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I’ve had this word in my head for days.

I have no clue when or how it popped into my subconscious – but it obviously felt too crowded in there and made space in the forefront of my brain.

I didn’t know there was any room left, what with all my other tenants: Tangents, imaginary problems, over thought real issues, and daydreams.

But, there it is.


Moved in and unpacking its belongings – wondering if there’s enough space in the dumpster to dispose of the boxes and newspapers it had its fragile things wrapped in.  (Probably then it felt a little guilty for considering just tossing its packing debris and not recycling.)

packing peanuts

The wind in the desert has been ubiquitous of late.

It’s an icy wind that slaps you in the face, waters your eyes and has you hugging yourself tightly.  (I like the hug part.  I haven’t had a hug from another human being in a very long time.)

Every time I walk outside my office – I think of that fable about the wind and the sun.  Which one could get the man to remove the jacket.  The wind boasted it could – and tried first – of course, the man only drew his coat tighter – the sun shone and the man, too warm, removed his jacket.


Every time!

Then I go off on a tangent in my head about the metaphor and think of similar ones .  By the time I’m back in my chair I’m focused on being kind – knowing people respond to kind.  (Or maybe it would be easier to just turn the central heat up?)

The thing about this wind: the first time I came to this area to visit my parents, I encountered it and I remember thinking, there’s no way I could EVER live in this area.

I knew the wind would drive me bonkers.

You just get relief from temperatures in the 120’s – then you can’t enjoy being outside because the wind is ready to bite at you and push your patio furniture into the pool.  (I don’t have a pool but I’ve seen it happen first hand and thought I’d throw that in there … much like the wind does.)

Anyway, I was NEVER going to move here … Yet here I am.

The other thing is – I might be the only one that remembers that the wind happens every single year,  because the complaints about the wind are ubiquitous too.

“It’s windy outside!”

“It’s cold out there!”

“That wind has been blowing for three days straight!”

“Wish that wind would lay down!”

“It would be nice if it weren’t so windy!”

This is from people who have been in the area long enough to know that this happens every fucking year.

(I needed to say that.  Sometimes I crave the feeling of a shocking word leaving my mouth.)

Anyway, Stop it.

We know.

It’s windy.  It was windy last year, and the year before that.

I’m taking an educated guess that next year, ‘round this time … it’s going to be windy.

Hopefully Ubiquitous will have disposed of its packing material responsibly, or there will be packing peanuts in my imaginary pool and tumbleweed boxes smacking up against my tangents.



Thinking a lot about words lately.  Ever since my friend that visited the other night said I deserved something.

Deserve sounds like a grabby, greedy, Veruca Salt word to me.  Like you could insert ‘entitled to’ instead and have the sentence come out the same way.


I don’t think I ‘deserve’ anything.  In fact, I’m very lucky I have NOT ‘got what I deserve’ lol

I prefer to think in terms of ‘am I worthy of that?’.  But, the definition is the same.  It’s just the way ‘deserved’ is used and abused … the lightness and worthiness has been taken out of the word for me.

Strange isn’t it.


My friend, Lisa, sends me a quote every weekday and it’s funny how often we differently interpret the words, and in turn, the meaning of them.

Today’s was:

“You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.”

— John Morley,

I took it to mean: because someone isn’t voicing their opposition to your beliefs anymore, doesn’t mean they share them.

She took it to mean: being silenced in a violent manner may shut them up, but did not have an overall impact on their opinion.

I told her I loved that we saw things differently and end up meeting in the middle. And I do.

This afternoon I was speaking to an account executive that I’m friendly with and we spoke of words.

She has a co-worker who likes to say ‘Coral’ just because he likes the sound of it.  So he’ll ask random things like, ‘that blouse, is it Coral?’ 

He’s apparently been using ‘commiserate’ a lot lately too.  Usually incorrectly, as long as he can squeeze it into a sentence.

That cracks me up.  I love it.  I would love that person if I knew them.

Just the fun of using a word you like.  Not even caring if it fit the situation. I’m smiling thinking about it.  How many ways he finds to say ‘coral’ every day. 

It’s charming really.

I have my favorite words – and they are favorites not because of their meanings, but because of how they feel coming out of my mouth.  (hush)

I’m ALWAYS saying ‘bonkers!’  “That’s bonkers!” In fact, if I had another animal, I’d probably name it Bonkers.  Could you imagine? Butters and Bonkers?

I love the word pancake.  I was never a huge fan of ‘cake’ the actual food – until lately – so I get to say ‘cake’ a lot but it’s not as satisfying as ‘pancake’.

I like to say shenanigans, tangent, plethora and juxtaposition too.

You’ve got to know what you’re doing when you throw ‘juxtaposition’ around. I’ve done it successfully here in a few posts – and I’m always internally giving myself a high-five when I do pull it off.

It’s funny to me that my friend doesn’t like it.  How different we all are. 

How words touch us in such varied ways. 

Some of her favorite words are: filibuster, skulk and kitteh.  (I wasn’t going to argue that ‘kitteh’ isn’t a word – but it is in the meme world.  And how do you define a word anyway?  If it can be verbally accomplished and spelled isn’t that a word?)

It’s really just a shame I have a problem communicating orally – I have SO many words I want to use out loud.

Until I garner that skill – I’ll just keep typing them here.

Happy Friday … Coral!!!


Stop it! 

No, I didn’t create the word, and I’m certain I’m not the only one who uses it – but for the past year I have been the only one I’ve heard that says it on a daily basis.  OK, so people around me have started saying it, but that’s sort of adorable. 

For over two years I’ve been substituting other colorful words and phrases with such gems like: “That’s bananas!”  “Cheese and rice!” “Bonkers!”  (My sentences used to be peppered with a vocabulary that would make a sailor blush).

But I digress. I’m innocently sitting here this morning listening to the news and a story about McAfee, who has abandoned his mission to protect our operating systems for hiding in the sand, was just described as “Bonkers!” by an anchor!

Next thing you know, Justin Timberlake will be singing,

“I’m bringin’ bonkers back, (yeah!)” And he might just be cool enough to get credit for it too!

‘Bonkers’ was carefully wrapped in tissue, surrounded by polystyrene peanuts and placed in the back of a vocabulary storage container in a very inconspicuous box.  I was the one who carefully retrieved it, getting spider webs in my hair while tripping over other words like: ‘gnarly’ and ‘plethora’. 

I almost took Seth McFarlane to task after seeing ‘Teddy Bonkers’ in an American Dad episode … trying to bite my style!  The nerve! 

I call shenanigans!

And before you say “I use that all the time!”  I say to you “La, la, la, I can’t hear you!” 

It’s Bonkers I tell you!  BONKERS!