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The Menagerie – and the wounds.

My parents cool deck needs some work.  They do what they can, but I came out of a day of swimming looking like I’ve been beaten up.  I had to explain each wound to my co-workers.

No, he doesn’t hit me.

No, this isn’t a ‘sex’ wound.

No, I didn’t fall down.

I DID take full advantage of the pool.  But the coating on the side is like cut glass – and when they’ve spent as much as they have getting the INSIDE suitable for water and swimming, who could blame them for waiting on ‘aesthetics’?

Not me.

But I suffered.  Every knuckle.  Every knee.  Every arm that hung onto the side to chat, then turn to respond to someone – injured.  I can LOOK at something and be injured by it.  It’s ridiculous.  I bruise so easily.

I bleed easily too.

I will not speak of that night. Let’s just say, 95% of it was freaking awesome, and the other 5%?  Well, when you have people imbibing and that love one another – shite happens.   Because we feel safe being ourselves.

And sometimes ourselves isn’t who we want to be.

Then there was the ‘plank off’ which I INSISTED on – although my very fit mom told me was not a great idea.  My core is still hurting today. LOL!

Here’s some pics from the party, then we’ll get to the menagerie.










Fun time was had by all – until it wasn’t a fun time.

I have GOT to learn to let go.

To appreciate what I have and quit living in the past.


ANYWAY – this thing showed up ….



Did I NOT tell Nic “no more critters???”

So, now he has like a dozen fish – a hamster (the first critter, whose name is Scarelett, but forever I will call ‘Scratchy’.)  Now a Guinea Pig who looks at me with sad eyes.

I thought tonight, ‘Eff it!’ and brought Butters in. Let her explore the new smell.


She did great!  But then … Draper marched in – and I, in my ninja, stupid, only human mode did a tuck and roll onto the floor I’ve only seen in movies.

Was enough to alarm the cat who I’m sure was thinking “What the ‘F’ is she DOING??????”  And I twisted my toe.

SO unnecessarily twisted my toe.  Add that to the injury list. LOL!

Sorry Paltrow, I can never be a body double, because I maim myself just LOOKING at something.

Animals are settled for the night.

Nic is gone, because he’s saying ‘bye for now’ to his true love going back to college out-of-state – and I have my honey working his arse off for his art.

And wounds.

Wounds I couldn’t let go that 5% of the night.

And very visible wounds I can’t stop saying ‘ouch!’ to today.