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Mouth Contractions

When I was pregnant, I made the decision to have a natural birth.  I decided I wanted the drug free experience of giving birth.

By hour 13, after blacking in and out of consciousness and repeating the word ‘Ow’ so many times and so loudly that I probably had any women in a 10 mile radius changing their minds about getting pregnant, I told my mom – ‘please tell them I want the drugs, I can’t take it anymore’.

Too late.

As a nurse came to check me, she announced my child (I wanted the sex a secret) had blonde hair.

It was time to push.

I would however, go through the same pain everyday over and over if the end result was my son.

Thursday night had pain coming in intense waves.  Much like contractions in the transition phase.  I felt something building, knew what was to come and whimpered at the prospect.  Sharp, intense pain – affecting my entire mouth, ear, jaw and eye.  I did not sleep a wink.  I cried out, I sobbed, I shook and trembled while repeating ‘Ow’.

A tooth infection.

I had no one.  I was in the most pain I had been in since giving birth.  No lie.

My poor dog didn’t sleep a wink either and alternated between caring protector to annoyed tired canine.

I reached out on Facebook.  Did anyone have any remedies?  Any new ideas for relief??  I was too tired to Google and scroll.  And I needed human interaction.

I’m writing about this because nothing was working and maybe one day, someone will be googling and stumble upon this post and find something that will work for them.

I was not going the listerine route, as I can not drink and the ingredient in mouthwash that stops the pain is the alcohol.  But, when Nic had an issue with his mouth last year, it gave him immediate results.

Other solutions offered were: Cloves, salt water, Orajel, ibuprofen.  All should work with a mild toothache.

But if you have a serious dental issue, with exposed pulp and intense pain – don’t put ANYTHING in it, never mind a whole clove in there.  As for the Orajel, it worked on the less serious teeth, but not the culprit.  In fact, it made it worse.  It stung and throbbed.

It wasn’t until about 5 am, when I had given up on any hope of sleeping that I Googled.

Funny that when I think back to when I was sitting up typing out my night – there was some relief.  I found a site that explained that the nerves are of course a part of the circulatory system and when we lay down, the blood pumps with more vigor.  In layman’s terms, sit up, it hurts less.  Had I known that at 2 or 3, I might have tried sleeping sitting up on the couch.

I had so many milograms of acetomenaphin coursing through my veins, I’m surprised my liver is still working today.  Nothing helped.

The one thing I knew would help, I couldn’t find.  Heating pad.

I went to work and immediately called my dentist.  They will not work on you if you have an infection.  I knew I had to get prescriptions for antibiotics.  And I knew I needed pain killers.

Ironic that my previous post was about being appreciated at work – one of my bosses insisted that he go to the dentist for me.  I couldn’t drive anymore than I had to.  He left immediately and picked up the prescriptions and I went home.

I’m not a call-in-sick person.  But if they had said ‘no’ when I asked to go home, I would have had to leave anyway Friday.  It was that bad.

I understand not being able to afford to go to the dentist.  We’ve established I’m a single mom, working a full-time job and a part-time side job, and I have no insurance.  I’ve been putting off having this particular tooth taken care of for a couple of reasons.  When it doesn’t hurt, I don’t think about it, and it’s easy for other expenses to take priority.  I’m also pretty scared as my dentist won’t remove the tooth – instead he’d prefer an oral surgeon do it.  It’s really quite bad.

I’ve trained myself to eat around it, I avoid the molar.  But in waiting too long, the molar next to it is deteriorating too.  So – I started using the left side of my mouth.  Which resulted in a top left molar also being damaged.  My mouth is a painful mess.

Bottom line is this.  Find a dentist that will work with you.  Make it a priority.  Going immediately eliminates the need to go through such pain and avoiding it only makes the problem worse and more costly.

I took my prescriptions to the pharmacy and picked up a heat pack.  If you’re in agony – whether from an infected tooth, or an earache – try heat.

Heat, in conjunction with the antibiotics and pain killers afforded me some sleep last night.  And as soon as I’m finished with the course of Keflex, I’m GOING to make that appointment to have the tooth removed.


Root beer float and peach pie love

Hadn’t felt well last night – my heart learned a new trick last night and was showing it off.  I held tight to my 40-year-old bear ‘Teddy’ and slept.  This morning, it was still demonstrating its new trick.  ‘Tug, kick, gurgle – repeat’.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a heart condition.  I take 3 different medications and just really sort of deal with it. However, when a new symptom presents – it is a little creepy, considering my existing issues.

I debated just riding it out, I have no health insurance.  But I know that if something was seriously wrong and preventable, I would KICK myself for worrying about money over my life.

So, this morning I ran an errand – came home, told Nic I was going to the hospital and went to the emergency room.

I can’t even count how many EKG’s, IV’s or X-rays I’ve had at this point.  I’m pretty well versed in the procedures.  The nurse was amazing.  We discussed books (I had brought my nook along) she was kind and warm.

My actual arm – don’t think for one minute I wasn’t already thinking about sharing my day with you lol.

Waiting for my blood and X-ray results, they brought a roommate in.  This gentleman was in fact having a heart attack.  He had come in the night before and they wanted to admit him, but he had to work so he had left.  Bonkers!  (But, probably I would have done the same – what is WRONG with us??).

They worked diligently on him.  I had tears in my eyes hearing how brave he was trying to sound and knowing how scared he must have been.  He went to ICU.

Fast forward to my release.  I was told I needed to rest, relax and to see my cardiologist in a couple of days.  Felt so blessed to be walking out – and hoped with every fiber of my being that my roommate would be OK.

I came home, feeling bruised and tired.  Went grocery shopping – sent my son out for some quick food and lay on the couch.  Sleep found me.

What I awoke to, in a fog – was my son presenting me with a root beer float.  🙂  That thing didn’t stand a chance.

It tasted of love.

There was a smell in the air too – he was cooking a peach pie.

How blessed am I?? Seriously.  I am so very grateful for every single day.  For the love I have in my life, and for every beat of my imperfect heart.