The advent calendar debacle

Busy week!  Busy at work, tired at home – actually overslept a couple of mornings ago too.  Blogging has been almost impossible considering – plus, my son has been hogging the computer during the fleeting hours in the evening we share awake.

I have to tell you about the day before my big outing to the laundromat.

November’s trips to the grocery store were met with an advent calendar display at the checkout.  I was tempted every time to grab one (at $1.50 who could resist?).   Apparently I could.  “It’s only November for crying out loud”.  I told myself.  “Probably the chocolate will go bad if I buy it this early”.  I told myself.

The fact that the very same advent calendars in December would be the ones from November didn’t dawn on me.  

Any who.  It’s the first shopping trip of December and I’m determined to come home with that little cardboard holiday delight.  DETERMINED.

Off we go.  Shopping done – to the checkout.  Um … where are they??  I panicked and glanced around (why is it when you want someone to ask ‘are you finding everything ok?’ they don’t??). 

I fancied myself an extroverted get things done type person in my head, “You there!  Yes, you.  Direct me to your advent calendars – the checkout display has been displaced”.  What really happened was I just stood there, all pitiful looking  – my son rolling his eyes. 

I did find someone who accidentally made eye contact with me.  “No, they sold out”.  Ug.

I was not going home without a freaking advent calendar.  Fine. We’ll check out and go to another store. 

Next store – none.  Managed to lose my son in a Christmas aisle – (that brought back memories).

Once I found him, probably he thought we were going home – oh heck no.

Off to another shop!!

And, they did have advent calendars.  Approximately 4 of them.  All the same design.

The epitome of Christmas – the perfect touch for a Season of Joy and a daily countdown …


Oh yeah.  Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like Disney Pixar’s ‘Cars’.  Pfft. :-/

I’ve never even seen the movie – but that was all there was.  It came home with us.

I ranted a little on Facebook – and dutifully peeled the doors open for  about 5 days. Pathetic little squares of horrible chocolate flopping out.

I had to force Nic to participate … ‘Let’s find ‘2’ … isn’t this exciting?!  Your turn to find 2!’.  Evidently it wasn’t all that exciting. 

I have a friend (remember Lisa the BFF that I said would be showing up in more posts?  Yeah her.  The one currently prepping for a business trip to Hong Kong tonight – lucky!)  Anyway, she caught wind of my advent issue.

Came home this week to a big box. 

The Christmas countdown is on now!

Looky what came in the mail. 


Now I have 3!  Three advent calendars! ^_^ Aren’t they gorgeous??

The interest in participating has increased around here.  The chocolate is amazing. 

This morning, as Nic was peeling open day 7 on the new ones unprompted, I asked, “Hey – what about the ‘Cars’ one?”

“That’s on you” he said.

Actually wrapped some gifts tonight in his absence.  The countdown is on – and it’s yummy.

And since he’s spending the night out – looks like I’ll be enjoying 3 chocolates for breakfast tomorrow. 🙂

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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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  1. Thanks! I’ve missed you the last couple of days.

    • aw really? That’s nice to say. I’ve just had nothing interesting to blog about. I’ll be posting all about tomorrows Christmas party – that should be fun. Mostly it will be about my inability to apply make-up for such an event and me stressing out about what to wear – but hey, watch this space. 😉 I’m sure it will be thrilling. LOL!

  2. I wish they would make an advent calendar with “To do” directions under the doors. I have so much to do that I find myself sorting sizes of bobby pins and organizing tupper ware. I cant get to the bigger picture when there are so many fun projects that catch my interest.Shoot.

    • Thats a great idea!! Like “Have you mailed your over seas cards yet? On day 5 etc. Ha! Perfect Alyce. One of them does have cute little rhyming sayings on it … todays is: ‘Here’s a chocolate with a string. From your tree watch it swing’. 🙂

  3. I like strings as well as chocolate that swings!

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