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Beautiful lady, beautiful poem

I follow an amazing blog written by a friend I used to go to High School with.  You can find it on the right under Blogs I follow – Everyday Asperger’s.

I’m also friends with Sam on Facebook and she had posted a video of her reading a poem today.   My favorite part (other than the amazing poem) was at the beginning, she was a little self-conscious on camera and said ‘I hate my mouth’ immediately followed with affirmations to put herself into a positive place,  ‘I love my mouth, I love my mouth’.

This lady inspires me.  She moves me.  She exudes love and light.  She is someone I would put on a list of personal heroes should I ever be called to write such a list.

Sam was (and still is) gorgeous, warm, funny, bright, generous and so very sweet.  She was the popular girl without the attitude.  The cheerleader who really had spirit.  (‘She had spirit, how ’bout you?!’ sorry – couldn’t resist LOL!)  And man, could she nail her straight arms and lines – I was on the Varsity cheer squad and she was a Song Leader (I believe that’s right?  It’s been so long.).  Sam was kind to everybody.  You could look at her on the outside and never for one second believe that she ever experienced adversity or sorrow, ever struggled nor knew pain.  Sam exuded joy. 

If we had never reconnected, I would never have had the chance to tell her this.  But I am blessed to have had the opportunity. 

You know that email that floats around – it’s something along the lines of (and I’m SO paraphrasing here) ‘there’s at least one person that thinks of you that you’ll never know about, one person that loves you, one person … etc.’ I’m so blowing it, but I hope you get the point. 

Sam was someone who crossed my mind occasionally, she made that much of an impression on me. And she would never have known that had we not reconnected.

I digress.  Without further ado, here’s her poem, re-printed with her permission.  This brought tears to my eyes, more so after an especially sweet compliment about my spirit from someone I look up to on my spiritual journey.  My friend, Samantha Craft. 

“Dear Soul of Mine ~

I love you. I see you. I hear you. I believe you. I believe in your experience and perception. I believe in your efforts and hopes. I know you. And I adore you. There is nothing you can do or say that will change this. I have the potential to love you in all seasons, through storms and through merriment. I will not leave your side, nor your heart. I am you. You are beautiful. And because you are so beautiful, a spring of fresh light and goodness, I shall always love you. There is only pureness in you. I choose this. I choose to see the glorious child you are. I see through that which is not you. I see into your true form, and this makes me weep with joy. How lovely you are, in all your seasons, in all your ways. How perfectly lovely, my adored one.”

©Samantha Craft

“Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey!”


There’s nothing more contagious than a good mood.  I remember I LOVED being the last one to wake up when I was young! On those rare occasions,  I could hear chatter in the house, smell food cooking and the sun was streaming across my bed for me to stretch out in.  Bonus if the people in the house were laughing, man, that made my day!

I try to remember that.  The mornings my son comes out of his room and I am in a good mood, perhaps singing in the kitchen or laughing at something the dog has done, have an immediate affect on him. His morning mood (and we’re really not morning people) visibly changes for the better. I can literally help him have a great day by sending him out of the door with a smile on his face.  Amazing what an authentic smile can pass on juxtaposed to a grumpy disposition.

I decide to be happy.  Most of the time.

Same rule applies at work.  I smile, I laugh, I retain a calm attitude and it rubs off on those around me.  We have SUCH power to make the atmosphere around us positive!  It’s a beautiful thing.

Not feeling it?  Remember, it’s contagious – so even if you fake that first happy domino the people you’ve passed it on to will send it back your way. 🙂