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Musings from the laundromat: Laundry Lady returns and Pigeons Feeding Frenzy edition

She’s baaaack!  One Sunday morning only, due to ‘scheduling’.

AND!  ‘Don’t stop believing’ is on the radio.

All is right with this Sunday morning.

I made it abundantly clear last week to the manager that I missed my Laundry Lady.  (She has a name, I choose not to use it here for the sake of her anonymity, not out of disrespect).

I hadn’t seen her in weeks!  Although, to be fair, one of those weeks was due to me not attending Laundry Day.

Me: Is ____ ok?

Manager: Yeah!  We’re down a person and ____ prefers to come in later.

Me: But … It’s my routine.  I miss her.

Manager: (Laughs) You know what?  I’m going to tell her that, because I don’t really do mornings.

I felt a little bad this morning when I saw who was opening.  Like I had something to do with her schedule.

But, no, it just so happens something hung the manager up here until after midnight.

I guess I don’t have the pull I thought I did around here. (Joke).


I’m looking around and noticing the gender ratio … There’s 5 men vs one woman.  That woman being me.

The funny thing I’ve noticed about guys doing laundry is … They hover.

They stand staring at the their chosen machines – guarding them?

Exhibit A:


It cracks me up.

A wash cycle takes half an hour, and the dryers run in 10 minute increments.  Take a seat guys!  The rainbow umbrella table is available!


Chill out!

So, I’m over in my nook and Laundry Lady just came over for a chat. (I think she might have missed me a little bit too.)

Asked me if I’d ever seen Twilight.

(She had just watched all the movies).

Have I seen Twilight?  HA!


I gobbled up those pages faster than a pigeon with a French fry!  Then saw the movies.

Speaking of pigeons.

It was my mum’s birthday this past week.  We celebrated yesterday with a ‘mum and me’ day.

Went down to the river, ok, the casinos along the river, and had a wonderful lunch at Bubba Gump’s.

Here’s my mum’s plate with a few friends.

(SUBTITLES: What my mum says at the end is: “OK, that’s it.  No, I’m sorry, but you’re just throwing it at me here.”)

Funny thing was, an employee came over after noticing the flock of feeders and said, “We ask you don’t feed the birds.”

My mum replied, “I’m not feeding them, they’re helping themselves.”

It was a great day.


And now I’m home and Sunday still feels perfectly right.

Hope yours does too!


Musings from the laundromat: Shorts, Stores & Sunday Playoffs edition.

There’s much I should or could be talking about today – but having pulled up to the laundromat to see Glaucoma Man in shorts erased any social or political commentary from my mind.

It’s in the 40’s for crying out loud!

He’s in his 80’s.

Me: Why are you in shorts?!

Him: Keeps me movin’!

Me: Well, at least your shirt is Packer colored.

Not long after that he started bouncing on his feet as we all stood outside waiting for the laundromat to open.

Him: It’s too cold for this!

Me:  Shoulda worn pants.


Laundry Lady isn’t here today (thus the late opening), she traded her shift at the last minute with the manager.

It’s odd, not only being here without my usual banter with her, but today for the first time in over six years I only have MY laundry with me.

Only had to use one machine.

See, I am beginning to notice the benefits of the empty nest.


I’m still struggling with missing him of course.

And, it’s hard to shop without him due to my anxiety.  But, it sure helps me get in and out of the stores quickly. OK, so, usually without 1/2 the items I came in needing, but I’m working on that.


Getting braver.  I just avoid eye contact and try not to stray too far away from the customer restroom.


Other than that – it IS Packer day!

I’ll be comfy And surrounded by snacks ready for a repeat of last weeks game hopefully!  I love it when it’s close and some amazing plays are made.  By BOTH teams, not just mine.

Not much fun winning if it’s a total blow out.  Better to come out triumphant having played a worthy adversary in my opinion.

Of course, I’ll be ‘playing’ from the couch not the field.  But, even that roller coaster ride can be exhausting.  I think I do my part.  Swearing, gasping, cheering.  Hey, I’m a team player, what can I say?

You’re welcome Green Bay, you’re welcome.


Musings from the Laundromat: Teeth, TMI & Comforter Forgiveness

I think I must finally be forgiven for my comforter faux pas years ago.

(You can read about THAT here.)

Laundry Lady just came over to my little table carrying one and asked me, “Is this wet do you think, or just cold?”

Ha!  Now I’m an official comforter advisor.

She has new teeth.  I noticed last week.  It’s so nice to see her smile.

As for glaucoma man, I was given quite an extensive account of what he called his ‘roto-router’ procedure at the hospital.

Apparently the nurses didn’t know what they were doing when removing his catheter and he’s still peeing blood.

I needed to know that at 8:15  in the morning.  I really did.

He’s an odd duck.  But, I would miss him if he wasn’t here.

It’s strange only lugging one laundry basket here.

I’m finding, in between missing my son, that there ARE some benefits to living alone.

Like, coming home and there not being dishes in the sink.  Like, walking from the bathroom to my bedroom sans clothes.

I would say it’s cheaper shopping too, but considering I keep sending my bird money for food – that’s not quite true yet.

**Breaking News**

A man just came up to me and said, “You know, I don’t think there’s been a Sunday that I’ve been here that you haven’t.”

I have never seen this man, or his wife before in my life!  Am I that oblivious when I’m laundering?  Apparently so.

Well, laundry is dry (as was the comforter in my professional opinion) and it’s time to head home to my sleepy dog and bid Laundry Lady farewell.

Musings from the laundromat: Quiet & Being Rude edition.

It’s quiet here today.

Too quiet.

The radio isn’t on and no one is chatting.

Even Glaucoma man hasn’t stopped by to say ‘hi’ – he’s busy folding.  He got here a whole lot earlier than me.  I arrived on time.

And now he’s leaving without a goodbye.

It’s funny, because the laundromat opens at 8 a.m. (Although Laundry Lady unlocks the doors much earlier than that).  As she looked up from receipts she was going through she said “Didn’t think you were going to make it.”  Why?

I always do – I just happened to be on time today.

Had a fun night at a work banquet last night.  I got to dance.  I love to dance.  And I spent quality time with one of my best friends out here. And of course, my work family.

It’s still hard for me to be in crowds, so I tend to overcompensate.  Do that nervous bravado chatter and last night it brought me some trouble.

First of all – I was nervous about wearing makeup.  I applied it early as I’m not very good at it.  Wanted to be sure to be able to wash my face and have a ‘do over’.  But, it seemed to work out.  I asked my son, “On a scale from ‘party’ to ‘hooker’ how do I look?”  Luckily the answer was ‘party’.

Here’s he and I outside.


He was preparing to leave.  Which, left me to pacing the house like a caged cat.

My friend arrived and the nervous chatter began in anticipation of having to ‘people’.

Event was fun once I settled into my table and was close to those I knew.

Unfortunately, nervous chatter became a verbal eyeroll at something that was said on the microphone and someone I don’t get along with very well stared me down and declared me rude.   This was out loud and what was said, literally, was “You’re rude.”  It was accompanied by a look of disgust.

I deserved it.

I own my part in it.

I do!

I brushed it off though and after eating too much food proceeded to burn some calories off on the dance floor.

I haven’t danced in so long!  Well, not in public.  I chair dance, bedroom dance and car dance – but that doesn’t really count does it.

My friend was ready to leave but I was feeling the beat and finally feeling comfortable ‘peopling’.

I acquiesced and home we went.

All in all, a great night.

And now here I sit, waiting for the washing machines to give up my clothes.

It’s threatening to rain outside, which, would actually be quite lovely for a Sunday.  Nothing better than a blanket, a cozy home and rain hitting the windows and roof.


I caved and turned the heat on yesterday.  After replacing the filters on my vents.  I woke early yesterday to find my son on the couch with a knit hat on his head and a comforter around him.  A little dramatic, but I got the point.

We went to breakfast then shopped for those filters and a few other necessities.

I also got a hair cut.  A treat for me.  I usually just let it look like a horses mane.  But my intention was to also color it.  I wanted to go darker, but the timing wasn’t right.  I had driven and my son would be stuck for a couple of hours as he doesn’t drive stick shift.

I still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that he’s leaving soon.

Still doesn’t feel real.

And if I thought it was quiet here – with machine doors opening and closing and rumbles and laundry cart wheels dragging across the tiles – then I’m going to be in for one hell of a shock when he does go.  My home will be quiet.  And lonely.  And a piece of me will be gone.

Until then, I’ll enjoy each moment.

Each laugh I hear coming from his room.  Each late night refrigerator opening.

Each piece of clothing I pluck from the bathroom floor of his to bring here.

Musings from the Laundromat: Rocky Horror Clock Edition

My clock is confused.

I set it for 6 a.m. Knowing I could comfortably hit snooze a couple of times before gathering my laundry and heading out to the ‘mat.

Woke on time – hit that button like the lady of leisure I felt.

Next eyelid opening had me staring at 7:30.  Ok.  Laundromat officially doesn’t open until 8:00.  I still had plenty of time to do my customary brushing of tangled hair and morning teeth then find some pants to throw on.

I even toyed with the idea of showering first …

Then I walked out of my bedroom and glanced at my other clocks.



My time keeper had taken a step to the left.

Now, I realize it’s Sunday and other than laundry and light cleaning, I have nothing pressing on my agenda – but I did get that momentary panicked bird in the chest sensation and then “Oh shit” went through my mind.

I encounter this ‘Time Warp” annually.  I have a ‘smart’ clock.  I beg to differ with its intelligence as it is supposed to know that we, in Arizona, do not observe Daylight Savings Time.  Our clocks do not Fall Back this time of year.

And besides, dear clock of mine – that occurred LAST weekend.

So, I changed its mode to whatever made the time correct and proceeded to head out of the door weighted down with two baskets of dirty clothing.


Laundry Lady is here this week.  I’m glad.  Some normality returned to my routine.  We exchanged our usual banter and I sat at my 2nd favorite table.

While typing a man with a thick German accent asked:

“There is internet?”

“Yes,” I responded, “Free WIFI.”

He settled into the table behind me and has his tiny lap top out.  As I stuffed the dryers I asked, “Did you find it?”

“Oh yes.  You know, the McDonalds, they don’t have it anymore.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, yes.  I think they do not want for you to sit too long inside.”

I can’t remember the last time I sat inside of a McDonalds.  Can’t actually remember the last time I actually ate McDonalds.  I think that’s a good thing.

I do have a ginormous piece of salmon that I’ll be cooking in between cleaning and binge watching Salem on Netflix.

And, I’ll be cutting my eyes over to my clock occasionally to be sure it’s not up to anymore shenanigans.


Something a little punny about ‘watching’ a ‘clock’ no?

But I will be.  Know this clock, I WILL be.