‘Being Fuzzy’ Laundromat musings continue and unite!

It’s a revolution!  Laundromat musings are rampant!

So I’m still feeling fuzzy – and watching my Packers win – and my friend Krystal mentions that she too, is feeling fuzzy.

It turned into an IM fest. Spoiler alert to men – we talk about ‘Girl’ stuff.  Like, girly PERIOD stuff.  And quilting.  You have been warned.

Started out with my Facebook status:

And, you know me – after I edited out the names – I saw all KINDS of ‘stuff’ in the purple.  LOL!

imageFirst guy is in his sleeping bag.  Second guy is stretching out in his sleeping bag, 3rd guy had someone joining him (oh Myyyyyyyyyy) and 4th guy was makin’ it happen.  LOL!  I did not intend any of those pics.

So – Krystal took me seriously and we went covert – AKA – IM.

For the record, my post was:

“Feel BLAH! Never felt happier to get OUT of the laundromat. Blasted ‘Take me to Church’ on the way home, trying to shake some of the cobwebs loose and give me the energy to clean and put these clothes away. Then I’m putting as little clothing on as possible (no, not for sex appeal) and resting some more! I’m so hot.”

And here’s the back and forth:

Krystal:  I’ve got that weird hazy head, strange heart thumping thing going. I hate this.

Me: I seriously was ok with this being on the wall. I’m sorry … yeah bonkers huh??? Fuzzy – hot – cold – hot – ears ringing – teeth feel loose – SO tired.

Krystal:  I’m hoping its just indigestion or something. Doctors always blame it on panic attacks. However, I’m not panicking!


Me:  heart pounding  OMG!!!!!!! I had heartburn for the first time in YEARS on Friday and two days before that too!  I never get that!

Krystal:  I accidentally ate wheat the other day.  I hope that’s it.  It’s just odd.
Me: well, I hope it was that, but bizarre that we have the same symptoms. It is odd.
Krystal: I just hate the woozy thing.
Me:  Gawd, what if this is us going through ‘the change’
Krystal: Pre-menopause

Me:  Pre-menopause.  Yeah – ug. I wish when our eggs were useless, we could just *poof* be done!

Krystal: No kidding!
Me: I can assume you’re still having your period … can I ask you a question?
Krystal: Yea, but not so regularly.
Me: really??? wow. Although, I didn’t start until 16, I’m a late bloomer. I only seem to feel good for 1 week anymore. The rest of the month I’m either cramping or ON it or prepping for the next round – and it’s down to 3 days of intensity instead of 5-7
Krystal: read posts about vertigo being a symptom. Maybe that’s it
Me: Shit

Krystal:  Im like once every 2 months but she comes with a vengeance!


Aging blows
Me: Funny thing is, (Name withheld – mutual friend)  invited me to a perimenopause group, and I had to ungroup them. These women were blaming EVERYTHING on it … “I got a hang nail today, anyone else experience that during menopause ” lol

Krystal: I have a coworker who was on it fir 2 months straight. 

Lol.  Hang nail
Me: Seriously! Lol.

Krystal:  Well… I’m hoping it’s what causes “fuzzy.” Either that or I’m going to die young.

Brb. At the laundromat. Need to swap.

Me:  Oh you are not! I think we must both have a bug

You go to the laundromat too?!!

Krystal:  I’m washing a quilt.  One person smiled at me.

Me: LOL!

Krystal:   This is kind of a grungy place

Me: You should start a blog lol
Krystal: I thought about writing musings from the laundromat – guest edition
Me: Yes! Do it!!!
Krystal: But I just brought more quilting work instead
Me: Lol  I love quilts. I have so many pieces of material from clothing memories, but I suck at sewing 
Krystal: Of course I’m not actually doing it, but chatting is better
Me: Write! I’ll post it

Krystal:  I’m not fantastic. I learn from my mistakes.  Omg, life analogy.

Me: Doesn’t matter. I once bought a bear for Nic at goodwill that had one eye so much higher up than the other and it was charming
Krystal: Awww.

Me:  I think sewing mistakes at least showed you cared to try, and yeah, life analogy right?  Write!

Krystal: I only have my little phone. I’ll have to jot down thoughts when I get home
Me: Would be an awesome juxtaposition to my experience with no smiles today.
Krystal: Assuming I don’t just fall over before then

Me:  Right? I’m sorry sweetie. I’m lucky I get to chill right now. Oh, and butters is puking in the yard

Krystal: Nice!
Me:  Maybe she’s going through menopause lol
Krystal: Tis “the life” we lead.  Lol
Me:  Tis the life we lead, and I wouldn’t have it any other way… For all the ups and downs, and hopes and heart aches … I love being invited here
Krystal: I know what you mean.
Me: She’s coming in. Bless her little toes
Krystal:  I have a lot to be grateful for.  At least she goes outside.
Me:  Lol!  I may have to make this convo a post.
Krystal: Lol. “Being fuzzy”
Me: Yeah … Then intro yo your piece
My ipad is dying on me.
Not the battery, but the functions. UG.
Krystal: I think my blanket is dry. I can’t wait to see it all clean and unmarked.
Me:  Yay! Grab it and get no Evidence!
I typed ‘home’
No evidence …. Really?!!
Krystal: Lol. Bad iPad.
Me:  That is fucking funny. Like it auto corrects as if I’m a serial killer
Me: Sweet!!!
Needs a few more minutes
(Surprised it didn’t auto correct to ‘sweet, we can roll a body into that’)
Krystal: Hell no…. it took me 3 years to quilt that damn thing
Me: Lol!
Yeah, this is now officially a post.
And you are the next guest writer
Krystal:  I’ll try when I get home.
Me: There is no try, only do. – Yoda
Krystal: Lol.
Me: Ok to call you by your real first name?
Krystal: Who eats the candy out of laundromat candy machines? And yes.
It looks like its been there for years?
Me: I don’t … Nic came with me the first two trips and went vending. Lol
Krystal: These are those little loose candies
Me: Ewwwww
Krystal: Right!
Me: For the record, I’d totally put a quarter in though. Lol
Krystal: Just to see how old they really are? Hmmmm
Me: No, because I have no restraint lol! I especially love those banana shaped candies.
Krystal: And its locked to the table with a bike lock.
Me: Like some one is going to scurry away with it
Krystal: Somebody with full-on menopause symptoms!
Me: Lmao!
Krystal: Need candy!
Okay… I’m all dried.
Me: K.safe trip home, I’ll be writing this and you jot things down and let me know when you have a piece x
Chat Conversation End <—– yeah, it was like that. 😉



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  1. Those banana-shaped candies! Thanks for this post 🙂

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