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You say ‘Goats Head’ I say ‘Fuuuu! I have another freaking Rams Head in my foot’

Only, I don’t say it anymore.  It’s become a norm.  Like stepping on a nail in a doorway you never got around to fixing.

They pierce flip-flops, my dogs paw pads and bare feet in the house.

I pulled a few up tonight before they came to fruition, then got curious, as I usually do – and researched.

Here is the beautiful ground cover before:


So pretty …


see those yellow things?  Not flowers – but the spawn of evil flesh delving burrs.

BUT! They do have pretty yellow flowers to throw you off …


(The picture above is not mine, I ‘borrowed’ it from the interwebs – my ‘good’ camera is out of batteries.  All other photos are mine – except of course, ‘The More You Know’ logo)

I yanked all I could find, before they could dry out, disconnect and sink their horns into us.

Here’s one after …


Innocent enough eh?  Laying there – on my step, without a care in the world (except for the fact that I pulled it ruthlessly by its root from my dog trodden dirt.)

THEN I got curious.  What IS this plant.

And ARE you kidding me????

Check this out:

The name of the plant is Tribulus Terrestris.  And when those burrs harden, they become this:


You can see why they’re called ‘Rams heads’ or ‘Goats heads’ – although, nerd that I am, I see Yoda in the middle.

Bottom line is, I guess I’m stepping, quite painfully, on a gold mine?

I should harvest these horrors before they are no longer green and cash in on the attributes.

Although, considering I step on one at least once a day, I don’t think they’re in short supply.

Hey, the more you know.


Photos for four four 13



Here’s some photos I’ve taken within the last week.  The second to last pic is in my yard, I’m really hoping it isn’t a tarantula hole! :-O

Gearing up for a great interview post  so watch this space. 🙂  Amanda.