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Wishing you a ‘Happy’. That’s it. Carry on.


Attended the annual Christmas party on Saturday and the requisite topic of this time of the year was overheard by my bionic ear. (Okay, the person was about 3 people from me at the table, although it was a bit of a feat to hear them over the lounge singer).

“I won’t say Happy Holidays, it’s Merry Christmas“. 

Now, I’ve always sort of agreed with that.  Well, more to the point, agreed that people should be allowed to say “Merry Christmas” – and maybe it was my shiny dress talking but I heard myself say (or my dress say), “But there are a lot of holidays in December.  A proprietor  has to consider all of their customers”.

There’s Hanukkah, Christmas, Yule, Kwanzaa, New Years, to name a few.

Unless someone’s holding a manger set and wearing a cross, I’d be jumping to a conclusion to say “Merry Christmas!” as a customer checked out.

Isn’t that pretty serious profiling to just assume something as personal as someone’s religious beliefs?

No one get’s offended when they’re told “Happy Presidents Day!” (Do they?!)


I can’t recall getting the response, “HEY! I celebrate Lincolns birthday – don’t lump that Federalist Washington in there!”

Then again, to be perfectly honest, I don’t recall wishing someone Happy Presidents Day either.

I personally wouldn’t be offended if anyone wished me a happy anything.

Happy works for me.

I’ll even roll with “Happy Birthday” if it’s not my birthday.  Why not?

But God forbid (literally apparently) a cashier notice a birthday while looking at a Jehovah’s Witness drivers license.  No celebrating that for them.

It’s all so bonkers.

Just smile and nod people.  Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

There are in fact multiple holiday’s in December.

Just wish every one a ‘Happy’.

Ooo!  And here’s my shiny dress.


Puffy parking lot pigeons and pantries

There’s a zing in the air!  No, really – this time of year, you’re prone in this neck of the woods (or desert) to get shocked every time you touch your car, open a metal door or make contact with a shelf in a store.  But I digress.  There’s a zing in the air!!

My sons gift is on layaway!  I won’t say what it is because I still delude myself into believing he’s interested enough from time to time to read my blog.  I’m pretty sure the only time he does, is when I make him so I can hear what it sounds like from a readers point of view.

Anyway.  I left the store and noticed all the pigeons finding shelter from the wind under cars.  Adorable.  All puffed up like they were courting.  I would have taken a photo of my personal car pigeon, but I forgot to turn the alarm off  before I opened the trunk.  Needless to say my photo-op left.

Here’s one courtesy of the web – is this where I say I don’t own any rights to the pigeon photo?  Because I don’t.  (What’s the penalty for ‘borrowing’ an image?  I do it a lot).

I also came home with a pantry organizer.  It hangs over the back of the pantry door.  If the dog was capable of laughing, she’d probably already be snickering at the fact that I think I can build this thing.

ALMOST came home with a chocolate advent calendar.  It was on sale.  The picture on it was so cheery and holiday-ish, it fit my mood.  I left it at the grocery store, I figured I might be pushing that chocolate a little having it sit waiting for its little doors and windows to be opened for over a month.

As I left the store, and after I filled the car up with gas – I was fit to burst with happiness.  I figured it out.  What makes me happy.  Being able to provide the necessities for the people in my life and to spread a little joy.   I was so excited to bring the groceries in, and believe me, I KNOW how fortunate I am.  So very grateful to be able to afford food and gas. And I love that I notice the pigeons trying to stay warm.

I get you little car pigeon – I’m a nester too. 🙂

Christmas countdown = layaway meltdown

The goblins and ghouls haven’t even tripped up the driveways grasping their candy bags yet, but my mind is on layaway!

When you’re on a meager budget – two months to eek out  layaway payments might as well be two weeks.

Christmas shopping used to be easy – and a heck of a lot cheaper.  That was before my Lego loving, Pokemon collecting boy turned into a teenager.

Although to be honest, Lego kits weren’t as inexpensive as they should have been (I think the bulk of the cost is to pay the scientists they must employee to write the instructions).

I feel SO old and out of the techy loop researching, comparing and contrasting the latest gadgets he’s widened his eyes for when they’ve come on TV.  I don’t own an MP3 player – have never held an iphone, ipad or had the opportunity to converse with ‘Siri’.

If there’s going to be any yelping or whooping or shiny Christmas eyeballs – shopping must be done NOW.

I’m wondering if they let you put Black Friday items on layaway?  Not that I’m getting up at the crack of dawn to try that out – but just curious.

Probably Siri knows.