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Le Drape … and the Bumble Bee






“WHAT are you DOING human?????”



Musings from the Laundromat: Empty Rooms & Promises

“Where is everyone?”

“I know, it’s odd. You’re the first.  I made coffee, I think it’s too strong.”

“Coffee can never be too strong.”

And I’m still the only one in the laundromat, it is delightfully quiet and calm.



It’s already been a busy morning – nice to have this reprieve.

Let me start at the beginning.

Friday, yours truly got a raise.  I was shocked and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Oh, I STILL don’t have my car by the way – apparently the part, that is coming from New Hampshire, must be coming by carrier pigeon.  A PCM is too heavy for a pigeon!  Don’t they know that?

Yesterday my mom came over to collect myself and my honey to stay over at one of the local casinos and to see Pat Benatar in concert.  My parents treat for us.


That woman can still sing.  Not just sing, but she belted out all the favorites – nailing every one of them!

Her husband and guitarist Neil ‘Spyder’ Giraldo was just as amazing.  Playing around with some Led Zeppelin licks in between songs.  Getting the crowd pumped up.

His skills on the piano were just as great.

Other than laughing with those around us at drunk girl, who insisted on standing when NO ONE else was – of course, right in front of us see pic:


Anway, OTHER than that, my favorite part was the version they did of Promises in the Dark.

I’ll see if I can find it.  Hang on.

There you go.  And, coincidentally, she was wearing that exact outfit last night too.

I love that they threaded stories throughout the songs.  I love the story behind Promises – it was the first song they actually wrote about their relationship.

When the lights came up, you could hear everyone agreeing that she still had her pipes and smiles were everywhere.


We headed in to find food.

Stood in a bonkers line for a burger and fries and headed up to the room.

Now, all this time, Butters was home alone.  I waited until the last-minute to take her out before we left, and prayed she would ‘hold it’ like she is prone to do.

We got up at 6:30 this morning, threw clothes on and headed back to our pets.

Butters HAD held it – and was ecstatic to see us.  Good girl!

So, after laundry, I’m up for a nap!

Here’s some view pics from our room.





Have a great Sunday everyone! I’ll be sipping my strong coffee and staring at an empty laundromat.

What I’ve learned so far living with my guy

I was excited!

I was sure!

I was making room for another – and in all the insanity of removing 1/2 my life from my small home, it didn’t dawn on me right away that I was also …


scared meme

As comfortable as I was with my man – everything was about to change.

My routine would now include another.

And let’s face it, some of those routines have no room for another.

How was I going to use the bathroom??  How was I going to get through an entire night without ‘noises’ and I’m not talking about snoring.

How was I going to look as presentable as I did on Skype first thing in the morning?


There was maybe a week of ‘awkward’ as we both found our footing.  He, learning to be ‘at home’ in a strange environment.  Me, learning to be ‘at home’ with someone sharing it with me.

But then … everything just clicked into place.

sharing bathroom

If you’re living with the right person, things do fall into place.

Also, everything I was SO sure I NEEDED in a relationship (personal space, time apart, separate interests etc.) proved not to be so.

My DVR is piling up with shows I religiously watched B.J. <– ‘Before Jim’ (what did you THINK I meant?)

My living room rarely sees me anymore, (it startles now when I enter it) – the couch has forgotten what it’s like to have me nap on it.

Netflix is feeling pretty superior lately though.  It’s getting a LOT of attention in our bedroom, and sometimes, it get’s ignored/paused.


But it doesn’t mind.

Then there’s the animals.

This was a recent post of Jim’s on Facebook:

bed reservationsThe animals I was SO worried about not getting along clearly ARE getting along.

cats dogs

We’ve found our rhythm … our groove.

It helps that we have so much in common.  It helps that we have history.  It helps that we’re friends.  It helps that we actually love each other. It helps that we both have a similar sense of humor and it definitely helps that we laugh … A LOT.

Onto the things I’ve learned … and I’ll get a little serious here:

  • Men like to be spooned too!  You can’t always be the little spoon.  He’s chosen you to spend his life with – men need to feel adored, appreciated, cherished and loved as much as you do!

spoon image

  • You think your partner is beautiful sleeping, waking up, with food on their t-shirt etc.  right?  They feel the same way.  And if they don’t – maybe you should reconsider your partner.  Confidence and a smile go a lot further than lipstick any day!
  • Too tired?  Not feeling 100%?  You are your partners one and only – and if they’re ‘desiring’ you, thank your lucky stars and be available.  Of course, if you’re really exhausted or unwell, they’re going to understand and if they don’t – again – maybe you should reconsider your partner.
  • Something bothering you?  BRING IT UP!  But, only after you make sure it’s an actual ‘bother’ and worth ‘bothering’ about.  I learned this after bringing something up that probably I shouldn’t have.  But, hey – live and learn.
  • Say “Please” and “Thank You”  Don’t take the love of your life for granted!
  • Do things your partner will want to thank you for!
  • Maintain SOME mystery … especially girls.  OK, we know we’re all human – and have the same physical needs – and I’m guilty of NOT doing this in past relationships.  No we’re not perfect windless Princesses – but waltzing into the bathroom while your man is shaving and readying yourself to evacuate your bowels is NOT SEXY.  No it’s not.  And I’m not going to even GOOGLE what probably is a niche that does find it so. *Shudder*

I know I’m going to make mistakes – I know there will be days he’s less enchanted with me.  I know I may forget to say ‘Thank You’ from time to time – but I’m really going to try to remember my own advice, because it’s important to me.  HE Is important to me.  WE are important to me!

getting to know someone

My first snowday – By Butters

It was very loud and windy last night. I know ‘windy’ because mom says that’s what when things fall over and noises happen outside.  I told her a lot all night that was happening by barking and I was walking around a lot too.

We did not sleep very well.

This morning, mom’s alarm went off, I usually get up and stand over her to say ‘It’s time!’ but today I was too tired.

She pressed the button she presses when she is too sleepy too.  A LOT of times.

Here is me not wanting to go out in the wind.  Mom ALWAYS takes pictures! It makes me crazy.  But, I’m glad she wants pictures of me.


Mom said “It’s New Years Eve!  I won’t be gone all day, so if you can’t go potty, I’ll be home by just after lunch ok?”

I knew she would make me go potty anyway … she always does, and I won’t leave the porch if she is not outside with me.  Even though she was late, she put on more layers of cloth and came outside.

I love the word ‘Outside’.


Mom was home WAY sooner than lunch!

We live in the desert (she calls it that.)

All I know is, when I have hair it’s too hot in the Summer, but mom doesn’t want me shaved because then I’ll be ‘sunburned’.   I know when I found my family in 2011 I have never been too cold or too hot.

Mom used to leave the front door open enough for me during ‘Summer’  Mumbled things about air-conditioning the entire neighborhood (then laughing about how other ‘adults’ used to say that?) so I could nudge my way in and out all day.

She didn’t do that this last Summer.

I live near people she didn’t want me nudging out to.

That’s all I understand about it.


When mom was at work today – something happened that hasn’t happened EVER in my life!  It hadn’t happened ever in my mom’s life here either!!!

Mom said it was called, Snow.

She got to be home early because of ‘snow’.

It started out like this at mom’s work:


Then she came home and let me see it!


This was my very first snow day!!! ( I told you mom takes a lot of pictures)


This is a blurry picture of me first seeing the white stuff.


Then things got crazy!

These fluffy things kept coming out of the sky!!! I didn’t mind them.  I love rain.  I loved the fluffy things too!  Mom was with me – and kept making excited noises about it all.


This is my boy going to his car to get something … he said his ‘thing’ from the car was frozen … mom kept singing ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’ even though she’s never seen the movie I hear it’s from.

But she DID make one!


It had blueberry eyes that I got to eat!!!!!!!

This was the best day ever!

Here are some more pictures mom took of me.



And here are my pawprints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was sad about my tennis ball …


But mom said it would ‘warm up’ again.

All my things outside are wet …

This is my bed … and my green thing!


Mom said they would dry.

It got too cold outside.  (I still love that word ‘OUTSIDE!’)

So mom and my boy said snow could come INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I liked the ‘snowballs’ they made – because they tasted like water and felt like a ball.




My mom says I can’t leave out this photo … I was ‘being cute’

here it is – and I was cold!


but OH so happy!  And now, I’m snuggly on my couch … and my mom says I should say ‘thank you’ because a lot of people have read about me this year and she says I have a lot of ‘fans’.