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Musings from the Laundromat: Relaxing Flu Edition.

I knew I wanted to relax this weekend – didn’t realize how adamant my body was going to be about that happening.

I woke Friday to two lovely surprises.

1) A visibly swollen neck, sore throat, headache and fever

2) I’m not pregnant.  (Not that there was a possibility, but found that the least offensive way to put it for you.)

Went to work and really hung in there, if hanging in there means occasionally putting my head on my desk and mouth breathing.

Somehow got everything done and finally couldn’t ‘hang’ anymore.  I tapped out at 2, came home and hit my bed so hard there may be charges brought against me.

I can’t remember the last time I slept so much!

Well, intermittent sleep anyway.  Had anyone watched me Friday night they may have drawn the conclusion I was kicking heroin.

You know, that lovely ‘fever fidget’ mode?  Hot, cold, legs kicking – moaning.

The flu is no joke!

So I wake up Saturday feeling like I’d biked the Tour de France and realized I still had to adult.

I had no medicine, no more juice.

I called my mom (feeling pathetic) hoping she could shop for me.  I didn’t reach her and sat and debated.

Do I take my virus out into the world?  That would be selfish.  But, I needed provisions and my fairy godmother wasn’t flying in any windows with aid.

So, I went.

My eyes looked like Gilbert Godfried with a shellfish reaction.  My face pale, sans makeup – mouth lolling open like a zombie.

Safe to say no one hindered me during my excursion.

I grabbed meds, soup and lots of juice and headed back home.

Lots of movies watched me this weekend – but two I DID stay awake for were Bridget Jones’s Baby and A Street Cat Named Bob.  The latter was genius.

I don’t want to give anything away, but there is a scene tha mirrors something I described earlier.

Anyway, I highly recommend this movie – if you have Netflix, you can find it there.  It was a book first, based on these two:

So, now I’m at the laundromat.

And it would have been SO easy to not have come.

Especially when I arrived and there were people waiting outside and the door was not open.

But, my sheets and pillowcase needed washing – after two days of soaking up my germs.

And once I saw that the WIFI was actually working, I made myself stay and wait so that I could write to you.

I’ll be crawling back into bed after I make it up with these fresh linens and put my clean clothes away – and finding another movie to watch me.

And, I can say that I have successfully accomplished what I set out to do this weekend no?  Just – maybe next time, it can be by choice.


Flu, inspiration and natural 20’s

Chills, ear ache, headache, leg cramps, ok – let’s just say, everything from my hair to my toe nails ached.

My co-workers were refusing to use my phone by mid-day yesterday.

Thought I might just die, but plowed through like a champ and got things accomplished that I’m actually proud of.

I was so inspired by what I had learned and put into action that I told my son today, “It’s been a crazy two days at work, but I did it. And you are smarter than me.  So wanted you to know, you can do the ‘thing’ – whatever ‘the thing’ is.”

We argued about who was smarter – then I ended that argument with “Ok, I’m more experienced, but you have natural talents I don’t.”

He did not disagree. LOL!

He just left to play D & D – and asked me to tell someone he was getting married – apparently he ‘rolled a natural 20’.  (Whatever that means.)

I passed on the message and went on a little tangent.

I’ve decided I’ve never been heartbroken – and I’m betting a lot of people who think they have … haven’t.

I’ve been what I’m coining ‘hopebroken’.

Investing faith and time and large portions of my life in people I believed in.

People  who gave me butterflies – that turned out to be moths.

My heart is not broken.

It’s completely capable of loving.

And the great thing is – my hope is never completely broken either.

I bounce back.

I have too much faith in ‘good’ to just chuck away the ‘hope’ card.

And I am hopeful.

And I am smiling.

Because I have something to smile about – I have a LOT of things to smile about.

And I’ll admit it – I’m such a nerd, I hope to hear one day “I rolled a natural 20”.   And I’ll know what that means now, and I’ll smile.


After I finished this post, I was informed a natural 20 doesn’t mean getting married – and I googled a bit … then got fuzzy again.


Look at the confusion!  Then I got more info.  After IM’ing my son, he said the 20 was: “Lol it was to get out of getting punched in the face.”





That boy needs to use commas in his oral presentations!



I still like the thought behind it.  So I’m leavin’ it. lol