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“Draw me, like one of your … wait!” NO! Not like any other girl!

So, I live with an artist.

Today, for the first time ever, Saturday, I said “Draw me!”

I meant draw us – for our mothers, for mothers day.


And I also said, “Not like I am right now”

Which, got a response of “That’s what everbody says!”



I, in my whole life, NEVER asked my honey, who is awesome at drawing, TO DRAW ME!

I did not want to be a ‘sheeple’

A sheep!

I just wanted an oringal pic for our moms!

I decided to draw him … and he could draw me …

imageCan you tell who is the artist?

I bet it’s hard. lol.


Anyway – here’s another video – I’ve been slacking of late – but he has shaved since the awesome drawing I did. 😉

The one thing I’m good at – is being casual in videos – so here you go.