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Musings from the Laundromat: Hoggy Birds and Chocolate Shame edition

After being snow bird blocked for the past two weekends, I finally got here early enough for the top load washing machines.


I think probably the fact that it’s Easter also had a part in my success.  I assume eggs are being hidden or services attended in lieu of early morning laundry.

As for me?  I’m doing brunch at 3:30 with my family.

OK, so that’s not exactly brunch time, but was the earliest reservation.

It’s Linner really isn’t it?  Not brunch.  I don’t care – food at any time is fine by me.

Which reminds me … I’m STILL gaining weight.

I started out super excited about this, because I needed to put some pounds on.   But I haven’t reached a plateau yet – I just keep gaining.

My doctor did mention something about my meds slowing my metabolism – but I didn’t put that fun fact together with my scale until later.

I’m going to have to slow down on the food debauchery because I for one, cannot afford a new wardrobe.  In my smugness I donated all my larger clothes – now it’s just daily ‘snugness!’

That’s my only concern really – having to spend money on clothes, because let’s face it, no ones seeing me naked in the foreseeable future.

Found a chocolate wrapper on the kitchen counter this morning and I kid you not, I don’t remember tucking into that last night.  I had a candy black out!  (Is that a thing?  It should be a thing.  It’s a thing now.)


Shame washed over me – then I spied with my little eye, 2 bricks of chocolate left in the package and shame be damned, I ate 1 of the survivors.

I’ll try to restrain myself from any other sweets that may leap in my path today – but AM going to gorge myself on ‘Linner’.  I mean, it’s a buffet – it would be rude not to partake in excess!


Happy Easter to all my Soupers who celebrate it – and happy Sunday to all who don’t.





Happy Mothers D … zzzz

Ah Mothers Day.

Began at 5:30 for me – I tried to roll my eyes, but my eyeballs weren’t working yet.

Seriously – why the hell do I wake up so early??  Might have something to do with Butters staring at me.

The thing is, I begrudgingly get up, go to the bathroom – and by the time I have the wherewithal and balance to let her out, she’s gone back to sleep with her head on my side of the bed.

Right.  That’s that then.

This morning was no different.  Although, I had to wake Nic up so he could be sure he wasn’t working today.

Funny story about that … and it’s only funny in a ‘Ha!  Now he is getting a taste of the ‘real world’ way’.

Yesterday he was late to work – he got a scolding for that (not from me – I’m amused on the sidelines, watching him learn from his mistakes)  and then he proceeded in his naivety to advise them that he would be unable to work today as it is Mothers Day.

I settled in to the couch with a gleeful twinkle in my ‘you’ve got to be freaking kidding me’ eye, to hear what the response was.

“They told me I’m not the only person who has a mom.”

I couldn’t suppress a giggle.

Who knew that watching your child learn first hand all the things you tried to teach them would be so much fun??

“Aw! Nic, seems you’re learning that the only world that revolves around you is mine.”

Turned out he doesn’t work today – after he put a phone call in to his place of employment.

He is now honoring Mothers Day from the couch.



He’s going to kill me for that …

Notice the dog is also actively ignoring me – nose to the gap in the front door.

I called my mom – we have brunch plans (I’ll be sure to wake Nic up in time).

“Where is this ‘Bumlbeberries?'”  I asked.

“It’s downstairs”


I didn’t even know what building I was going to …

“So, enter the chocolate factory and take what?  A left or a right past the lickable wallpaper?”

Laughter from the other end of the phone.

I was serious.  A bumbleberry sounds very ‘Wonka’ to me.



What in the world is it?   And more importantly, are they going to have cake?  Of the bumbleberry variety perhaps?

I asked.

“No, there’s no such thing.  I looked it up.”

See – this is where I get my research gene from.  I love that my mother took the time to look up ‘Bumbleberry’ just to see if  one does in fact exist.

She’s looking forward to the crab legs and escargot.  I’m looking forward to multiple trips to the buffet and photographing my food.

And of course, spending time with her.

And Nic.

If he ever wakes up.