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Checking accounts and cupcakes

Gawd.  One minute you’re waxing poetic about your child entering a new phase in their life, then you come home from work to him draped over his girlfriend on the couch.

Earlier, he stopped by my place of employment after school and we ended up going to the bank to open a checking account for him.  You KNOW I regretted not having my camera on me.  Another milestone for the scrapbook. Two major events … in one day.  How much more could a future-cat-lady mom handle?

On my way home I popped into the store for dog food and got him a ceremonial cupcake to  honor his big day.  🙂

(I figured I’d do the big cake thing on Tuesday, when he dons his cap and gown.)

He proceeded to find said cupcake.  “For me??”  I grinned, “Yes, for the last day of school.”  I was feeling all warm and fuzzy at the joy in his little eyes.

My heart swelled as he reached for a knife and cut it in half.  Awwwwwwww!

Then scurried off to share it with his lady.



It’s all happening so fast!!!   Checking accounts, girlfriends – not sharing cake with me!

So I’m alone with the dog –  and it’s Friday night …  Okay, if I’m being honest, the dog isn’t even that interested in hanging out with me.  Probably she knows I’m a future cat lady and is mulling that prospect over.

So anyway,  I’m getting yet another glimpse of my Life After Child.  Lac.  Very close to Lack.  Coincidence?  I think not.

I suddenly live with an adult who is out of school.

Holy cow.

And I’m posting stupid ecards on Facebook in between vacuuming and wondering whether or not to put my pajamas on yet.

I don’t know how ‘Amanda’ yet.

It occurs to me, this is going to be a transition for us both.  Me, learning how to pull myself from his gravity field, and him … learning I still want to be offered half a cupcake.