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Happy Birthday Iron Man!

I stumbled upon something today after clicking on Robert Downey Jr.’s FB page … someone in comments said “Happy Birthday Tony!”

Color me excited!

Was it true???

Did I share a birthday with Tony Stark himself??

tony birthday

Yes, Yes I DO!

I couldn’t be happier!  I mean, what are the odds??? (Probably something like 1 in 365)  Icing on the proverbial birthday cake!

I get compared to Pepper a lot – well, Gwyneth anyway – and my honey has the Stark thing going on




– so we WILL be having this cake at our wedding:

iron man wedding cake


We’ve become a total Marvel couple.  I was already a total nerd before we cohabited, but we now have an Avengers painting hanging in the living room – and oooo!   Look what I found at the grocery store:

avengers cereal

The checkout lady had a little giggle when I asked her PLEASE not to bag it with anything else.  No bending of the box.

It now resides happily displayed on our headboard.


And I’m sure Pepper won’t get you anything you’re allergic to, or a giant bunny (Iron Man 3)

iron man bunny