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The Stare

*Shudder*  I awoke several times in the night and early morning to breathing, the sensation that something was watching me.  Keenly picked up a thump, thump, thump in my foggy semi-consciousness.

She’s doing it again.

When she should be doing this:


She’s imitating this:


And during the day – even this:


By doing this at the side of my bed:


The thump, thump, thump is her tail.

I’ve given up getting out of bed and trying to let her out, because after a couple of weeks of this, it’s become very clear she does not want to go out.

She’s just perfecting her ‘Butters Stare’.  It’s creepier than the Blair Stare or the Paranormal Stare because she’s waking my arse up doing it!

At least her tail is wagging.

“Morning has broken…” (I didn’t do it!)

I loved that song as a girl. 

I’ll pop it in here for you younger readers, because I honestly can’t remember the last time I have heard it in my adulthood without hunting it down. 

Eleanor Farjeon (a lovely British writer) wrote the hymn, then Cat Stevens (AKA Yusuf Islami, AKA Steven Demetre Georgiou) introduced a ‘few’ more people to it. 



The point of all of this is a counter attack on my initial grumpy mood as my alarm went off at 6:30 am on a Saturday. (5:30 am for you on who actually observed the time change on the West coast). 

I WILL be happy.  Damn it. 

And now I’m singing this song in my head and being very grateful for ‘morning’ which almost got a good kick up the arse instead.  That counts double for Butters who sat and stared at me after I hit the alarm ‘off’, insisting that “no, it can’t possibly be Saturday? I heard the alarm, and please get up so that I can take you to the front door and then not really have to go out after all”. 

I digress.

Good Morning everyone.

Adding a morning shot of an official ‘Early Bird’

Then my early bird left – I think he was off to grab a cup of coffee.  I get you early bird, I get you.