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Musings from the laundromat: Music in Black & White

I’ve been on a few tangents this morning – wondering what to write about.

I was going to do a ‘memory lane’ type post – which had me looking at some photos from the past,  then focused on concert photos – and finally playing with those photos and making them black and white.  Yes, I took them – yes, I intended for the grainy/newspaper clipping effect.

Without further ado – here are some of my favorite ones.  Hope you enjoy!

Bret Michaels:

I saw Poison twice in the 80’s, so when Bret came into town – I had to share some nostalgia with my son – who happened to be just about the age I was when I saw Poison.  Crazy!



Gwen Stefani:

Definitely at the top of my list for performances.  She’s amazing – and gorgeous.



The Summerland Tour:

One of my favorite nights ever – the bands co-mingled, the energy was high – my son was with me.



Lit joined by John of Marcy Playground:


Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray doing … I’m not sure what, with Lit:


Gin Blossoms:

Robin Wilson


Jesse Valenzuela – getting a little help (he does not need help)



Art Alexakis


Sugar Ray:


Mark McGrath and Robin Wilson:


John of Marcy Playground, playing on Sugar Rays stage


My favorite photo from that night, Nic, learning how to ‘concert’ like his mom. 🙂


The photo I obviously did not take – Robin Wilson and I hug it out.



The one, the only, Terri Nunn



Fantasy Frog

I’m a leaper.

A leaper with an active imagination.  A fantasy frog?

When I posted my Happy Birthday to Nicholas a day before his birthday, I shared it on my Facebook wall and a dear friend of mine, Brian, replied to my comment ‘Because I can never wait’ with “that is SO you”.  It is.  🙂

I love that I have friends who know me that well, and it got me to thinking.  Is that particular facet of mine a good thing?

It is now.

Probably not so much when I was still drinking. LOL

From piercing my nose, tattoos and marriages, I’ve jumped right in, feet first with abandon.

I do have a child like impatience – I can barely contain myself when I’ve found the perfect gift for someone.  I still count down an upcoming event in ‘sleeps’.  3 more sleeps, 2 more sleeps, 1 more sleep – you get it.

Then there’s my over active imagination.

A guy makes appreciative eye contact with me and we’ve already broken up by the time he looks away.  I’ve flashed through courting, our wedding and I’m fine tuning my break up speech to give the poor unsuspecting cashier/random stranger.

“It just would never have worked out” is probably not an appropriate response to ‘thank you for shopping with us.’

I crack myself up.

I love that I do those things now.  I’m not as impulsive.  I think things through – ask myself ‘what is the right thing to do here?’

I can’t turn it off though!  My mind is ALWAYS running.

Probably this is a good thing for someone who loves to write.  I try not to question it anymore – just temper it with common sense.



Oh, and shockingly, I’m writing this at the laundromat – and a Gin Blossoms song has just come on – don’t think for one minute after meeting Robin Wilson last year and getting a hug and a kiss he didn’t fall madly in love with me.  I had to let him down easy – in my head. 😉  It just wouldn’t have worked out.

I’m not a groupie!

Was that eye-catching enough?

Been thinking lately about passion.

My son and I had a chat about this.  His plan for after graduation was to pursue higher education in the culinary field.  I know he has an interest in food (for sure I know this lol) and also in cooking – but not in the way that he’s constantly in the kitchen, or watching cooking shows, or looking up chefs and restaurants on the internet.

I pointed this out to him and have previously pointed out that you don’t just suddenly become a Chef – master of your own kitchen and restaurant.  There’s hard work involved and you start from the bottom and work your way up.

You have to LOVE what you’re doing.  You’re going to be cooking the same dishes over and over and over, in a hot, busy, noisy kitchen.

He wasn’t sure what else he had a talent for or an interest in, until I pointed out the fact that there is one constant in his life lately that he seems to also enjoy.  Photography.

We’ll see where that goes, but I had already been thinking about passion and this only served to bring on more pondering.

What is my passion?

I’m not sure.  I know what I like to do.

I know I’m pretty good at a few things, but by no means do I excel in anything that I’m aware of.

I like to write.  I like to draw.  I like to paint.  I like to sing. I like to take photographs. But I’m really not GREAT at any of those things.

If someone came to me and said ‘Debauch,’ (ok, we’ve established my name is Amanda in my first post, I suppose it’s alright to use it).

Rewind, they start over and come to me and say, ‘Amanda, you no longer have to worry about earning money.  Your rent, food, utilities and car are covered.  Go and pursue your passion!’

I would have no clue what I would do!

I titled this post ‘I’m not a groupie’ for a reason.  I have a few – OK, several ex’s that were in bands.

Yes, it’s exciting to be at a show, yes, it is kind of cool to be the singer/drummer/bass players girlfriend.  BUT!  That wasn’t what drew me to any of them.

Other than my passion for music, I’m drawn to people who pursue their dreams.

Drive, ambition, hard work and gratitude for whatever fruit is born from that.  Yup.

For me, there’s nothing sexier than someone who not only shows an interest in something, but has the tenacity to develop their talent and then not only work hard to chase their dream but to MAKE IT HAPPEN?  Holy cow.  THAT is a turn on.

It says a lot about a person who knows who they are, what they want and has the courage and drive to achieve it.

Whatever ‘it’ is.  Doesn’t have to be music.

I’m not a groupie, I’m a ‘dream chaser connoisseur’.

I had a great opportunity this Summer to meet the Gin Blossoms singer Robin Wilson.

Watch any live video of him on YouTube and you’ll see a man who loves what he does and loves interacting with his fans.

I told him this.  I mentioned how amazing it was to see him enjoying his show.

He told me that he really does love what he does and still has fun doing it.

He went on to share some of his inspirations with me.  Some were other frontmen who enjoy what they do as much as he does.  It really comes through in the performance you know.

No matter what you do – enthusiasm for it, comes through in the performance.

I think right now in my life, my passion may be learning? Growing spiritually and making connections.  If I didn’t have to work – if I had an all access pass to pursue a passion … I think I’d grab my son and hit the road.

I’d show him  some of the countries I’ve had the honor of visiting.

I would want to return to India – show him how happy some of the poorest communities are because they are grateful.

I would want to return to France and Italy and Greece and show him art and architecture.

I would want to return to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran and show him what it’s like to live in surrounded by unrest and fear.

I would do those things, and take photographs and write about it here.

I think I found it.

My passion is all of the things I don’t do perfectly, but love doing. 

Being a mom, a student, a teacher – immersing myself in other cultures and beliefs – and sharing that.

And, if we hit a few concerts on the way?  Just remember – I’m not a groupie!