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Friday! Stars, startles and hitting send/receive



It was a bonkers day today.  (Yeah, this is going to be one of those ‘Dear Diary’ posts, but don’t avert your eyes in voyeurism shame, you’re invited to flip through the pages of my life.)

So, I awoke at 2:15 am.  Yes, we’re starting from the beginning, because I had the best giggle of the day over what ensued.

The dog was the source of my early hour awakening (shocking, I know.) Got up, trotted after the dog – no, wait, SHE trotted, I begrudgingly shuffled along after her, like the beta of our pack that I am.

Let her outside, and  – instead of shuffling back to my cotton sheets – I noticed how clear the sky was and how gorgeous the stars were.  I mean, even with half-opened eyes I’m noticing this, so you KNOW they were stunning.

Decided to sit outside and wait for her.  Be one with nature for a few moments.

So, I’m sitting outside, star-gazing, and I notice light coming from the kitchen.  The fridge is open and my son is stood staring at the contents.

Oh this is great.  I’m already rubbing my hands together in mischief. Butters is ready to go back in, and so am I.

I walk in the front door and got the reaction I was hoping for from Nic.  He did the full on, trying to find purchase with his feet, mouth agape, arm flail STARTLE move.  Classic.  Absolutely classic.

Tangent time: 


I have never ONCE responded to a scare with a blood curdling scream – not once.  Why is that the way they portray it in movies??  My response is usually a “SShit!” combined with some sort of body shudder.  I call shenanigans on authentic movie scare responses.

Anyway, Nic’s response was authentic,  and OH so satisfying.

I nonchalantly continued to my room, in a cloud of smug. 🙂

SO worth the 2:15 wake up.

Was up anyway so checked my email.  Found the email I wanted (and pathetically live for these days – the send receive button is hit more than my snooze button and my knee on my desk lately.)

NOW I could go back to sleep.  Content.  All was right with my little world.

Then came the alarm … and preparing to conquer the mortgage world alone. 

The loan officer I process for is on a mini-cruise, and, I already had a TON of work waiting for me. 

I braced myself and confidently entered the building. 

Day started off with an offer for an additional job.  So, that would make 3.  I took it.  Hey – I am not turning down an opportunity to make extra money! 

I have to be able to support myself in the manner to which I’d like to become accustomed – you know, like, having groceries and paying the rent AND being able to look at the ‘nice’ shampoo section.

After that, things went pretty well considering.  (Except for having no access to the VA website and three VA files desperately in need of me HAVING access.)

Discovered what it must feel like to be a pet today too … one of the realtors was filling his M & M jar. 


I heard that sound and my ears pricked up and my head tilted to one side.  Came prancing out to make sure it was in fact candy, and not kibble being deposited in a bowl.  Nope.  M & M’s for sure.  My afternoon was looking up.

I won’t bore you with the exciting life of loan processing (saving that for an entire post lol)  Fast forward to now … here I am, sharing my exciting day with you lovely people, and looking forward to hitting send/receive on my email. 


Happy Friday everyone!