Flu, inspiration and natural 20’s

Chills, ear ache, headache, leg cramps, ok – let’s just say, everything from my hair to my toe nails ached.

My co-workers were refusing to use my phone by mid-day yesterday.

Thought I might just die, but plowed through like a champ and got things accomplished that I’m actually proud of.

I was so inspired by what I had learned and put into action that I told my son today, “It’s been a crazy two days at work, but I did it. And you are smarter than me.  So wanted you to know, you can do the ‘thing’ – whatever ‘the thing’ is.”

We argued about who was smarter – then I ended that argument with “Ok, I’m more experienced, but you have natural talents I don’t.”

He did not disagree. LOL!

He just left to play D & D – and asked me to tell someone he was getting married – apparently he ‘rolled a natural 20’.  (Whatever that means.)

I passed on the message and went on a little tangent.

I’ve decided I’ve never been heartbroken – and I’m betting a lot of people who think they have … haven’t.

I’ve been what I’m coining ‘hopebroken’.

Investing faith and time and large portions of my life in people I believed in.

People  who gave me butterflies – that turned out to be moths.

My heart is not broken.

It’s completely capable of loving.

And the great thing is – my hope is never completely broken either.

I bounce back.

I have too much faith in ‘good’ to just chuck away the ‘hope’ card.

And I am hopeful.

And I am smiling.

Because I have something to smile about – I have a LOT of things to smile about.

And I’ll admit it – I’m such a nerd, I hope to hear one day “I rolled a natural 20”.   And I’ll know what that means now, and I’ll smile.


After I finished this post, I was informed a natural 20 doesn’t mean getting married – and I googled a bit … then got fuzzy again.


Look at the confusion!  Then I got more info.  After IM’ing my son, he said the 20 was: “Lol it was to get out of getting punched in the face.”





That boy needs to use commas in his oral presentations!



I still like the thought behind it.  So I’m leavin’ it. lol


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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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