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VOTE! Have I ever asked you for anything? You don’t have to help me move ;)

My honey is a part of a new reality blog thing!

It’s like ‘Survivor’ but for blog entries – people WILL be voted off of the blog island.


Then come back!!!


The longer he stays, the more he gets to write and share his art – and the the better his chances of being seen as the amazing artist he is.

Which, you can see HERE

If you comment in favor of James D. Foster – I would be forever grateful.  Be sure to SCROLL down until you see his name and his 4 paragraphs about Life.

Also, the man behind the curtain, is The Public Blogger (See Here) who gives artists of all genres an opportunity to show their stuff, which, I find amazing.

SO VOTE PEOPLE!  This is new, and fun and innovative!  And of course, I don’t want my honey to have to put out his torch.

Don’t make me Jazz Hand – I can’t Jazz Hand today …

Today I feel … inadequate.


I tend to pull away from people when I am upset with myself about something.

I need time to contemplate before seeking out a shoulder – time to contemplate if I even need to burden a shoulder.

I get very reserved, focused and quiet.

It’s definitely one of those days I don’t want anyone to ask “How are you?”

C’mon, we know most people don’t really want an honest answer to that.

I realize it’s a conventional nicety, but I ALWAYS feel obligated to work up a cheery “GREAT! How are YOU?” Whilst shaking pom-pons and somehow pulling off jazz hands at the same time.

hamster ball

Wish people would just say “Hello.”

I can say “Hello” back.

That I can do.

Just acknowledge me – I’ll acknowledge you back, we’re golden!

So yeah, clearly I’m still in stress ball mode.


I read the beginning of an amazing novel yesterday and had this stunned, authentic moment of “Holy Crap! This is REALLY good!”

In that same moment, I also became painfully aware of how NOT good I am in the arts.  And no, there was no jealousy – there was a lot of pride and awe.

My fiancé wrote it.

We made a deal before he moved in with me that he would focus on his artistic side. Pursue his dreams. And I read this freaking epic flow of words and got so lost in and I KNOW, it must be published.

So, I began my retreat further back into my shell, because I’ve been feeling like I’m not holding up my end of the bargain, which is providing for my little family.

I have pets and people looking to me for emotional, physical and material support and I’m falling short.

I feel like I am anyway.

And that’s a horrible feeling.

What I do have an abundance of though, is love. And I’ll just keep plugging away at the other stuff … quietly.

avoid communication

(Here’s what my fiancé has been plugging away at if you care to peek.


“Draw me, like one of your … wait!” NO! Not like any other girl!

So, I live with an artist.

Today, for the first time ever, Saturday, I said “Draw me!”

I meant draw us – for our mothers, for mothers day.


And I also said, “Not like I am right now”

Which, got a response of “That’s what everbody says!”



I, in my whole life, NEVER asked my honey, who is awesome at drawing, TO DRAW ME!

I did not want to be a ‘sheeple’

A sheep!

I just wanted an oringal pic for our moms!

I decided to draw him … and he could draw me …

imageCan you tell who is the artist?

I bet it’s hard. lol.


Anyway – here’s another video – I’ve been slacking of late – but he has shaved since the awesome drawing I did. 😉

The one thing I’m good at – is being casual in videos – so here you go.




Gird Your Loins – and Art lovers, take notice


Yup, that’s my honey.

When I mentioned him …. and how talented he was – I was not joking.

You know how every parent thinks their kid is cute?  But you refrain from agreeing and say something sweet anyway?

Not the case here.

I introduce you to ….

CLICK IT!  Get in on the ground level before you have to wait in line at Comic-con!