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The Stare

*Shudder*  I awoke several times in the night and early morning to breathing, the sensation that something was watching me.  Keenly picked up a thump, thump, thump in my foggy semi-consciousness.

She’s doing it again.

When she should be doing this:


She’s imitating this:


And during the day – even this:


By doing this at the side of my bed:


The thump, thump, thump is her tail.

I’ve given up getting out of bed and trying to let her out, because after a couple of weeks of this, it’s become very clear she does not want to go out.

She’s just perfecting her ‘Butters Stare’.  It’s creepier than the Blair Stare or the Paranormal Stare because she’s waking my arse up doing it!

At least her tail is wagging.