Today was bonkers – in a good way.  If it’s bonkers, it means we’re busy at work.  Which is always a very good thing in real estate.

But after staring at my computer screen, with my only break being cleaning the bathroom and collecting the trash – which, was a reprieve, I was done by 3:30 mentally, and completely grumpy – which, I owned.

At one point, one of the owners who was playing music asked “Everyone ok with this?” I’ll be honest.  I always am.  And, side note, I love everyone I work with – but to me, it was elevator music, and with my grumpy, I quipped without thinking, “I’m just waiting for the Macy’s girl to spritz me with perfume.”  Which, got a laugh. And that was nice.


Car is still out of commission – it needs a new PCM.  *sigh*  $$$

Won’t be ready until middle-to-end of next week.

New PCM is coming from New Hampshire.

Then they have to ‘flash’ it.  Poor PCM.  I hope it isn’t traumatized.



The great thing is, my son has totally stepped up and taken me to work and picked me up.  Reminded me of taking him to school, and that very rare one on one opportunity to just ‘hang’.  We chatted, listened to the only music I introduced him to that he loves, Dave Matthews Band – and spent time together.  I have cherished this.  I have missed my kid.  Yeah, my 20-year-old kid, but he’s mine none the less.  I HAVE missed him.

So, maybe everything DOES happen for a reason.

Maybe we needed brief, quality time together.

So today, I had to find a ride home.  First, it was “get off early, borrow my car and go grocery shopping.”  Then I decided it has been a freaking long week and I would rather do anything less exhausting than going anywhere!

So, the men went shopping.

(Nic had to work and could not pick me up.)


This is NOT an accurate portrayal of how my men shop.   I go to the store site, download coupons, and …. well, here.


My response:


So, I didn’t get that stuff, but our fridge holds sustainable items.

That’s all I care about.

I’m so into ‘enough’.


Having what we need, not what we want.

Sometimes, you really don’t need what you want.

But, as thunder sounds around us, in surround sound – I’m feeling very appreciative of the desert.  Hoping my car isn’t scared.  (Yeah, I’m still into inanimate objects having feelings – she’s deserted!  Wait – deserted in the desert … poetic)

Butters is curled around Jim’s feet, probably dreaming of the mini-lake that happens when it floods.  She has such fun!

This was her last ‘pond’ in our yard:



Did I care that she was wet?  Did I care that she brought mud in?  Nope.  She had a blast!

So … the week is over – and I’m hanging out with the man I love, who, by the way, made it through at the TOP of the survivor type blog.  Thank you all who voted.

Get ready for next week.

And I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

And Nic, thanks for taking me back to when we hung out and thank you for helping me get to work. And Jim, thank you for shopping today so I didn’t have to.  Love you both So much!

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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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