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Thinking a lot about words lately.  Ever since my friend that visited the other night said I deserved something.

Deserve sounds like a grabby, greedy, Veruca Salt word to me.  Like you could insert ‘entitled to’ instead and have the sentence come out the same way.


I don’t think I ‘deserve’ anything.  In fact, I’m very lucky I have NOT ‘got what I deserve’ lol

I prefer to think in terms of ‘am I worthy of that?’.  But, the definition is the same.  It’s just the way ‘deserved’ is used and abused … the lightness and worthiness has been taken out of the word for me.

Strange isn’t it.


My friend, Lisa, sends me a quote every weekday and it’s funny how often we differently interpret the words, and in turn, the meaning of them.

Today’s was:

“You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.”

— John Morley,

I took it to mean: because someone isn’t voicing their opposition to your beliefs anymore, doesn’t mean they share them.

She took it to mean: being silenced in a violent manner may shut them up, but did not have an overall impact on their opinion.

I told her I loved that we saw things differently and end up meeting in the middle. And I do.

This afternoon I was speaking to an account executive that I’m friendly with and we spoke of words.

She has a co-worker who likes to say ‘Coral’ just because he likes the sound of it.  So he’ll ask random things like, ‘that blouse, is it Coral?’ 

He’s apparently been using ‘commiserate’ a lot lately too.  Usually incorrectly, as long as he can squeeze it into a sentence.

That cracks me up.  I love it.  I would love that person if I knew them.

Just the fun of using a word you like.  Not even caring if it fit the situation. I’m smiling thinking about it.  How many ways he finds to say ‘coral’ every day. 

It’s charming really.

I have my favorite words – and they are favorites not because of their meanings, but because of how they feel coming out of my mouth.  (hush)

I’m ALWAYS saying ‘bonkers!’  “That’s bonkers!” In fact, if I had another animal, I’d probably name it Bonkers.  Could you imagine? Butters and Bonkers?

I love the word pancake.  I was never a huge fan of ‘cake’ the actual food – until lately – so I get to say ‘cake’ a lot but it’s not as satisfying as ‘pancake’.

I like to say shenanigans, tangent, plethora and juxtaposition too.

You’ve got to know what you’re doing when you throw ‘juxtaposition’ around. I’ve done it successfully here in a few posts – and I’m always internally giving myself a high-five when I do pull it off.

It’s funny to me that my friend doesn’t like it.  How different we all are. 

How words touch us in such varied ways. 

Some of her favorite words are: filibuster, skulk and kitteh.  (I wasn’t going to argue that ‘kitteh’ isn’t a word – but it is in the meme world.  And how do you define a word anyway?  If it can be verbally accomplished and spelled isn’t that a word?)

It’s really just a shame I have a problem communicating orally – I have SO many words I want to use out loud.

Until I garner that skill – I’ll just keep typing them here.

Happy Friday … Coral!!!