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“Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey!”


There’s nothing more contagious than a good mood.  I remember I LOVED being the last one to wake up when I was young! On those rare occasions,  I could hear chatter in the house, smell food cooking and the sun was streaming across my bed for me to stretch out in.  Bonus if the people in the house were laughing, man, that made my day!

I try to remember that.  The mornings my son comes out of his room and I am in a good mood, perhaps singing in the kitchen or laughing at something the dog has done, have an immediate affect on him. His morning mood (and we’re really not morning people) visibly changes for the better. I can literally help him have a great day by sending him out of the door with a smile on his face.  Amazing what an authentic smile can pass on juxtaposed to a grumpy disposition.

I decide to be happy.  Most of the time.

Same rule applies at work.  I smile, I laugh, I retain a calm attitude and it rubs off on those around me.  We have SUCH power to make the atmosphere around us positive!  It’s a beautiful thing.

Not feeling it?  Remember, it’s contagious – so even if you fake that first happy domino the people you’ve passed it on to will send it back your way. 🙂