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Musings from the Laudromat: Meditation, Math & the answer is Yellow Edition

This is truly a beautiful sight …


No, not the man in the hat, although, I’m sure he’s a lovely person.

It’s just such a relief to have had the pick of the washing machine litter.

No sign of glaucoma man – so I am sitting in peace and quiet, enjoying the hum of the machines and gentle whoosh of the air conditioning – while gazing about at the few patrons.

It’s funny how this place has become something I look forward to when I once dreaded the trip.

The sounds are calming – the scent of detergent and softeners are soothing.  It’s like a little vacation.  Laundry meditation if you will.


Just stepped outside for a moment and was captured into a fitted sheet conversation with an older man.

“Let me ask you something.”

I turned my gaze from the quiet highway to his weathered face.

“I just bought a queen sized mattress for my 5th wheel – it’s 6 foot 2 inches long and about five feet across …”

At this point, I’m wondering if he’s winding up for a word math problem, and I’m starting to panic, because I never did know how long it would take a train to get from one place to another if Johnny had 10 apples and Martha needed change after sharing a hotel room with three of her friends after tipping the damn bell hop.


You know, THOSE word problems.

So, I hold my gaze and pray I know the answer.

“It’s about this thick (gestures with hands) Do I have to get special fitted sheets?”  (Phew!)

“No, not if it’s that thick.”

Continued my very helpful answer with a few store suggestions after he mentioned going to one of the pricier places in town.

“See you inside!” I said – a little chirpier than necessary.  I think I was still glowing from getting the answer right.

He’s folding his quilt now, and it’s a chaotic lump of a decent attempt.


Meditation time is over … just had a small child in a yellow top put his yellow dump truck in my yellow laundry cart and start to make off with it – along with my purse.

“I’m SO sorry!”  Said small childs mom.

“That’s ok – he’s having fun.”

Good thing he can’t talk – because I don’t have any more answers today.  He might have needed to know how long it would take his dump truck to reach another cart if he added a juice box  into the mix.


Yeah, that busy.

I feel like an overstimulated toddler … overly tired,  mind racing – having spent another day learning and trying such a variety of new things!

It’s a good feeling.

My new position has definitely kept my mind from wandering to any places it shouldn’t be right now.

The most bizarre thing happened today.

I was multi-tasking, and standing at the front desk while touching my thumb to my index and middle finger – when I felt ‘wet’.

I glanced at my hand … blood.

Enough blood that the ‘wet’ was not just a ‘sticky’ or ‘tacky’ feeling – but as if I had too much lotion on my hand.

I glanced around my body … where???

My right wrist was bleeding – and I had one hand in the air and my wrist before me as a customer walked in.

I sought out the agent she had come for while trying to think what in the world I could have done to cut my wrist and not know it, and getting a band-aid from her well stocked drawer.  (She seriously has everything in that drawer.)

THIS is how occupied my mind has been.  Forgetting I’m hungry until my stomach loudly growls, forgetting to go to the bathroom until my bladder cries out – and I LOVE it.

I am definitely a person who thrives on variety and the opportunity to learn!

I’m also the kind of person who can’t ‘clock out’ in my head.

On the drive home I was preparing a power point presentation in my head,  reminding myself to follow-up with someone I’ve asked to instruct a class and having conversations with people I won’t talk to until tomorrow.

I need to find a solution for that.  Meditation?  That’s almost begging for disaster.


I can’t sit still.

Not for a movie, not for a conversation – I pause half-hour TV shows for crying out loud!

Then there’s the fact that I think too much.  Just typing that sentence I recalled several examples, listened to part of a commercial and wondered about the validity of the product and noticed my dog wants to go outside.

Meditation …

If I could break the barrier of my mind – and be still, it could work.

I’ll just have to be sure to wear armor so as not to incur any unexplained cuts!

‘Blending in with the desert’

My ghostly man amongst the cacti. It’s sunset and he’s very, very still.  A desert meditation?

The transparent version

This one was fun to do.  Involved wax, watercolor, and acrylics & using the front and backside of the paper.  Oh, and artificial light.  Love this one.  I think it’s the first piece I’ve photographed and thought – ‘wow … ok, that’s actually good’.