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Too hot and work and stuff

Even though it was a ‘short’ week at work, it felt loooooong.

We’ve added another family member at work and I’m so excited for her!

I’ve come to know that my services encompass the following:  Accountant, Quarterly tax preparer, receptionist, social media delegate, compliance assistant, keeper of all that is important, Website creator (from scratch) graphic artist, promoter, supply provider, janitor, creator of logo, creator of business system, excel formula, Social Media updater ….  God and … Eater of all that is left over.


I think I deserve that left over food 😉

I took this photo at 5 minutes to 5 because the (1) lighting was good

(2) I had cleared my inboxes and was watching the clock because it’s Friday – I’m not going to lie. Lol.


Thing is – I’m happy every day at work.

No joke.

No sucking up.

I am SO lucky to have an environment I can say “What the F$&# ” out loud when I have a problem on my computer.

We are not retail, I don’t have to edit myself when we are alone.

We ARE on our best behavior when customers are in the house.

I have made life long friends at work. Well, when you spend many years with a specific people – that’s either bound to happen, or not.

Luckily for me – it happened.


So now I’m home.

And my pup is happy about it.

And! AND!  I tried to save my roses and they seem semi-saved


Gawd bless them – they’re tryin’!

Tomorrow – a pedicure with my mum and I get to spend some Kohls cash – and as much as I want a dress … I’m thinking Sun Blocking Curtains to help the electric bill.

It’s bonkers now, I can’t even imagine August!


Peace out Soupers – and I hope YOU are staying cool. :/

Musings from the Laundromat: ‘First week’ edition

The first week of work.

Well, well, well.

I learned a LOT (understatement of the year), but what I think I learned most importantly was:

a) Being in the mortgage business for 15 years doesn’t help jack when you’re suddenly in the real estate business

b) I’m still WAY too hard on myself.

Here’s a little visual of how the week went.

First day:


Later that day:


Later same day:


Intermittently throughout day:


Everyday at my notes when I tried to work unattended:


Thank GOD the person leaving the post (real post, not blog post) is kind, and patient, and put up with my OCD note taking.

I literally wrote the same procedures down in triplicate without knowing it.

By day three I had 2 binders full of paper and dividers and stickers …

My mentor just sat.  And smiled.  And taught.

Now, you would think that learning an industry language I didn’t know how to speak, and how to operate 3 new systems I’d never even heard of before – would be what I was most anxious about.


The Phones.

Oh my God.

The vast ‘think on your feet and don’t stutter’ scenarios that end up being on the other end of the line, pale in comparison to the mind-blowing multi-line phone system.

Mother of God!



To top it off, I have to say “It’s a great day at ______” when I answer the phone. This has been answered by such responses as: “Bullshit” and “Is it? Is it really?”


I was feeling more comfortable by day 5 – and this is where my years in the area did come in handy – I knew a lot of the people (escrow officers etc.) who were calling.

It’s really just going to all come down to repetition, trial and error and experience – and I need to remember that.

As I said earlier to my friends – I’m learning a new language, and already expecting myself to speak it fluently, know proper grammar and have the accent down.

And let’s face it – I haven’t even achieved THAT in my native tongue. 😉

“No one’s irreplaceable”


That is what I heard today.  “No one’s irreplaceable.” 

It wasn’t directed at me – but I suppose, indirectly, as it was their philosophy, it was.  Especially when taking into consideration the fact that this person has the power to replace me.

I beg to differ with this theory. 

I get the logic – of course I do.  And yes, you can fill a position with another body. But are they bringing to the table the same qualities as their predecessor?  Same skill set perhaps, but what about those extra gifts that are as individual as the person offering them?

In my opinion, the stance that no one is irreplaceable is incredibly short-sighted and unhealthy for a company’s growth.

Shouldn’t employers be nurturing, encouraging and teaching their employees to be some what irreplaceable?  Not to the point of debilitating the company should that person have to leave – but in the interest of success, shouldn’t you make your employees feel wanted and needed?

I hope I would do that.  If I were in a position of staffing a company, I would want my employees to feel valuable.

I personally give my all – and more, every day. 

And I’d be lying if I said I don’t punch things into overdrive when a customer compliments me, or I’m told I am excelling at something. 

If I feel appreciated, I want to thank that person by continuing to please them.

I don’t mean that employees should get a pat on the back for performing the job they’re paid to do. 

No need to put a gold star on finished work that should be finished.


But I do believe if someone is going the extra mile of their own volition, and in turn, making your company more successful, they should be acknowledged. 

If they are making your customers feel amazing and are loyal and hardworking, they should be recognized.  And, that person is, to a degree, irreplaceable. 

I was reminded of these lines from “You’ve Got Mail”

Joe Fox: It wasn’t… personal.
Kathleen Kelly: What is that supposed to mean? I am so sick of that. All that means is that it wasn’t personal to you. But it was personal to me. It’s *personal* to a lot of people. And what’s so wrong with being personal, anyway?
Joe Fox: Uh, nothing.
Kathleen Kelly: Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.

No matter how hard I try not to make work personal, or bring it home with me in my head – I do.  I care.

And when you spend more time with the people you work with than your own family – how do you disengage? 

Work can be bonkers.  Teddy Bonkers.  But, as long as I can put my head on my pillow at night knowing I did the best I could  – and as long as I stay VERY very grateful for having a job – it’s all good.