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Alone for Thanksgiving

tv dinner

You know, moms lose their sons – but tend to keep their daughters.

I was informed last week that my offspring would be eating turkey at his girlfriends house.

I knew this day was coming – but didn’t know it would hit when he was 19!

I had prepared myself for the “We’re spending Christmas at my wife’s parents house” sentence – but that was supposed to be YEARS from now – and I’d be tending to my 15 cats by then and unable to dwell too much on his absence!

What happened???

We usually go together to my moms for a feast.  But this year, after hearing I would be sans child – I decided to stay home with Butters.

My mom understood.  Mostly because she’s a huge animal lover and advocate and knows how I hate that every holiday we end up bailing on Butters to partake in festivities without her.

I’m also not a huge fan of Thanksgiving.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a HUGE fan of being thankful.  And if it was just a special day set aside for doing just that, I’d be all in.  But there’s that tricky Pilgrim/Indian factor.

true thanksgiving

The whole myth of the harmony of that first feast turns my stomach to the point of not wanting to fill it with brussel sprouts or stuffing.

Then the completely food selfish glutton in me manages to get over that and pig out.

darth thanksgiving

I bought myself a turkey – plan to make a full meal and enjoy having the relaxing time at home.  I’m going to love smelling the meal cooking while lazily flicking through channels to find the perfect corny holiday movie to settle on.

I might even fish out the Christmas decorations – or at the very least, the Christmas candy bowl.

It’s my first 4 day weekend in I don’t even know how long!

Butters and I will enjoy every moment.

None of those moments will include being anywhere near a shop on Black Friday by the way.

I’ve managed to restrain myself and not bring up the way the Wampanoag were treated … so I’ll keep it light and skip the holiday commercialism speech too.

I DO wish everyone reading this, Peace, Gratitude and Love in their lives. May your day fill more than your stomach – may your heart be filled with precious new memories.

And hey, if you’re parents of young children, let them be loud, let them climb down from the table, let them stick their fingers into the pumpkin pie – don’t sweat the small stuff!  Because one day – they will have other plans.



Musings from the laundromat: Black Friday edition

It’s a rare day today – the second in a row that I haven’t had to go to work.  Well, not to the building that pays me anyway.

I woke at 5 am, with Butters breathing in my face.  I could feel her staring at me and confirmed it by peeking under my lashes at her very close face.

Let’s chat about Butters a second, because after I got up, let her out, switched the coffee on and went back to bed – I found the most hilarious photo posted to my Facebook wall.

I had shared some Thanksgiving photos and put one of my canine manatee up last night.

This one to be precise.


There was a comment and an altered photo from my son’s girlfriend Chelsea.  If you’re familiar with the Doge meme, you’ll find it as hilarious as I did (I still insist on pronouncing ‘Doge’ like ‘vogue’ not ‘Doje’ with the ‘j’ sound the internet has declared to be correct.  Such Shibe.  Much there’s an ‘e’ on the end – pronounce the vowel as it is in the alphabet!)

Anyway – meme grammar tangent.

Here’s the doctored photo:


SO funny.

I already loved Chelsea, but it’s sealed now.

Anyway – so I’m laughing in bed at ‘Are-you-freaking-kidding-me O’Clock’ and decide to take advantage of this extra day off and finish preparing for my guest.

I grabbed a cup of coffee – made a list (no, I didn’t check it twice Nic) which didn’t have too much on it, but I knew had to go to the bank and get a money order to pay my rent and decided the best place to go was right next to it – Walmart.

It didn’t occur to me, until after I was showered and dressed and determined – that it was Black Friday.

A fun fact about me – once I’ve decided on something, I will not change my mind.  I will not wait.  I will go about accomplishing whatever it is I’ve decided to accomplish, no matter what.  (This has resulted in tattoos, a nose piercing and a Vegas wedding.)

Some people call me stubborn.

Some people would be very right. (Such stubborn.  Much pig-headed.)

Bottom line, I was GOING to Walmart – Black Friday stampedes be damned.


Traffic wasn’t bad as I left the house at about 8:15.  Hit green lights most of the way and a good amount of tension left my stubborn shoulders.  Even watched a coyote cross the road.  (No, I don’t know why – probably he was following the chicken.)

Pulled into the shopping center – and realized the bank wasn’t open yet.

Okay – Walmart first.

I’ve never been to Walmart on Black Friday.  I’ve heard the tales – read the stories about trampled people and broken limbs – shopping shenanigans.  So I was bracing myself and when I approached the store …


Okay, it wasn’t that empty.  But I easily found a parking spot, a cart, and this claustrophobic shopper was quite comfortable inside.

No mayhem!

I was in and out in 15 minutes with only the items on my list.  I did spy some Black Friday queuing in the electronics department – that was fun.  I walked by and looked upon them with amusement.  Much as you would an exhibit at a museum or a fair.

(Such shoppers.  So Savvy.  Much money savers.)

One of my best friends works at the bank – so I got a hug as she opened the door for the half-dozen people waiting outside.  Things were going so smoothly!

Drove to the property management company, money order in hand.  Popped that into their drop box and headed home.

Green lights.  Nice commute.  Wow.

I was still in determined mode when I got home.  AND somehow had energy to back my plans with action.

Lit a candle,  put on some Christmas music and went to work.


Cleaned out the fridge, scrubbed the floor, bathed the dog(e), cleaned the tub – then the rest of the main bathroom.  Went through the pantry – even washed the little salt and pepper shaker.

7 hours after having Butter breath in my face, I was still motivated enough to gather the laundry and come here.

And here I am.

Breezing through Black Friday like a pro and stubbornly accomplishing more than one person has a right to accomplish without a cape and an alter ego.

Am wondering though, what the hell this restless girl is going to do all weekend!

Because it won’t be this:


Christmas countdown = layaway meltdown

The goblins and ghouls haven’t even tripped up the driveways grasping their candy bags yet, but my mind is on layaway!

When you’re on a meager budget – two months to eek out  layaway payments might as well be two weeks.

Christmas shopping used to be easy – and a heck of a lot cheaper.  That was before my Lego loving, Pokemon collecting boy turned into a teenager.

Although to be honest, Lego kits weren’t as inexpensive as they should have been (I think the bulk of the cost is to pay the scientists they must employee to write the instructions).

I feel SO old and out of the techy loop researching, comparing and contrasting the latest gadgets he’s widened his eyes for when they’ve come on TV.  I don’t own an MP3 player – have never held an iphone, ipad or had the opportunity to converse with ‘Siri’.

If there’s going to be any yelping or whooping or shiny Christmas eyeballs – shopping must be done NOW.

I’m wondering if they let you put Black Friday items on layaway?  Not that I’m getting up at the crack of dawn to try that out – but just curious.

Probably Siri knows.