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Stop it! 

No, I didn’t create the word, and I’m certain I’m not the only one who uses it – but for the past year I have been the only one I’ve heard that says it on a daily basis.  OK, so people around me have started saying it, but that’s sort of adorable. 

For over two years I’ve been substituting other colorful words and phrases with such gems like: “That’s bananas!”  “Cheese and rice!” “Bonkers!”  (My sentences used to be peppered with a vocabulary that would make a sailor blush).

But I digress. I’m innocently sitting here this morning listening to the news and a story about McAfee, who has abandoned his mission to protect our operating systems for hiding in the sand, was just described as “Bonkers!” by an anchor!

Next thing you know, Justin Timberlake will be singing,

“I’m bringin’ bonkers back, (yeah!)” And he might just be cool enough to get credit for it too!

‘Bonkers’ was carefully wrapped in tissue, surrounded by polystyrene peanuts and placed in the back of a vocabulary storage container in a very inconspicuous box.  I was the one who carefully retrieved it, getting spider webs in my hair while tripping over other words like: ‘gnarly’ and ‘plethora’. 

I almost took Seth McFarlane to task after seeing ‘Teddy Bonkers’ in an American Dad episode … trying to bite my style!  The nerve! 

I call shenanigans!

And before you say “I use that all the time!”  I say to you “La, la, la, I can’t hear you!” 

It’s Bonkers I tell you!  BONKERS!