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Fish Grandma and Cryptic Message Unveiled.

Last sentence I said out loud: “I don’t know what I’m doing, I have a shitload of stuff!”

Metaphor for my life lol.

But, in actuality, I was carrying my iPad, my phone, my keyboard and my coffee into my bedroom.

Lately, things have been pretty amazing as far as ‘amazing’ can go when you’re alone, your favorite person is terminal and you’re hundreds of miles away from your guy.

In a moment of vanity, may we acknowledge how insanely odd the ‘pause’ button makes us look?  LOL!  OK, done with that.

SO! (Other than the fact I need to get a haircut …)

Obviously the call was from my guy.  It’s getting harder and harder being in a long distance relationship.  But, also, think it suits both of us, and that’s kind of scary.

Am I going to be 70 waiting for his call?  Just happy to have my own space and look forward to a call?  OR, can we one day come together?  I know as much as you do.

As for my son.

They’re moving again in mid-July.  The love of his life is continuing her education to get her Masters.  I’m proud of them both, but, won’t lie (like I ever here) I wish he would find HIS niche.  His ‘thing’.  I didn’t for the longest time, and let’s face it, he’s been in a relationship longer than I ever have lol!  So I’ll just shut up about that.

Speaking of kids and futures, I discovered today I may be a grandma …

See the blobs?

I think eggs.  I was cleaning out the fish I inherited and didn’t scrub those.


OK, so, now a big ‘reveal’.  The other night I posted a cryptic message on my Facebook.  I HATE when people do that!  But, I did it.  I mentioned I was giggling on the porch and couldn’t mention why.

Well, I’ll tell you now.

First, let’s look at this weed that grew outside my office – I wanted to capture it before the gardeners pulled it.  So beautiful.

AND we segue into … “One man’s weed is another man’s flower”.

Those that follow me know that I am fighting not only agoraphobia, but severe anxiety/panic disorder and a heart condition.

I do ok.

But, I was given some medical marijuana from someone with a card.

I was dubious and scared.  I mean, today’s pot is NOT what I used to use.

Back in the day I remember laughing until my belly hurt under the stars camping, having ingested pot brownies.

I remember what pot USED to be.

I had a bad time with it a year or so ago.   Too strong for me.  I couldn’t even move my limbs.

Well, THIS has made a difference.

It’s been about a month now.

I went from having 4+ attacks per week to maybe one every two weeks.

Able to not only drive to a shop (no, not while ON it – stays in the system I think) but go IN and do my shopping.

Also, sleeping a whole lot better.

Unfortunately, this is the last of it.  But, seriously, marijuana needs to be legal medicinally everywhere!

Much better than the 3 toxic pills I take twice a day!!!

I, personally, can’t afford to get approved or afford a card.  But, having experimented, I can say that it helped BIG time!

You know, with my “Shitload of stuff”.  Lol.



Musings from the Laundromat: Jurrasic nap, Horrific drink & Rey edition

It’s warming up in the desert.  Today my car advised me it was 52 degrees on the way to the laundromat @ 7:30 a.m.  Seems like only yesterday when I was reading ’32 degrees.’

I’m not ready for it to warm up yet!  Nooooo!

Actually, my first stop was not the laundromat, but to the Redbox to return Jurassic World.  I was one of the few on the planet that didn’t go see that one in the theaters.

My son and I got comfy and with bowls of food began the film.  I should point out, that he’d already seen it.

Me: Ug.  I hate seeing movies for the first time with someone who’s already seen it.

Nic: I haven’t seen it a long time …

*Moments into the movie*

Nic: Ok, Pause it … Remember this part.

Me: (Pause, roll eyes). Are you going to do this the ENTIRE movie?

Nic: No, no.

*Moments later*

Nic: Pause it!  You know what I never noticed the first time?

Etc. Etc. Etc.

He needn’t have worried about giving me a play-by-play because I think I only saw 2/3 of it anyway.  I fell asleep several times.  (Sorry Star Lord.)


Earlier that day, Nic and I had gone grocery shopping.

Shopping with Nic always results in laughter – (and a bigger bill @ the checkout.)

This trip was no different.

Nic is quite the connoisseur of ‘unique’ beverages.  $$$

He came across a fancy live probiotic, natural energy concoction and eagerly hurried off to purchase it after asking what aisle I could be found in upon his return.

I should have lied about the aisle.

Nic: Smell it.

Me: *standoffish glance*

Nic: It’s lavender and melon!

I acquiesced and gave the drink a sniff.

I wondered immediately 1) where was the lavender?  2) where was the melon? 3) why was it so fizzy and 4) if Nic could get his money back.

Nic: Take a sip!

So much was going through my head at this point – but mostly that I wanted to live.  And then that if I DIDN’T take a sip, he was going to badger me for the balance of the shopping.

I sipped.

Now, have you ever left juice out and unrefrigerated and then accidentally sipped it?


This stuff tasted like prison hooch!

I gagged.

This was the beverage.


By the time we were checking out, we had two cashiers and one bag boy involved in the ‘dare’ of sniffing the drink.

The bag boy nailed it when he said it smelled like vinegar.  One cashier told Nic to just down it.  That wasn’t happening.

We ended up playing a game of ‘keep away’ with it the whole way home, and at home.

The bottle would appear sans lid in various places – like, my car, on the table pushed close to one of us, under the table and sneaked by each other’s noses.

We probably didn’t even need the movie, that ‘drink’ provided plenty of entertainment.

(I should probably apologize to the company now, I mean, I’m sure plenty of people stock up on their product and love it.  It just wasn’t our cup of fizzy, fermented tea.)

OH!  One more thing.  I have a fish!  Nic’s tropical fish had babies and a very brave and smart one managed to survive.  I adopted the teeny tiny grey blob speck and named her Rey.  (Nickname: Blobba Fett)

Here she is (Nic insists it’s a girl because of some fin thing?  I’m trusting him on this one.)  Get your magnifying glass out:


She’s in front of the blue thingy.

So there you have it!  My weekend in a nutshell.  Dryers are almost done so I’ll be bid you adieux and hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and a great week!