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Worth Waiting For



I have very good instincts.

I have always been able to trust my gut – having said that, this does not mean I’ve always made the right choices.

In my past, I definitely self sabotaged.  Let people into my life that satisfied a need to treat myself poorly or provided a lesson I needed to learn.

But, still I knew who they were and what I was getting into deep down.

I’m healthier now – I’ve worked out most of my demons – I’ve grown and blossomed.

I need to trust that – and not the opinions of others.

To be honest, this past year, I let doubt and negativity in and allowed my faith to waiver.

Not anymore.

I was never more certain my trust has been placed in the right hands than I was yesterday.

I was renewed with patience.  With affirmation that what I’ve put my life on hold for is worth it.  Not only is it worth it – it IS my life.


I couldn’t love someone who didn’t have a passion – who didn’t think of others or want to better the world by being of service somehow.  Whether that be education, art, charity …

Selfishness is ugly.

There is nothing less attractive than a soul wrapped up in self.

I’ve felt guilty of this when I’ve privately pouted that I could not have the person I wait for sooner.   The selfless thing to do IS to wait.

I feel with every fiber of my soul that what the object of my affection is doing something so much more important and so much bigger than ‘us’.

I do not say this as a martyr.  I say this as an educated member of humanity.  It is truth.

I can wait.

And I know what I’m waiting for is worth it.  I know this.

And I know I can trust my instincts.