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Don’t make me Jazz Hand – I can’t Jazz Hand today …

Today I feel … inadequate.


I tend to pull away from people when I am upset with myself about something.

I need time to contemplate before seeking out a shoulder – time to contemplate if I even need to burden a shoulder.

I get very reserved, focused and quiet.

It’s definitely one of those days I don’t want anyone to ask “How are you?”

C’mon, we know most people don’t really want an honest answer to that.

I realize it’s a conventional nicety, but I ALWAYS feel obligated to work up a cheery “GREAT! How are YOU?” Whilst shaking pom-pons and somehow pulling off jazz hands at the same time.

hamster ball

Wish people would just say “Hello.”

I can say “Hello” back.

That I can do.

Just acknowledge me – I’ll acknowledge you back, we’re golden!

So yeah, clearly I’m still in stress ball mode.


I read the beginning of an amazing novel yesterday and had this stunned, authentic moment of “Holy Crap! This is REALLY good!”

In that same moment, I also became painfully aware of how NOT good I am in the arts.  And no, there was no jealousy – there was a lot of pride and awe.

My fiancé wrote it.

We made a deal before he moved in with me that he would focus on his artistic side. Pursue his dreams. And I read this freaking epic flow of words and got so lost in and I KNOW, it must be published.

So, I began my retreat further back into my shell, because I’ve been feeling like I’m not holding up my end of the bargain, which is providing for my little family.

I have pets and people looking to me for emotional, physical and material support and I’m falling short.

I feel like I am anyway.

And that’s a horrible feeling.

What I do have an abundance of though, is love. And I’ll just keep plugging away at the other stuff … quietly.

avoid communication

(Here’s what my fiancé has been plugging away at if you care to peek.


Musings from my bed: Laundromat procrastination

I should already have my laundry basket prepared … my detergent packed – my bed stripped.  But, I’m too comfortable in it to strip it.  Too snuggly in my soft pajamas to do anything but stay in this quiet moment.


It’s inevitable – if I want clean clothes and sheets – and I am fond of such things.

But just this moment – right this second – it is SO deliciously quiet and peaceful and calm.

I have my cup of coffee, of the home made fancy variety.

Butters is outside exploring.  Nic is sleeping.  And the sun is hitting my curtain in a way that makes me smile.


It’s been a long few days.

Nicholas is experiencing the joy of becoming wise – in a most painful way.  Yes, the wisdom teeth.

Well, ‘tooth’ as far as we can tell with all of our dental training.

Unfortunately for my chipmunk – he has an infection (again, educated guess based on the level of pain and size of his cheek.)

Last night, as we sat on our opposing couches, he suddenly jumped up and rushed to the kitchen.

Me: What??!

Nic: I think something just happened.

(I pretty much knew ‘something’ must have happened because Nic doesn’t move that quickly off of furniture for ‘nothing’.)

It turns out, that ‘something’ was an abscess rupturing in his mouth.

Not pleasant.

Me: Rinse with warm salt water!!

(Nic was already holding the salt – note to self: He DOES listen and retain advice from time to time – keep giving it)

I should take a moment to explain why I am not a terrible mother for not having had him seen by a dentist yet.

We were pretty sure a wisdom tooth was coming in – and he was in pain.  But, as I said to Nic, “Of course you’re in pain, you are teething.”

It wasn’t until Halloween that he developed the swollen face.

I’m not going to go into details and pity stories – the long and short of it is, we don’t have health or dental insurance and we don’t have ‘in case of emergency’ money.

I spent Friday at work trying to figure out how to get him to a dentist.

So after the great ‘rupture’ he was actually feeling better.

Nic: Mom, look, I think it’s a good thing.  I can bite down now.  I don’t think I have to go to the dentist!

Me: Um … an abscess popping in your mouth isn’t a check mark in the ‘reasons I DON’T have to go to the dentist’ column.

Then he was sad. Spitting remaining salt water and drool into his little spit cup.

We had engaged in conversation earlier about the reality of the situation.  I assured him his health was priority one, but that might mean Christmas would not be the same under the tree.

We spoke again when I visited him in his room.

Nic: I don’t want you spending money or owing money

Me: It is what it is.  It’s important!   Money can be replaced.  It’s silly isn’t it?  These pieces of paper that we trade for goods and services.  Sure, it would make things easier if we had more of it – but we don’t.  We’re blessed though.  Everything always works out.  So, don’t worry about it.

And we are blessed.

We’re alive – have use of our limbs and our faculties.  We have a home and food and snuggly pajamas.  We have each other and Butters.  We have clothes TO wash and transportation TO get to the place to wash them.

And we have sunlight playing on our curtains.  And the kind of eyes and souls that notice such things  – and smile.