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My first snowday – By Butters

It was very loud and windy last night. I know ‘windy’ because mom says that’s what when things fall over and noises happen outside.  I told her a lot all night that was happening by barking and I was walking around a lot too.

We did not sleep very well.

This morning, mom’s alarm went off, I usually get up and stand over her to say ‘It’s time!’ but today I was too tired.

She pressed the button she presses when she is too sleepy too.  A LOT of times.

Here is me not wanting to go out in the wind.  Mom ALWAYS takes pictures! It makes me crazy.  But, I’m glad she wants pictures of me.


Mom said “It’s New Years Eve!  I won’t be gone all day, so if you can’t go potty, I’ll be home by just after lunch ok?”

I knew she would make me go potty anyway … she always does, and I won’t leave the porch if she is not outside with me.  Even though she was late, she put on more layers of cloth and came outside.

I love the word ‘Outside’.


Mom was home WAY sooner than lunch!

We live in the desert (she calls it that.)

All I know is, when I have hair it’s too hot in the Summer, but mom doesn’t want me shaved because then I’ll be ‘sunburned’.   I know when I found my family in 2011 I have never been too cold or too hot.

Mom used to leave the front door open enough for me during ‘Summer’  Mumbled things about air-conditioning the entire neighborhood (then laughing about how other ‘adults’ used to say that?) so I could nudge my way in and out all day.

She didn’t do that this last Summer.

I live near people she didn’t want me nudging out to.

That’s all I understand about it.


When mom was at work today – something happened that hasn’t happened EVER in my life!  It hadn’t happened ever in my mom’s life here either!!!

Mom said it was called, Snow.

She got to be home early because of ‘snow’.

It started out like this at mom’s work:


Then she came home and let me see it!


This was my very first snow day!!! ( I told you mom takes a lot of pictures)


This is a blurry picture of me first seeing the white stuff.


Then things got crazy!

These fluffy things kept coming out of the sky!!! I didn’t mind them.  I love rain.  I loved the fluffy things too!  Mom was with me – and kept making excited noises about it all.


This is my boy going to his car to get something … he said his ‘thing’ from the car was frozen … mom kept singing ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’ even though she’s never seen the movie I hear it’s from.

But she DID make one!


It had blueberry eyes that I got to eat!!!!!!!

This was the best day ever!

Here are some more pictures mom took of me.



And here are my pawprints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was sad about my tennis ball …


But mom said it would ‘warm up’ again.

All my things outside are wet …

This is my bed … and my green thing!


Mom said they would dry.

It got too cold outside.  (I still love that word ‘OUTSIDE!’)

So mom and my boy said snow could come INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I liked the ‘snowballs’ they made – because they tasted like water and felt like a ball.




My mom says I can’t leave out this photo … I was ‘being cute’

here it is – and I was cold!


but OH so happy!  And now, I’m snuggly on my couch … and my mom says I should say ‘thank you’ because a lot of people have read about me this year and she says I have a lot of ‘fans’.


Parades, phalanges and procrastination


It’s freezing in my house.  A chilly 70 degrees.  Yes, that’s cold.  When you’re used to temps in the 120’s.

I can barely feel my toes.  I refuse to turn the heater up – I just got the electricity bill down from the Summer.  I don’t need the gas bill competing with it.

Since my son was church mousing around the house at 4 in the morning, I’m sure I won’t be seeing his bright-eyed face until it’s almost time to go to my parents house this afternoon.

So, Butters and I have been watching the Thanksgiving Day parades and pacing.  Mostly I’m pacing.  She’s relocated a few times.

I can never sit still.

I go from room to room – swipe my email update – check Facebook – go to another room – make a mental list of everything that needs to be done in said room, then leave it.

I’m bathed – dressed – and bored.

I’m sure there’s someone out there completely inundated with people and activity that would love to switch places with me.

They would know better what to do with boredom.  Not me.  I am restless!

Unmotivated and restless.

It’s a really bad combination of things to be.  I could have had at least 3 projects crossed off my list right now if I had a teeny tiny bit of motivation in me this morning.

I think by typing I feel like I’m getting something accomplished – besides, it keeps my fingers from freezing.

Speaking of fingers.  Yesterday I managed to staple my finger …

I happened to have two people in my office at the time – and much to their amusement I did the ‘Is it bad?? OMG, I don’t want to look … IS it bad?? Look … no, wait – don’t look’ thing.  All whilst giggling.


One visitor took photos while the other said “Oh, yeah, that’s in there.” Then proceeded to leave me.

Not before announcing to my boss in the room across from us, “She stapled her finger,” to which there was no response.

I think he’s pretty used to hearing anything when it comes to a) Announcements (muttering, unprovoked fits of laughter, cursing) from my office b) Updates from other people as to what Amanda has managed to do now.  He’s desensitized.  Can’t blame him really.

Probably he managed an eyeroll – maybe even sighed a little.

I was laughing and wondering if the femoral artery got anywhere near the finger tip –  (It could!  Well … if you’re scratching your leg) then just bravely strolled to the kitchen, grabbed a bandaid from the friend that left, turned on the faucet and yanked the offending staple from my sore phalange.

It really wasn’t bad at all.  Provided a little excitement on a day that was crawling by.  (I swear, the clock was taking one tick forward and two ticks back!)

Much like today.  Some teeny bopper is singing with Ninja Turtles on the tv.  Butters is sleeping in the living room and I’m shivering at the kitchen table.

For the sake of not becoming hypothermic – I shall bid you all a Happy Thanksgiving (And Hanukkah!)  and start one of my projects.