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Musings from the day that no laundry was done.

Hello Soupers.

First of all, happy Mother’s Day to all those who mother.  Whether it be their own child, another’s child – a fur baby.  Happy Mother’s Day also to the truly single dads out there.

I spent today without my mother as she’s still in England.

I’m still house sitting.

My son arrived after noon and I was SO glad to see him.

He made a collage for me of notes I’ve left for him over the years, some over 7 years old.


I also received the traditional ‘hastily made card’.

But what meant so much more was him just showing up.

We went and ate Mexican food locally and then grabbed some chocolate canollis from the restaurant next door.


The canolli place had a very sad ‘grabby’ machine.  It was out of order, but beyond that, had a very sad selection of ungrabbed prizes.

This poor pup stuck under the pile

This poor pup stuck under the pile

Me and Nic, and what the heck is up with that owl???

Me and Nic, and what the heck is up with that owl???

We went to the local bar/gambling establishment after that for Nic to experience.  He’s never been in there.  I, however, since we lived here years ago have.  We stayed maybe 10 minutes and, $50 later.

It was kind of cool – but in a dysfunctional odd sort of way.

He’s my baby.  Very strange being in an adult environment with him, but very fun seeing him get carded and then ask for a water. LOL!

We came back to my parents home and ate the conollis.  We watched Britains got talent on YouTube and we shared things.

How we were feeling – how life was going – where we wanted to be.

And I was so glad he was with me.

Thing is, I’ve been having DAILY panic/anxiety attacks daily now.

Thing is, I didn’t have one with him here.

I want to go home.

But, I also want to be here for my mother in her time of need.

I am physically, mentally, and definitely emotionally losing it.

And not wanting to add to my moms plate.

I need to see my cardiologist too.

Oh! That’s another thing.  I found out that if you donate your body to science, your cremation is free – and whatever is left of you is returned to your loved one.

I’m considering this.

So – bittersweet.  Today was bittersweet, but I was very glad to have a mother to say ‘Happy Mothers Day’ to, and a son that showed up.


Mothers Day 2015

What a wonderful weekend.

Spent with loved ones.

I’m finding out the most avoided tasks can be fun with a partner.  The yard is cleared – weeded – raked.

Mothers Day found me very sleepy.  Spent a lot of time catching up on sleep and in the process, laundry didn’t get done.  So tonight I’ll be musing from the Laundromat … that will be different.

Night time edition – does that mean I can talk more about the undies that fall to the ground from the dryer?

Anyway – here’s some highlights from Mothers Day.  My son literally gave me the shirt off of his back as I was chilly in the restaurant.  What a chivalrous young man he’s become.

And, it’s perfectly acceptable by the way, at a buffet, to use dessert as an intermission before resuming with other food items. 😉

Mothers Day 1


Mothers Day 2

Mothers Day 3

Mothers Day 4


Until tonight …

Have a great Monday!


Happy Mothers D … zzzz

Ah Mothers Day.

Began at 5:30 for me – I tried to roll my eyes, but my eyeballs weren’t working yet.

Seriously – why the hell do I wake up so early??  Might have something to do with Butters staring at me.

The thing is, I begrudgingly get up, go to the bathroom – and by the time I have the wherewithal and balance to let her out, she’s gone back to sleep with her head on my side of the bed.

Right.  That’s that then.

This morning was no different.  Although, I had to wake Nic up so he could be sure he wasn’t working today.

Funny story about that … and it’s only funny in a ‘Ha!  Now he is getting a taste of the ‘real world’ way’.

Yesterday he was late to work – he got a scolding for that (not from me – I’m amused on the sidelines, watching him learn from his mistakes)  and then he proceeded in his naivety to advise them that he would be unable to work today as it is Mothers Day.

I settled in to the couch with a gleeful twinkle in my ‘you’ve got to be freaking kidding me’ eye, to hear what the response was.

“They told me I’m not the only person who has a mom.”

I couldn’t suppress a giggle.

Who knew that watching your child learn first hand all the things you tried to teach them would be so much fun??

“Aw! Nic, seems you’re learning that the only world that revolves around you is mine.”

Turned out he doesn’t work today – after he put a phone call in to his place of employment.

He is now honoring Mothers Day from the couch.



He’s going to kill me for that …

Notice the dog is also actively ignoring me – nose to the gap in the front door.

I called my mom – we have brunch plans (I’ll be sure to wake Nic up in time).

“Where is this ‘Bumlbeberries?'”  I asked.

“It’s downstairs”


I didn’t even know what building I was going to …

“So, enter the chocolate factory and take what?  A left or a right past the lickable wallpaper?”

Laughter from the other end of the phone.

I was serious.  A bumbleberry sounds very ‘Wonka’ to me.



What in the world is it?   And more importantly, are they going to have cake?  Of the bumbleberry variety perhaps?

I asked.

“No, there’s no such thing.  I looked it up.”

See – this is where I get my research gene from.  I love that my mother took the time to look up ‘Bumbleberry’ just to see if  one does in fact exist.

She’s looking forward to the crab legs and escargot.  I’m looking forward to multiple trips to the buffet and photographing my food.

And of course, spending time with her.

And Nic.

If he ever wakes up.

Mothers Day edition of ‘Musings from the laundromat’

Feeling a little guilty about being here.  They’re closing early for Mothers Day.

I get the same feeling when I pop into a shop on any other holiday and they’re open. :/

I’m sure when I walked in the lady behind the counter was thinking “Oh, great.”  They close in 50 minutes.  I can be outta here by then.

So, Happy Mothers Day! My morning started (after being up with Butters at 5 am) being late up.  I actually crashed out after crawling back into bed and didn’t wake up until almost 9!  Unheard of for me – delightful.

Although, I had planned to be here by 8 am – then I could have avoided the awkward early close predicament.

My son had a surprise outing planned.  We were to leave at 10:45.  What to wear?  His response: Formal casual.  (Note to self: Explain dress codes to Nic.)

Pulling up to the laundromat, my car advised me that it was 110 degrees out, so you can imagine that my attire was more casual than formal.

Here we are driving there.  Yeah, I know, bad influence.  Taking photos while he’s driving.  (ooo!  By the way – I think this was the first time as a passenger I didn’t freak out and actually enjoyed the scenery!  He’s a LOT better driver now.) Here’s me enjoying the scenery: image I didn’t know where we were going – but I knew food was involved.  I’m ok with being fed. 🙂 So we arrived – which of course, means more photo ops. image   image     The restaurant is really lovely and does a great brunch.  I’ll withhold the name but here’s some inside pics: image image     image

That’s the decor, and yes, I did have to take a photo of the golden toilet plumbing and seat cover dispenser. LOL!


This was my first plate … Also had, um, 3 or 4 desserts 🙂


See, I still participate in debauchery.  There were so many to choose from!  How could I not sample them all??  I would have hurt a desserts feelings.

Thank you Nic for planning such a lovely surprise. x

So I’m here … clothes in the dryer and really only wanting to nap off some of that food.  But, due to work circumstances right now, my plan B of going afterwards tomorrow didn’t seem like a good idea.

While we’re on the topic of mothers – the man I process for and assist is going through a very tough time with his mom right now.

I’ve been holding down the fort while his mom is dying.  😦

Friday I spoke to a Father (Priest? Vicar? Deacon?) who was trying to get a hold of him.  It’s been a tough few weeks with false alarms, last rites and emotions riding high.  However, Friday his mom was unresponsive.  I don’t know what to say.  If he was a woman, I could hug him – listen to him.  But, he’s a pretty stoic, logical man.  All I can offer is making sure things at work are running smoothly by stepping up to the proverbial plate.

So to end this edition – let me just say to my mom – I’m glad you were born, glad that you’re here and Happy Mothers Day.  I had a lovely day with you.  Love you, ‘Mand. xxxxx

image image