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Musings from the Laundromat: ‘Twas 3 nights before Christmas


This is my last musing from the laundromat before Christmas.  I just peeked up from my table and over a washer to see if there were any decorations … I do see a fake poinsettia poked strategically in a fake potted plant – but other than that – nope.

Halloween they had a skeleton on the bathroom door – perhaps it is a paganmat – which would be fine by me, only I don’t see any solstice decorations either.  No Yule altars on the folding tables.

Anyway, what was I saying?  Oh yes, this is the last musing before Christmas (tangents are your gift, you’re welcome.)

I’ve decided I have the best friends on the planet.

Friday my friend Ruth brought tears to my eyes and renewed my faith that if you do the right things, and are kind – you DO receive kindness in return.  The point is though, you shouldn’t expect it.

Kindness is magic.  Right Derek?


It occurs to me, I really need to look into what photos I can use from the internet – but I can think of worst things than Ricky Gervais asking me to remove something.

‘Madame, kindly (the magical kind) remove the photo of me and the dog.’  Or, ‘Madame, kindly (still the magical kind) remove your clothing.’  :-O Ricky!!!

Back to expecting things.

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t expect anything.  Almost to the point of channeling Eeyore. Hope from time to time?  Yes.  But certainly don’t expect.

Yesterday I went shopping – it wasn’t as bonkers as I was expecting.  (Oh my goodness!  I DO expect things.)

I didn’t cross everything off of my list, but got to say ‘Merry Christmas’ a few times and had the experience of being outside with other humans, so it was overall pretty great.

That’s another facet to this season I was missing.  I was telling my friend Betty … I haven’t BEEN anywhere!  One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the cheer and good nature from strangers.

It’s hard to bump into a stranger and witness cheer or good nature when I’m either in an office, driving to and from the office, or in my house (Gawd, I would HOPE I didn’t ‘bump into’ a stranger whilst driving!  Or in my house.  Because we know, Butters is crap at protecting me.)

Betty gave me some pretty adorable little earrings.  (She knows me – she knows I only do ‘little’.)


She also gave me a ceramic gingerbread house that warms oil that Nic has adopted.  That child has inherited my love of scents it seems.

He keeps absconding with candles and air freshening devices into his room.

The entire house smells of  peppermint this morning courtesy of the late night fragrance kid.

Speaking of fragrances – after my shopping experience, I checked the mail.

There was a small box for me from my friend Rachel.

An entire bag of samples!!!  I was over the moon.  🙂  She read my December 15th post and was sweet enough to send me more ‘little scents’ to be excited about.

(Probably I should hide them from Nic.  Although – he hasn’t shown any interest in my perfumes yet … just household fragrance devices.)

So this brings me to wonder, if I blog about something – will it be sent to me?

If so – here’s what else I love.

Kindness for you.

Health and happiness for you and yours.

Wishes to come true for you.

Love for you.

And serenity and a peaceful heart – for you.

I’ll take a naked mole rat colony please and Santa, I’ve been good, may I please have my lobster?