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Fantasy Frog

I’m a leaper.

A leaper with an active imagination.  A fantasy frog?

When I posted my Happy Birthday to Nicholas a day before his birthday, I shared it on my Facebook wall and a dear friend of mine, Brian, replied to my comment ‘Because I can never wait’ with “that is SO you”.  It is.  🙂

I love that I have friends who know me that well, and it got me to thinking.  Is that particular facet of mine a good thing?

It is now.

Probably not so much when I was still drinking. LOL

From piercing my nose, tattoos and marriages, I’ve jumped right in, feet first with abandon.

I do have a child like impatience – I can barely contain myself when I’ve found the perfect gift for someone.  I still count down an upcoming event in ‘sleeps’.  3 more sleeps, 2 more sleeps, 1 more sleep – you get it.

Then there’s my over active imagination.

A guy makes appreciative eye contact with me and we’ve already broken up by the time he looks away.  I’ve flashed through courting, our wedding and I’m fine tuning my break up speech to give the poor unsuspecting cashier/random stranger.

“It just would never have worked out” is probably not an appropriate response to ‘thank you for shopping with us.’

I crack myself up.

I love that I do those things now.  I’m not as impulsive.  I think things through – ask myself ‘what is the right thing to do here?’

I can’t turn it off though!  My mind is ALWAYS running.

Probably this is a good thing for someone who loves to write.  I try not to question it anymore – just temper it with common sense.



Oh, and shockingly, I’m writing this at the laundromat – and a Gin Blossoms song has just come on – don’t think for one minute after meeting Robin Wilson last year and getting a hug and a kiss he didn’t fall madly in love with me.  I had to let him down easy – in my head. 😉  It just wouldn’t have worked out.