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‘When the doves fly’ and other things you didn’t know.

Today was amazing.

(Tangent – I was just sitting outside and you know how beautiful doves ‘coo’ when they’re sitting?  When they’re flying not so much. Lol.  It’s like this … Um … Squawk asthma croaky thing.)

After laundry, I woke my son and we met my parents at a local casino for brunch.


I’m stickin’ with the no cow or pig diet.  (Yes, I cheated … I was CRAVING meat whilst it was ‘that time of the month’ and regretted it VERY soon after.  My body HATED having red meat in it.  And told me so.  Crazy that I was used to it.)


Here’s some more fun pics.

Nic trying his first snail …


He actually ended up liking it.

My desserts …


And yeah, I ate every single bite lol!


My mum and me.  I swear, she looks younger than ME in this photo!  I guess I have good genes and should be very grateful!!!


Fun with … I dunno.  I’m so ‘app’ lost!!!! I don’t have a cell phone.  I don’t know if this is face swap or face thingy or whatever.  But, I do know I love this pic. 🙂


Me and my crab!!!  I HAVE given up red meat and pork – but not seafood yet.  I can’t.   I love it.  And as long as it has LIVED and has a fighting chance in the ocean, I’m ok with the capture.  Not like factory farming. 😦


My bird and I.



My beautiful mum and I.  Saying ‘bye for now’ on the way to the garage where this awaited …


PLUS! Vegan shampoo and conditioner – and some beautiful heartfelt cards.

And here’s the whole family.


We had a lot of fun today.

Then Nic and I went grocery shopping and I paused in my head and thought ‘this is amazing.  We’re going home with groceries and just spent time with people we love’.

So, yeah.  I don’t take things for granted.  I spent my birthday wearing my grand mother’s ring and loving my mum and loving my son and a thank you hug to my dad …

Life needs to be appreciated EVERY day!

I’m just glad to be alive at 47.

And NEVER going to lie about my age.  It’s a miracle.  EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

I’m so glad each of you were born and HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to YOU!

Regardless if it’s your birthday or not, you have one, and I’m glad of it!


Musings from the Laundromat: Wagging and still breathing edition

Awoke to Butters wagging and breathing near me.  I don’t think she gets the concept of ‘weekend’.  That’s ok.  I needed to be up early to get to the laundromat.

Waggy/breathy is now home and I am the only one here at the ‘place of laundry musings.’

I slept well.  Much thanks to my bosses who bought me a pillow top mattress cover and uber comfy pillow for my birthday.  I think maybe they were over my response to “How are you?” Asked each morning being – “Tired!”


Today, it is my birthday.



Time has FLOWN!

Time has also dipped and swooped and sometimes hung comfortably riding a current.

I didn’t get that ‘It’s my birthday feeling’ today.  You remember when we were kids and could barely sleep the day before?  Like our own personal Christmas Eve?  Long gone are those days.  Or, ‘eves’ I should say.

And this morning – all I could think was that I didn’t want to get out of my comfy bed.

But out I am and will be joining my parents for brunch later.

Then grocery shopping.

I put everything off yesterday as I did a Netflix marathon of season 4 ”Call the Midwife’.   I crawled out of my nest a couple of times to fetch sustenance – then back to my OH so comfy bed.

So here I sit and I’m sipping a cup of coffee, even though I’ve given coffee up, because my laundry lady makes a 1/2 pot just for me.

Bless her heart.

And feeling very grateful to still be on the planet.

Oh, on my way out … As I held the door for waggy/breathy,  I spotted the sun shining on my sweet Nannie.

I think she was saying, “Happy Birthday ‘Manda”


Have a great day Soupers!


“A Whole Lotta Love …”

I have to say, I had the most ah-mazing birthday weekend ever!

First of all, I’ve never had a ‘birthday weekend’.

I know people who celebrate birthday MONTHS – birthday WEEKS – I’ve only ever done the one day.

So, this year, not only did I get to have fun on the day of with co-workers and then my family at home, but the next day more was to come!

Saturday, it was planned that we’d all head over to my moms and enjoy the company and the pool and sashimi! Nic’s girlfriend met us there and the four of us were in swimwear in no time.

Played Marco Polo – tried to dive (I can’t dive) – laughed, a LOT, while my parents and Jim chatted poolside.

Then came the surprise.

I was handed a card containing coveted tickets to the Led Zeppelin Experience concert that night – (With Jason Bonham) it was then announced by my honey that, oh, and by the way, we had a room for the night.

Everyone had known about this for 2 weeks – and had done a VERY good job at keeping mum about it.

It’s hard to surprise me – but surprised I was.

Here’s some photos of the weekend.


Funny Jim, Funny ....

Funny Jim, Funny ….


Probably I should have been quicker with the candles??

Probably I should have been quicker with the candles??


My flowers with our epic Avengers art in the background

My flowers with our epic Avengers art in the background


My guys

My guys


Tub time

Tub time


My bikini finally sees the light of day ...

My bikini finally sees the light of day …



Only downside? On the way back from my moms, the damn ‘check engine’ light came on in my car and the exact same problem I had late last year, was happening again.

Nothing puts my stomach in knots more than car issues!!!

Car not shifting – RPMs trying to hit new heights.

My car is back at the shop … and I’m PRAYING the parts are still under warranty – because there is nothing in the coffer for repairs.

My honey told me he was “sorry for all the unneeded stress.” In a recent IM

My response?

“Stress is never needed … and car problems just happen – no one deserves to deal with it. There are people who woke up today without their children or their honey … I’m a lucky girl. We’ll get through this – somehow.”

And we will.


After such a gorgeous weekend, I have nothing but gratitude and amazing memories to get me through.

And I’ve got ‘A Whole Lotta Love’.


Pepper and Iron Man

Just for fun, we tried to duplicate this lol.



Does he look mad?  Good thing he’s not portraying the Hulk.



Still looks a little mad ….


Not anymore.

Then there was this:


This is where my honey and my son sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me and for whatever reason, it’s not loading.

Doesn’t matter.

1. I am grateful to be alive

2. I am grateful for eveyone I love to have awoken today too

3. I am grateful I laughed

4. I am grateul for an opportunity to TELL those people I LOVE YOU

5. I’m just freaking grateful.

I really am.  And, my birthday doesn’t mean ‘stuff’ anymore, but my close ones sure hooked me up anyway.

And yeah, I’m a nerd.



Happy Birthday Iron Man!

I stumbled upon something today after clicking on Robert Downey Jr.’s FB page … someone in comments said “Happy Birthday Tony!”

Color me excited!

Was it true???

Did I share a birthday with Tony Stark himself??

tony birthday

Yes, Yes I DO!

I couldn’t be happier!  I mean, what are the odds??? (Probably something like 1 in 365)  Icing on the proverbial birthday cake!

I get compared to Pepper a lot – well, Gwyneth anyway – and my honey has the Stark thing going on




– so we WILL be having this cake at our wedding:

iron man wedding cake


We’ve become a total Marvel couple.  I was already a total nerd before we cohabited, but we now have an Avengers painting hanging in the living room – and oooo!   Look what I found at the grocery store:

avengers cereal

The checkout lady had a little giggle when I asked her PLEASE not to bag it with anything else.  No bending of the box.

It now resides happily displayed on our headboard.


And I’m sure Pepper won’t get you anything you’re allergic to, or a giant bunny (Iron Man 3)

iron man bunny