused for you.

Oh, I got my car back Wednesday. And Friday it was back in the shop after overheating.

Got it back the same day, but I’d be lying if I said I’m driving it with any confidence.

I feel like I’m hemorrhaging money when it comes to my car. The fridge is pretty empty.

We DID have leftovers in there for a small time – from my son and his girlfriend.  They had been to Vegas and stopped at red lobster.

The leftovers had since run out of ‘time’ so I put some of the crab in the cats kibble bowl.  Then I thought I’d do an alien hand thing – and my honey created this.  Cracked me up.


The look on Butter’s face is classic.


Just went and refilled my coffee and was stopped by the laundry lady.  We had a little chat.

She made coffee last week for me and I didn’t come.  How sweet is she?
“I reset the WIFI and made a pot.”

“Yeah, I was out-of-town.” (Which, is technically true as I was across the river in another state.)

She then told me about another regular that she’s worried about.

She didn’t show up either – she’s undergoing chemo.

“You should get her number next time she comes.” I said. “I bet she’d like having someone check on her.”

“Yeah, I should.  I’m the only one she let’s do her laundry.”

I can see why.

I love my laundry lady.  ‘My’ laundry lady lol.

But she is mine.  Another person I adore in my collection of people I adore.  I treasure her. I love that I’m ‘her’ regular too.


Le Drape … and the Bumble Bee






“WHAT are you DOING human?????”



Musings from the Laundromat: Empty Rooms & Promises

“Where is everyone?”

“I know, it’s odd. You’re the first.  I made coffee, I think it’s too strong.”

“Coffee can never be too strong.”

And I’m still the only one in the laundromat, it is delightfully quiet and calm.



It’s already been a busy morning – nice to have this reprieve.

Let me start at the beginning.

Friday, yours truly got a raise.  I was shocked and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Oh, I STILL don’t have my car by the way – apparently the part, that is coming from New Hampshire, must be coming by carrier pigeon.  A PCM is too heavy for a pigeon!  Don’t they know that?

Yesterday my mom came over to collect myself and my honey to stay over at one of the local casinos and to see Pat Benatar in concert.  My parents treat for us.


That woman can still sing.  Not just sing, but she belted out all the favorites – nailing every one of them!

Her husband and guitarist Neil ‘Spyder’ Giraldo was just as amazing.  Playing around with some Led Zeppelin licks in between songs.  Getting the crowd pumped up.

His skills on the piano were just as great.

Other than laughing with those around us at drunk girl, who insisted on standing when NO ONE else was – of course, right in front of us see pic:


Anway, OTHER than that, my favorite part was the version they did of Promises in the Dark.

I’ll see if I can find it.  Hang on.

There you go.  And, coincidentally, she was wearing that exact outfit last night too.

I love that they threaded stories throughout the songs.  I love the story behind Promises – it was the first song they actually wrote about their relationship.

When the lights came up, you could hear everyone agreeing that she still had her pipes and smiles were everywhere.


We headed in to find food.

Stood in a bonkers line for a burger and fries and headed up to the room.

Now, all this time, Butters was home alone.  I waited until the last-minute to take her out before we left, and prayed she would ‘hold it’ like she is prone to do.

We got up at 6:30 this morning, threw clothes on and headed back to our pets.

Butters HAD held it – and was ecstatic to see us.  Good girl!

So, after laundry, I’m up for a nap!

Here’s some view pics from our room.





Have a great Sunday everyone! I’ll be sipping my strong coffee and staring at an empty laundromat.