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Musings from the home (since glaucoma man was ‘Chatty Charlie’ today

I tried, I really did.  I pulled out my iPad after giving my ‘laundry lady’ her Christmas ‘bonus’ :). I was so happy to be able to do that.  I see her 52 times a year and each week, she has a smile for me – makes coffee and is sure the WiFi is working.  So yeah, she got a little something.

But, Glaucoma Man WAS chatty Charlie this week – so I listened.  And didn’t type.

So I’ve decided to share my day with you in photos.

FYI: My Nannie is being moved to a ‘care’ facility tomorrow.  There is nothing more the hospital can do for her – and my mum is still over there.  Of course she is.  She is a strong, amazing, loving woman.  And if I’ve been anything but positive this season, it’s because I miss her and I am wishing I could hold my Nannie’s hand.


Let’s get to those photos before I start being allergic to something and have water coming out of my see-holes.

Birds on the gate

I think my favorite bird has to be the sparrow.  I love how they hop.  I love how unassuming they are.  Others might think them bland – I find them adorable.  I captured a few in my ‘faux’ garden.  I keep the plants to the right of this picture because they attract bees and we SO need bees, I keep that weed to the left of the picture because – well, because it makes me feel like I HAVE a garden. LOL.

Butters imprints

This one – I keep telling Butters “Santa is coming!”  I also told her today, “You’d better have a bath for Santa”  and she hopped right into the tub.  This was what remained of her after she went outside to completely dry off.

I'm clean!

This was my clean ‘Bah’ before she left those prints.  And the Pokemon towel in the background?  That’s become hers – but I remember how much it meant to Nic when first purchased.

Chelsea flowers

Flowers from last weekend wilting – 😦  They were from my son’s girlfriend and I adore them.  You’ll also notice an Elinor Donahue cook book.  Fun fact:  One of my favorite people on the planet, and my son’s godfather is her son. I miss him and wish I could hang out with his lovely wife and gorgeous daughter.

My Ahi treat

Bumblebee has this outer seared inner sashimi thing available – and right now, there is a $2.00 off coupon available.  I snatched it up.  Add wasabi and soy and HEAVEN!

Window Santa

Just love how the light caught my little chair Santa.  He’s actually supposed to be ON a chair – but, we don’t have a dining room table/chairs anymore.  So, he get’s the cushy life. 😉

Sleepy Bah

And lastly, my sleepy girl.  We played ball after her bath so she would totally dry quicker.  (That doesn’t seem like a grammatically correct sentence – but oh well.)

THAT was my Sunday.

I did laundry, chatted, shopped at Walmart and completely melted down due to um, being @ Walmart – wrapped,


took photos – ate yummy food and NOW!  Now, I’m going to watch my recorded ‘Top Chef’.

I’ll post before Christmas, but if you don’t read before then, Merry Christmas or Merry whatever you celebrate OR just, have a happy week – and thank you for following and I wish you nothing but gratitude, love and peace. X


Waking and winking and windows with locust

I found the locust.  Well, they’ve still been out and about, but not in the vast numbers they were not too long ago.  I think most of them gather on my porch at night.  I forget to keep my porch light off.  I digress.

I pulled up to the laundromat and spotted them.


Okay, so there’s only 4 or 5 on the window, but they’re everywhere in the parking lot.

I was allowed to sleep in until 5:30 am this morning.  Butters was either a) feeling generous or b) tuckered herself out with her Shar Pei/Shepherd shenanigans.  I’m leaning towards b.  Although, there’s a strong argument for a choice ‘c’ … That I was too tired to notice any earlier attempts at arousal.  Is that the right word?  Okay, that’s funny.  I’m leaving it in and not even going to google. OCD be damned.

Bottom line is I ‘arose’ and decided I’d be at the laundromat as soon as they opened.  Then hop from here to the grocery store.  THEN … I’m cleaning the house in ‘ten-second-tidy’ fashion and hitting the couch.

I even decided in the car on the way over that I was going to try out ‘sassy’ today.  Thought I might even wink at a fellow laundromat patron if one made eye contact.  Male, female – didn’t matter.  It would be one of those friendly ‘hey there – alright?’ winks.

I’m not very good at winking.  If I try with my right eye,  the entire right side of my face scrunches up and I end up impersonating Popeye.

I can pull off a left eye wink, but I can’t support it with the casual confidence to make it look like anything more than a twitch.


Those realizations, coupled with the fact that my table was taken, sucked all the wink mood right out of me.

I’m at the kiddy table under that damned rainbow umberella again.  Add insult to injury, the lady that works here walked by and mentioned I need a new laundry basket.  Hmph!

They sell them, and if I’m interested I should let her know.

Good grief.

My Dirty Laundry

Scandalous … eye-catching.  But yeah, this is really about my dirty laundry.  Literally.

The only thing scandalous that happened was someone took the laundry cart I’d selected and I had to pick another one. :-O

Here’s what I wrote for you.


Busier than usual at the laundromat today.  “You’ve lost that loving feeling” is playing on the little boombox (are they still called that?). 

Smells of fabric softener, detergent and warmth in here.  The white noise of the dryers hum over ‘don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t let it slip away’.

All clothes sound so soft tumbling around in an industrial dryer!  I swear, the scratchiest article of clothing would sound like a fluffy, high count cotton towel in there.

I like watching people fold.  I mean, I don’t stare at them or anything, but I notice.

My favorite ‘folder’ was a wisp of a man.  I dubbed him ‘Handkerchief Man’. 

He must have had at least two dozen of them at his folding table.  All white.

He halved, smoothed, quartered, smoothed.  Then placed the little square to one side once he was satisfied.


Okay, I did stare at him.  I got lost in his concentration.  He was old and thin, I wanted to wrap him in cotton wool he looked so fragile.  He kept folding, I was smiling.  Inventing his back story in my hypnotic state – just dreamy. 

That is, until he walked past me muttering one foul word after another.  I was shocked – a giggle bubbled up into my throat.  It had to have been some sort of tourettes or illness saying those words, not my delicate old gentleman!

I saw him a couple of months later in line at the bank.  He was muttering again, appearing a lot less precious without his linens.

Today I’m sat in a chair in a corner.  My usual spot and my back up spot taken. Great view of the room though.

How must I look scribbling onto my little yellow pad?  Am I now someones ‘Writing Girl’?  I’ll look different at the bank. LOL!

There are 4 machines by the front windows.  A ‘grabby’ game with cheap stuffed prizes, a beverage vending machine and two antiquated video games.  I know one has ‘Frogger’ on it. (Before the novelty of the laundromat wore off, Nic used to come with me.  We ventured over that direction with some quarters).

Now I come alone.  Usually I’ll toss the dirty into a couple of machines then leave to run other errands.

Not today.

It takes half an hour for the wash to finish – then I grab a cart (usually a yellow one, my favorite color) and push over to the dryers.  Nine times out of ten, a pair of underwear (always mine of course) mischievously throws itself to the floor during transfer.  I do the glance around, bend, scoop and grab manuever hoping no one saw.  Dryers take about twenty minutes.

I don’t mind so much coming here.  It’s nice to get all the loads done at once.  Sometimes though, I wish I had my ‘days off’ to be at home.

I smell of bleach from my part-time Sunday morning job – I’m grateful though.

When I get home with the clean laundry, I’ll put mine away.  Give Nic his basket (where his clothes will stay until he dips in for something he needs).

I’ll take a shower, put comfy ‘at home’ clothes on and take the afternoon to refresh before starting dinner.

That’s after I share this with you of course. 

You can always count on me to share my dirty laundry.